Best impact drivers under $100


Cheap impact drivers for sale


There is no better tool other than an impact driver that you can have around your house when it comes to efficiency and readiness. Every house needs some construction upgrades every now and then and as an aid to those, we have come with the list of our best impact drivers under $100.


DEWALT DC825B impact driver


Best impact drivers under $100

One of the finest equipment from our best Dewalt impact drivers reviews that you can use for any kind of uses from really small purpose to some big affairs, the frameless motor ensures a better durability along with a long life. The compact nature does the trick for you to use it anywhere at any time no matter what your physical condition is. The 0-2400 rpm to 0-2700 rpm ensures a better performance a lot sooner and thus saves your time. It is surely one of the best.

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“Every handyman knows the importance of a quality impact driver, when you are trying to complete a job. The one I bought is not expensive and does everything you would expect and more from a impact driver. My advice is get the DeWalt DC825B and do it fast.” Chris Palmer


DEWALT DC820B impact driver


The perfect tool for driving in bigger kind of screws with much ease, this gear helps you to loosen various screws with the least effort ever applied. Thus, it becomes one of the top functioning gears when it comes to heavy-duty functions. The design of the machine is such that it can withhold any pressure applied and later giving you with the best results, not to mention the low price. These are the reasons why it has made into our list.

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“The grip on this machine is absolutely fantastic and very comfortable. I haven`t experienced any wrist fatigue even when I have used it for complicated jobs which took time. It is a trusty and reliable impact driver which I fully recommend.” Jake Naughton


Kawasaki 841337 impact driver


The gear comes with a power cord and the efficiency that it processes in that price is something that is yet to be complained. The Impact Wrench has a 2500-5500 rpm that enables higher performance and the design includes a better quality. The grip is quite okay, as you won’t need it to go on through a higher workload. The grip ensures that there would be no sign of fatigue from the side of the user. Thus, this gear is among the best impact drivers under $100.

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“Kawasaki is not know for making impact drivers, but after I saw what the 841337 could do I went ahead and bought it. Its performances are very good considering it has such a modest price range and at the same time I like the handle with the strong grip it allows me to make.” George Lawrance


DEWALT DC823B impact driver


It’s a bit improvisation of the first Impact driver mentioned in the first slot. The rendered facilities are almost similar but they have their own differences. The gear is all in a complete high yielding machine that makes sure that can work on every issue that you are willing to deal with. The grip and the durability is the thing that is wanted by all and this gear is willing to provide you all you need, and even more than what you can expect. After all, it’s Dewalt’s product.

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“I have nothing bad to say about this power tool. It is made by the famous DeWalt brand so you can imagine the quality it has. As soon as I got it I put it straight to work and its performances for me were more than pleasing.” Richard Walters


Hitachi WR18DLP4 impact driver


The last mighty piece that we have in our best impact drivers under $100 is a gear that is the ultimate equipment for tackling any kind of job that you have. The Torque 1950-Inch/Pound makes it easy to use even in the toughest job. The recoiling design helps to minimize burnout even after a longer usage. There are two-steps power modes, which will help you to choose according to the need. The LED work light suits just fine and it should be one of your first preferences.

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“The main reason why I bought it is because it has 2 speed settings, which prove to be very useful when I have to do different kind of jobs. The light is another great features which allows me to work in low light conditions. These are just a few of the reasons why I bought it.” Matt Jackson