If you’re here just to find the best inflatable beds and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best inflatable beds on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites and sales figures.

Out of all the products we looked at, the Insta-Bed proved to be the best available for sale. The Never Flat pump system is ideal for those who are not crazy about inflating their airbed too often. The inflatable mattress will help you sleep well through the night and it will be as bouncy in the morning, as it was in the evening. The mattress is created for your comfort, and you will feel hard pressed to find a better inflatable bed for adults around. An important advantage that has to be mentioned is that the model comes in queen size and in twin size, so you can purchase the one that is the best fit for your needs.

In case you can no longer find the Insta-Bed, we strongly recommend the Coleman Premium, as a second best choice.



Inflatable Beds – What to Look For:


It is always nice to have guests come over to visit, and sometimes, you just do not have enough space for everyone to sleep. This is one of the reasons why it is important to make it a point to choose one of the most reliable inflatable beds.

Now, we cannot tell you what is the best inflatable bed, we can offer you information that will help you decide which of the highest rated inflatable beds you would like to purchase.


How it is Inflated

Most inflatable beds use an AC pump in order to inflate the mattress. This pump can be built inside the mattress and there is a control dial on the outside of the mattress. This dial will allow you to control the firmness of the bed as well as if you want to inflate or deflate the bed.

Some inflatable beds use a manual pump that you will have to use in order to inflate the mattress. These manual pumps usually come with the cheaper models.


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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Sizes  Price Dimensions Pump Our Rating Where to buy

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Queen, Twin $$$$ 80 x 60 x 19 inch NeverFlat AC Pump A AMAZON

Coleman Premium QuickBed

Queen $$$ 78 x 60 x 18 Built-in Electric Pump B+ AMAZON

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Queen $$ 82 x 18 x 64 inch Built-in Electric Pump B AMAZON

Smart Air Beds Memory Foam Air Bed

Queen $$$$ 78 x 60 x 20 inch Internal A/C Pump C AMAZON

Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress

Queen $$ 60 x 80 x 22 inch Built-in Electric Pump C+ AMAZON

Construction Materials

Most inflatable beds are made from a heavy duty PVC plastic, while newer mattresses are made of a reinforced textile urethane or rubber. Whichever material you choose, you will want to make sure it is strong enough to resist punctures or the pressure when a lot of weight is placed upon the bed. With this in mind, you will also want to make sure the material is thin enough so that the bed can roll away for easy storage.


Other Features

Some other features that you may want to consider when choosing one of the top ten inflatable beds include a frame, if the bed is raised, and a flocked surface. Most inflatable beds are raised or they feature some kind of frame. This is a fantastic feature, as it will make getting in and out of the bed so much easier. A mattress with a flocked top is ideal for putting sheets on the bed, as it will prevent the sheets from slipping off in the middle of the night.


An inflatable bed can be a fantastic item to have on hand when guests come to visit; however, many people prefer these types of beds as their primary bed. The air mattress can be ideal for alleviating back pain and it is often used in hospitals. Whether the inflatable bed is for you or a guest, a good quality item can be a fantastic investment.


Pick the right inflatable bed for your needs


12People need to sleep in comfortable beds whenever they want. Due recent technical developments, the market on beds evolved in design and construction. Now, the possibilities vary thus meeting the needs of different individuals. According to current statistics it seems that more and more people are searching for reliable inflatable beds. Commonly known as air beds, the sleeping devices are very comfortable and portable. Who doesn’t want to have complete freedom over the bed’s placement and firmness levels? Well, a good inflatable bed can be adjusted to suit the needs of each user in part. Buying an air bed is a great investment which comes in handy when guests come to visit and you need to offer them a place to sleep on. Still, they are also bought by people who want a firm and flexible surface to sleep on. There are many models of air beds available on the market today.

They vary in styles, sizes and features which make the selection process pretty fun. Now, narrowing things down to one single product requires patience and quality information. This is where we can lend a helping hand. We managed to browse around the market for the perfect product, going through over 40 aid bed models. After testing each product we managed to determine the primary characteristics of a good product. Once you read the best inflatable bed reviews you will be able to choose wisely a great product, closer to your sleeping needs. It is important to be informed while browsing for a reliable air bed, designed to help you sleep well no matter what.



Best Inflatable Bed with Pump


Insta-Bed Raised Bed with NeverFlat Pump


The patented internal NeverFlat AC pump inflates and deflates the bed quickly, and it is because of this, the Insta-Bed is considered one of the best inflatable beds with a pump. When your guests come over, the pump can be used to adjust the firmness of the bed, providing your guests with optimal comfort. The raised design of the inflatable bed makes getting in and out of the bed much easier. The circular coils on the bed creates a comfortable sleeping surface and the vertical and horizontal reinforcements on the bed allows for it to maintain its shape. The flocked topping on the bed is ideal for keeping bedding in place.


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You will find on the market air beds that can be used as temporary sleeping solutions. There are also luxury air beds that present daily sleeping uses. Such devices are pretty pricy but they are worth it considering the impressive comfort levels they offer. Even though finding the best inflatable bed in 2019 can be tricky, with the right information you will be able to accomplish this feat. Basic air beds usually involve a mattress and a pump. These are the two main components that make an inflatable bed tick. The mattress is made of one or two of the following ingredients: vinyl, PVC, urethane, natural rubber, nylon. In most cases the mattress has a soft velveteen surface on top for a smooth sleeping experience.


Best Inflatable Bed with Frame


Serta EZ Bed


For the instances when you have guests come over, the Serta EZ bed is considered one of the best inflatable beds with a frame. Who ever said that an airbed had to remain on the floor? This patented and powerful Internal NeverFlat AC pump is used to inflate and deflate the bed quick, making it an ideal bed for those unexpected visitors. The self-deploying design allows you to plug the bed in and turn it on, giving you the opportunity to do other things while the mattress is inflating. For long term guests, keep in mind that the bed will have to be topped off (re-inflated) every now and then in order to keep the firmness consistent.


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The best inflatable bed in 2019 can be made of either of the ingredients presented above. In most cases such beds are temporary sleeping solutions. They can also represent a durable budget alternative to pricy matrimonial beds. People love air beds because they are easy to install and portable. With the best models out there installing the air bed takes only a couple of minutes. As a result if you need a bed to sleep on fast whenever you may go simply take an air bed and turn the pump on. Air beds represent a great addition to anyone’s home. You may never know who comes knocking at your door searching a cosy bed to sleep on for the night.


Best Inflatable Bed for Back Seat of Car


Heavy Duty Car Travel Inflatable Mattress


When you are travelling and do not want to stop at a motel, you can use one of the best inflatable beds for the back seat of a car to sleep on. This particular model offered by Drive Travel is 8 centimeters thick and can comfortably handle 800 pounds worth of weight. The durable mattress is made of a heavy duty PVC material and features a soft and comfortable micro-fiber surface that welcomes you to a peaceful sleep. When the mattress is fully inflated, it measures to length 115-130cm, width 85-90cm. The kit includes an electric air pump that can be hooked up to the car, a repair pad and glue kits.


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Top rated inflatable beds in 2019


An inflatable bed is an excellent cheap solution for a good night’s sleep, when you have guests and they want to stay the night over. Of course, inflatable beds have a wide variety of prices, but being expensive doesn’t necessarily mean one is reliable. The most recommended solutions are presented by the best inflatable beds reviews. Below are five different models, all having excellent features and a decent price, carefully selected by our team of experts.



Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress


Best Inflatable beds reviewsNot many mattresses manage to get close to the level of comfort provided by Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress. With it you will get a NeverFlat AC pump, which will either inflate or deflate the mattress very quickly. Keep in mind that the pump needs to be turned on when you are using it, so the mattress does not deflate. When deflated you can easily carry it around, thanks to its carrying bag. Because it comes with a complete package of features it is considered one of the best inflatable beds in 2019.



Provided with a patented internal NeverFlat AC pump that has exceptional power to inflate and deflate the bed quickly, making the Insta-Bed the best inflatable bed for camping 2019

Happy buyers love its raised height, which allows them to get in and out of bed effortlessly and with no fuss

Comes with a handy carry bag so the bed can be stored easily and taken to camping trips in a tight and more compact package

Flocked, patterned top keeps bedding firmly in place while making the bed soft to the touch with its special textured surface



As with all other airbeds, product has to be re-inflated to ensure uniform and consistent inflation to its customized firmness

NeverFlat pump has to be turned on while bed is in use to ensure full inflation at all times through the entire sleeping period


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Coleman Premium QuickBed


This inflatable bed from Coleman can prove to be an excellent surface to sleep on. While most inflated beds have a low height, the user sleeping close to the ground, this model doesn’t have this problem because it is higher than standard ones. Comfort is assured by its soft suede top. The valve has a double lock to make absolutely sure it will stay inflated, not losing air.



Designed with double-high extra height so sleepers are comfortably off the floor or positioned optimally without touching the ground, which makes the Coleman air bed one of the favorites in best inflatable bed for camping reviews

Top is made of soft suede to ensure optimum comfort and a peaceful sleep the entire night, with no unruly coils or shifting of padding

Has the exclusive Airtight System with Double Lock Valve to ensure that the mattress stays inflated as users sleep through the night

Comes with a built-in electric pump that gives convenient inflating and deflating without having to fill it up using manual pumping



As with all other airbeds, the location, ambient humidity and temperature may affect the firmness of the bed, necessitating occasional re-inflating to maintain consistent firmness


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Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed


Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest airbed has got some of the best inflatable beds reviews because the manufacturer has managed to create a wonderful product with a high comfort level. The surface is not only comfortable, but waterproof as well. Its sides, bottom and beams are made from vinyl and offer it excellent stability, so it won’t wobble too much when you change your position while sleeping. The high-powered electric pump takes care of inflating or deflating it.



Inflatable mattress in queen-sized dimensions has quality-tested 21.2-gauge flocked top that is waterproof to ensure long-term usability and comfort to users

Get added stability and support while sleeping thanks to 15-gauge vinyl beams, sides and bottom that enable the bed to stay strong and sturdy through the years

Comes with a built-in, high-powered electric pump that ensures easy  inflating and deflating of the mattress without requiring tiring manual pumping

Carries 300-pound capacity to provide support with adjustable comfort level, so the air bed is always great to sleep on for owners and their guests



Consistent with all other air beds, the firmness of Intex Deluxe may be affected by several factors including location, humidity and temperature


“It doesn’t hurt to have an inflatable bed, in case someone wants to sleep over and this is precisely why I’ve bought the new Intex airbed. I slept on it once or twice to test it out and it felt comfortable, no back-pains, nothing in the mornings. I even bought it for a Black Friday discount which made it the best deal I could have made for the money I spent.” – William Martin


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Smart Air Beds BD-9122GTMF Memory Foam Air Bed


Smart Air Beds BD-91222GTMF air bed has one of the best combinations of features, which allow it to provide you with a very comfortable surface to sleep on. The memory foam is its secret and allows it to have such a high level of comfort, superior to most of its rivals. You just need 3 minutes to inflate or deflate it, thanks to its reliable internal A/C pump. Before you use it the manufacturer recommends you inflate it 3 times and also you check that the valves are closed properly.



Has patented AirTek Comfort Control that ensures the bed remains firm and strong to support users’ weight efficiently

Sleeping surface is elevated 20 inches from the ground or floor, offering thick and revolutionary air-filled cushioning that supports the entire body while sleeping

Employs memory foam that provides comfort and warmth while ensuring that the whole body remains well-rested and supported

Comes with a tethered handheld remote so the bed can be conveniently adjusted in firmness even when the user is on the bed



User has to ensure that the valves are fully sealed as open valves can allow air to escape and decrease the firmness of the bed

Air bed firmness is affected by temperature, location and humidity, which is true to all airbeds


“I got this inflatable bed around Christmas time, so this made it quite cheap with the discount and all. The memory foam really adds to the comfort level and I have a good night’s sleep when I use it. I don’t know who makes the best inflatable beds, but this one is a good purchase, I’m sure.” – Luke E. Silvermore


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Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress


The top inflatable beds reviews have pointed out that Intex Raised Downy air mattress has one of the best price-quality ratios you can find. This mattress is fitted with a double chamber construction for extra stability. This also raises it to a normal bed height. The top is made of a waterproof materials, making cleaning it easy. The electric pump will inflate or deflate it quickly, so you don’t waste too much time waiting for this operation to finish. 



Firmness and support offered by box-spring-type structure of the lower chamber, to ensure restful and peaceful sleep through the night

Built-in electric pump provides convenient and easy inflating and deflating of the mattress wherever there’s an AC outlet available

Flocked top gives a comfortable and velvety, brush-like surface that is resistant to scratches and bounces while being pleasant in appearance

Raised sleeping surface ensures that users are high above the ground for a more comfortable and peaceful sleep



Although air mattresses normally require re-inflation, the product should never be overly inflated

Temperature, location and humidity can have effects on the firmness of the product


“It may not be a model which is the best inflatable bed in 2019, but I feel I’ve bought something of good quality because it’s comfy and is easily inflatable. And quite frankly, it didn’t cost that much either.” – Samantha Elliott


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