If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best in-dash navigation system money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best in-dash navigation systems out there by looking at the user feedback, the value offered for the money, as well as what various expert review sites had to say about these units. Out of the products we have looked at, the Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX is the best as it comes with a large LCD monitor and has a plethora of functions ranging from a radio tuner to an amplifier and even a DVD player. Plus, the model is compatible with virtually all audio and video standards and formats you’re likely to want to use with it. Since it has received the appreciation of many American drivers, it’s safe to say that the Pioneer is worth checking out. If the Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX is unavailable, you could also consider the Android 4.2 Double Din as we’ve found it to be the second best choice.



In-Dash Navigation – What to Look for:


Have you ever been driving somewhere and you have gotten lost? Sure, you could always use the navigation on your smartphone, but that usually runs off your data plan and it could get expensive. New vehicles give you the option to have an in-dash navigation system already installed in your car. If your car does not come with one of these pre-installed, you can find Black Friday deals for in-dash navigation systems. We have created this simple guide to help you decide what features you want for your own vehicle.



Unlike handheld navigation systems, you cannot pick up the device to get a better look at it. Because of this, the screen size of your selected system is important. You want to make sure that the screen is large enough to see, even during the brightest time of day with as little glare as possible. If you choose one of the top ten in-dash navigation systems on the market, you will want to make sure the touch screen is within reach and is easy to use.

When choosing a system, you will want research the mapping software that comes with the device. It is difficult to say who makes the best software because it really depends on the storage system that the map data is kept on. Usually, the system will store map data on a DVD that comes with the vehicle, but as we know, roads changes and the DVD can quickly come outdated. The easiest way to store map data is with an SD card. This allows you to insert an SD card into a slot in the console. This card contains mapping software and operating software for your particular device. For local drivers who do not travel too far from home, you can choose to by software that is only for your region.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display Type Price Media Playback Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Pioneer AVH-X1500

Touchscreen $$ Media Playback Included A+ AMAZON

Pioneer AVICZ150BH

Touchscreen $$$$ Media Playback Included B+ AMAZON

Clarion NX702


Boss Audio Systems BV9370NV


Lanzar SNV65I3D



The graphics of your navigation system can give you a better look at the route you are traveling. Some of the most popular in-dash navigation systems feature 3D graphics that can help you get your bearings in an unfamiliar city. These graphics can include landmarks, buildings, and even street signs. To go along with graphics, you can choose a system that can verbally communicate the directions to you, so you never have to take your eyes off the road. This can be helpful because you can focus on where you are driving, rather than trying to figure out when that turn is coming up—the device will tell you.

There are usually several different ways to input your destination. You can choose the exact address, an intersection, point of interest, or even a phone number. These options can be very useful if you do not have the entire address or if you only parts of the address or a landmark. Some systems will allow you to enter multiple destinations in the same route, set a “home” destination for quicker navigation, and even include service numbers for emergency services in the vicinity.

There are many advantages of a navigation system. We hope that this guide has helped you understand what kind of features are available; and, what you may be interested in purchasing for your own vehicle. When you are browsing through Black Friday deals, keep these things in mind if you are interested in purchasing a system for yourself.


Things to consider

  • Make sure the screen is large enough to see clearly.
  • The touch screen needs to be easy to reach and responsive.
  • How will the mapping data be stored? Is it easy to update?
  • Are the graphics important to you, or do you just want a turn-by-turn map?
  • What options do you have when you have to enter the destination information?
  • Do you want a system that tells you turn by turn directions?


Top rated In-Dash Navigation in 2018


I have recently listed 20 various models of in-dash receivers as initial choices, based on what have been recommended by people I talked to, including salesmen. To make it a lot easier for me to come up with a decision that I will not regret, I read the best in-dash navigation reviews and the five products that will be identified below are some that have been well-received by the public.




Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX


1.Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX

One of the neat things about the Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX is that it comes with a huge LCD touchscreen that lets owners see their routes accurately, without having to risk missing a turn. This product is a complex device that can be used for various tasks, from listening music to watching movies while you’re waiting in your car. Besides, the GPS navigation system featured by the Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX has been highly spoken of by many owners, as it seems to be one of the most accurate ones out there.



It’s compatible with multiple digital audio and video standards.

It can also be utilized as a radio tuner, amplifier, DVD player, and digital player.

The LCD screen belonging to the Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX is 6.2” wide, which means that the display is larger than most of its competitors.

Based on the best in-dash navigation system reviews, the touchscreen is a winner in terms of responsiveness, brightness, and resolution, as the data displayed is readable even in direct sunlight.

The navigation is convenient and versatile, as the system even displays the number of the houses on a street as well as the area speed limit.



The system does not come with backup camera.

It’s not compatible with Android Auto.


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Android 4.2 Double Din


2.Android 4.2 Double Din- inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car Stereo DVD

This EinCar model is yet another fully capable alternative destined for individuals who would like to take advantage of their mobile devices. This product is an in-dash Android navigation system that comes with a backup reversing parking camera that makes it very easy for users to select the right car angle in their driveway. A backup camera is useful for a large number of reasons, some of which are related to safety. This device can accommodate a wide array of music players, CD, and DVD players as it is compatible with a broad variety of file formats, ranging from CD-R to WMV and others.



It’s one of the most affordable alternatives in the line as we’ve noticed that most online retailers sell it for less than three hundred dollars.

The product comes with USB support, allowing owners to load either movies or music from their laptops or personal computers onto their flash memories or memory cards and then play the content using the in-dash navigation system.

Since it features Android 4.2, the model can be used for internet access using many apps that are available in the Google Play store.

The design is waterproof, which means that it’s going to survive all accidents involving water or soda.



Some buyers have run into various minor issues regarding the brightness and contrast adjustment of the LCD screen.


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Pioneer AVH-X1500


Best In-Dash Navigation ReviewsThe touchscreen display of this model is one thing that is highlighted in the best in-dash navigation reviews, which makes it one of the most innovative choices that you will find. Coupled by its generous size, which is 6.1 inches, the use of such will surely be a snap. It is known for being able to offer satisfying customer experience, which is enough reason to have it considered above the other alternatives that are available. Its user interface has been updated, compared to the previous model, which also makes it able to offer seamless experience when it is operated.



Regarded by thousands of American drivers as the best in-dash navigation under $500, the AVH-X1500 model from Pioneer, known for its user-friendly interface and advanced music functions

With an aspect ratio of 6.1” and a VGA display of 16
:9 resolution this in-dash navigation device provides easy read-outs during various moments of the drive

Features a MOSFET 50W x 4RCA Preouts that provides smooth audio experiences, needed to set the right vibe

Coming with Pandora Radio Ready the audio device is also completed by AppRadio mode, designed especially for iPhone 4S/4



Does not come with line-level audio output

The GUI response is a bit slow


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Clarion NX702


This is another model with touchscreen functionality that is flicker-free, making it possible to have easier navigation in its 7-inch screen. It also comes with an included remote that makes it easy to control the device. It comes with a map coverage of all 50 states, with additional maps from Puerto Rico and Canada. It has 3D mapping that makes it more accurate, and hence, being worthy of being included in the list of the best in-dash navigation in 2018. Given the abundance of the innovative features that can be found in such, there is no doubt that it can provide the best value for money.



Considered by many drivers as the best product for the money from Clarion, the NX702 navigation system can be used to transform every drive into enjoyable experiences

Equipped with an interactive touchscreen, the in-dash navigation unit can be used to easily scroll through functions and set the right vibe

This high quality 2-DIN multimedia station is perfect for drivers that want to enjoy a comfortable drive without compromising in any way audio quality

Even though a cheap product the model comes with SiRFprima GPS receiver with impressive map coverage of over 50 states, 15 million points of interest and driving indications for Canada and Puerto Rico



The guiding voice of the device can’t be heard when music is played

Setting the GPS time function takes a bit of time


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Boss Audio Systems BV9370NV


This is another option that is sure to not lead into frustration in your hunt for the best in-dash navigation in 2018. The mere fact that it is made by Boss, which is one of the most trusted brands in the market, will be sufficient reason for you to believe its superior quality. It comes with USB port and memory card reader that will allow you to easily access contents from external devices. To add, the sound quality from its radio will also prove to be satisfactory, especially when it is paired with high quality car speaker systems.



Whats the best in-dash navigation unit from the ones available for purchase? Taking into account the reviews we consulted, the BV9370NV DVD receiver from BOSS, a model designed to enhance the quality of daily driving experiences, represents a great addition to any vehicle

Due to the incorporated Bluetooth technology this sleek Double-DIN is easy to set up with additional car media devices

Equipped with a 6.2” widescreen touchscreen TFT display, users will be able to safely manage audio content without any problems whatsoever

The in-dash navigation unit features a navigation system which incorporates 50 states and Canada maps, optimal for fast driving



Some installation is needed but the manual can offer proper assistance

The front Aux-In port is very close to the volume control which some drivers find bothersome


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Lanzar SNV65I3D


With the graphic touchscreen that is integrated in this model, there is surely no need for you to be worried on its operation, as such will surely be a snap for you. In terms of picture control, you will have various options with the adjustments that can be made based on your personal preferences. Such can be easily modified with the remote that is included in the unit. It also has direct connection to compatible Apple devices, which will make it easy to access contents from such devices. Lastly, it also has radio functionality to provide you with limitless entertainment on the road.



Most of the latest in-dash navigation ratings best to worst gave the SNV65l3D DIN model from Lanzar high marks of efficiency on navigation control, helping drivers reach faster their destination

This car media device comes with a 6.5 inch TFT LCD display with 16:9 widescreen which allows drivers to select the right setting, needed to make the driving experience more comfortable

Due to the touchscreen display and electronic anti-shock, the in-dash navigation unit is fitted with 30 preset stations memory for better audio management

As best rated in-dash navigation this powerful device comes with special audio functions like bass, treble, balance and fader, capable of setting the right sound reproduction parameters



The Bluetooth connection takes a while to connect


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Pioneer AVICZ150BH – Currently Unavailable


Controlling the unit will surely be a snap for you in its 7-inch touchscreen display, which is a major reason on why it is a preferred choice when it comes to the top rated in-dash navigation in 2018. If there is one thing that makes it exceptional, it would be the fact that the installation of such can be accomplished in a snap. There is no need for you to be in a struggle to have the unit ready to be used. In addition, many were also happy with the added features that can be found in this model, allowing you to be entertained in numerous ways while you are driving.



Which product is the best? According to the latest recent reviews that we consulted, it seems that the AVICZ150BH in-dash navigation from Pioneer definitely deserve a top place in people’s short lists

The in-dash navigation receiver comes with a built-in Bluetooth which allows users to safely place hands-free calling or stream music

Comes equipped with a wide range of navigation features such as U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada maps and over 12 million of POI, capable of making the driving experience easier

Due to its solid construction and media entertainment functions, the in-dash device can be used to play DVDs, CDs and also USB memory devices



The installation takes a bit time but not so much

Does not equipped with voice command function



Pumpkin Android C0537 – Currently Unavailable


3.Pumpkin Android 4.4 Quad Core In Dash Double Din Car DVD

While it might be less affordable when compared to other products in the same line, the Pumpkin Android C0537 is definitely worth considering as it comes with many features that are hard to say no to. For one, this unit features a processor capable of unbeatable performance. Second, it comes with a flash memory of 16GB that you can use to upload various types of content, from music to movies. Compatible with many kinds of car models ranging from Ford Freestyle to Mercury Montego and Mercury Mountaineer, the Pumpkin alternative features a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen that will blow you away.


It has an easy-to-read screen.

It’s compatible with virtually any kind of Android application, from Pandora to Gas Buddy and Waze.

It supports radio, Bluetooth, iPod, as well as USB playback while you are navigating.

It works with a plethora of DVD formats, including AVI, MP3, CD, and JPEG.

Users can customize the language of the interface as the Pumpkin Android C0537 supports over fifteen separate languages.



The cable adapter for the antenna is not included in the pack.

Various users have reported that, on occasion, the home screen weather app does not work.