Features to Consider When Buying an Induction Cook Top:



An induction cooktop is one of the most efficient and accurate ways to cook food. These types of cooktops allow you to bring water to a boil in half the time as a gas or electric cooktop and it only uses half the energy, making it a more eco-friendly cooking option. Because they use electromagnetic currents to heat the cookware directly, the cooktop does not get nearly as hot as others usually do. In addition, they eliminate the chances of being burned, fires caused by open flames or a gas leak. If you have a home with children, you may want to consider purchasing one of the best rated induction cooktops for your home. If you ever look through the best induction cooktops of 2018 list, you will see that there are many options. While we cannot tell you which is the best, we can provide you with some useful information regarding these wondrous kitchen appliances.



When you are considering purchasing a new induction cooktop, you will want to take into consideration the size you will need. Small cooktops usually measure 30cm wide with a maximum of two cooking zones whereas the largest can go up to approximately 90cm. Although all cooktops are different, the most popular induction cooktops measure 60cm and have four cooking zones.

Before you purchase a cooktop, it is always recommended to measure the space available and then check the dimensions of the new appliance. Over the years, cooktops have changed sizes and you do not want to be stuck with an ill-fitting cooktop!


Number of cooking zones

The number of cooking zones should play a factor when you are looking at one of the top ten cooktops. For large families (or someone who frequently entertains and does all their own cooking), you may want an appliance with many zones. The basic cooktop usually features just four zones; however, you can find cooktops with five or six zones.


Safety Features

Induction cooktops are unlike other cooktops because they have several safety features built in. Some of the most useful cooktops features a child lock, which prevents children from playing with the controls. Another safety mechanism is a timer feature that allows you program the stovetop to turn off or lower the temperature at a specified time, or an automatic safety shut off which will turn the stove top off if it detects that your pot has boiled over or boiled dry.


An induction cooktop is not a cheap appliance—they can be expensive, but over time, you will quickly recoup the investment through energy savings. These appliances can save you time and money in the long run, thus making them a great option when it comes time to update your kitchen.


Things to consider:

  • Make sure you measure the intended space before purchasing your new cooktop.
  • For those who do a lot of cooking, you may want a cooktop with many cooking zones.
  • Look for a cooktop that has safety features.



Top rated Induction Cook Tops in 2018


If you look to see what kind of cooktop people who are remodeling their kitchens tend to purchase, you may be surprised to see that they are installing induction cooktops. These appliances are a fantastic investment piece and only add value to your home—and they also save you money in the long run by cutting down on your energy bills. If you are thinking about installing one of these appliances in your home, we recommend reading some of the best induction cooktop reviews to see what others thing about their appliance.


Waring ICT400 Pro Double Induction Cooktop


This energy efficient induction cooktop by Waring uses up to 70% less energy than your average cooktop. These units are ideal for entertaining or any time that you may need extra burners. The left burner features eight different heat settings, while the right features five. Both burners can be set to turn off after 150-minutes. The left burner is intended for cooking with higher temperatures, while right side is intended for cooking things with lower temperature. As a safety feature, the cooktop will shut off automatically after 30 seconds after the pan has been taken off.

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Max Burton 6200 Deluxe Induction Cooktop


The upgraded, stainless steel induction cooktop by Max Burton is designed for those who want a fast and safe cooking experience. You can change the temperature instantly with a push of a button, which gives you the feel of cooking with gas without the open flame. The top of the cooking surface stays cool to the touch except in the area that is in contact with the pan. This is ideal for cooks with small children and it also helps to keep the kitchen cooler. These cooktops are ideal for busy restaurants, culinary schools, catered events, buffets, and even the home.

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Nuwave PIC 2 – Precision Induction Cooktop


The PIC2 features six pre-programmed temperature settings but it also has the ability to cook at temperatures between 100 degrees and 575 degrees Fahrenheit that can be adjusted in 10-degree increments. This little cooktop features programmable stage cooking capabilities with up to 100-hours of programmable memory and performance. This cooktop gives you the versatility to boil, simmer, stir fry, sauté, steam, and so much more. This unit uses up to 70% less energy than regular cooktops and because it is lightweight, it is an ideal cooktop for travelers.

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Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop


With five different cooking settings, this induction cooktop by Nesco has the ability to function like a normal cooktop while reducing the amount of energy it consumes. The unit heats up instantly and because there is no open flames or coils that heat up, it is safer to use than regular burners. This unit provides instant control of the cooking energy and precise control of the cooking temperature. This device is designed to work with cookware that a magnet can stick to. This includes cast iron, steel, enameled cast iron, enameled steel or stainless steel.

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DUXTOP 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Counter Burner


The energy that is produced by this cooktop is supplied to the pan by a magnetic current. The self-adjusting burners can detect the size of the pan’s base and automatically adjust so it wastes little energy. This unit is safe, easy to use, and quick to heat up. The versatile cooktop is ideal for entertaining and can be used for buffets or outdoor parties. The unit is lightweight and portable, making it perfect cooktop to take along for camping, RVs, and even tailgating parties.

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