Expert Buying Advice for In Ear Headphones under 100


Choosing a pair of headphones can be tough nowadays – there are so many brands out there all claiming to have the best product. All that plus very little information in most cases makes it difficult to put your trust in a product.

However, before you give up and go buy a pair of cheap headphones from the dollar store just keep reading; we’re going to take a look at the best in ear headphones under 100. When it comes down to it you will spend more over time on replacing a set of $1-5 head phones with a disappointing sound quality than you would have if you just purchased a reliable set in the first place! So what do you need to look for in a decent pair of headphones?

 Best in ear headphones under 100

Sound Quality

The first question for almost anyone is going to be sound quality. For some, a lack of bass doesn’t really matter but for others it could make or break the music they are listening to. Sound quality should always be your number one consideration when choosing headphones.

After all – a device can only produce as good of a sound as the speakers attached to it! In ear headphones are the best option for many because they are small, convenient and in most cases supply superb sound quality.


Sound Isolation

You will also want to ensure that you will get the quality you are looking for when it comes to sound isolation. For example – someone listening to their music while running on a busy street should probably still be able to hear a little of the world around them for safety. However if you are trying to enjoy a movie on your laptop or listening to music while working you may prefer all outside sound be blocked out.



While having a stylish pair of headphones may make you look cool, you will probably find yourself happier with a pair that sits in your ears comfortably. Plus, if you get the wrong size tips the headphones will likely not fit right which can make them fall out often as well as affect the sound quality and isolation capabilities as well. Be sure to get a pair of headphones that are rated well for comfort and functionality.


Most Popular In Ear Headphones under 100


Since there are so many choices on the market you may not know where to start. We wanted to help you out with that. In order to help you make a smart purchase we have taken the time to look into what we are considering the three best in ear headphones.


Bose SoundTrue


1.Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones, BlackThis pair of headphones aren’t the most expensive, but they are the highest rated we’ve listed here – but they are also what we consider to be the best in ear headphones under 100. They are manufacturered by a well-known brand when it comes to providing high audio quality.

They come with three sets of StayHear tips (one each size small, medium and large) to provide the perfect fit for you. Along with the tips they also provide a clothing clip and a carrying case that matches the color headphones you order.

The downside of these headphones is that where previous Bose models had an angled plug this pair comes with a straight plug that can bend or break when putting the device in your pocket. Although this can be prevented with careful placement of your device for some it is a strong downside.

Overall for the higher price tag these headphones pack a big punch in sound quality and durability and are likely to last you a long time.

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Shure SE215-CL


2.Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating EarphonesThis set of headphones is a little more expensive than the Bose – but for that you will be provided with outstanding sound quality as well as superior noise isolation performance. These headphones boast about these two qualities and they have a right too from what reviewers have to say.

While these headphones may not be extremely aesthetically pleasing (reports are that they are a silver colored plastic and not the clear see-through look in the photo) and awkward to put in your ears the first few times you will probably fall in love with them.

With the ability to withstand many users sound-proof testing as well as providing a clear sound with excellent highs, mids and lows, these are truly a great quality set of headphones. A bonus is that the headphones also come with a carrying case for safe transportation.

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Beats urBeats


3.Beats urBeats In-Ear HeadphoneThis pair of headphones definitely has the most features out of all of them. They provide excellent sound quality – however with a focus on the base (lows) more than the highs and mids it seems. The Beats headphones also function as a headset for your cell phone – something neither of the other two sets can do.

However it is unfortunate to see that there are several one star reviews on this product due to one headphone “muting” or “going-out” within only a few short months after purchase. In many cases you can get this repaired with the warranty and proof of purchase – though it seems even repaired sets have a strong chance at breaking again.

For the price tag the product should honestly have a longer life expectancy than three months. Though there are some very happy seeming customers who enjoy the mic feature these headphones have to offer.

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