Top rated impact drivers in 2021 


To reduce time and effort exerted, construction projects definitely require professional tools, such as impact drivers, that could help get the work done quickly and efficiently. The best impact driver reviews are excellent providers of all the necessary information, so as to purchase the right tool.


Professional tips on buying the best impact driver


4There are many power tools that can enhance people’s capacity to work faster and with minimal effort. Out of them, impact drivers represent a great addition to any construction worker or general handyman. Don’t be fooled by the small design because impact drivers are very powerful and can handle different types of jobs. These tools use a clutching impact mechanism which creates impressive rotational force. If you are performing complex jobs around the house you can opt with confidence for impact drivers. They deliver even more torque than cordless drills. As a result, this tool is perfect if you plan on building a deck or home office. People love to use impact drivers because they are light and easy to manoeuvre on different materials.

If you want to select the optimal product for your work invest a bit of your time in reading the best impact driver reviews. We took the liberty of drafting professional information on the subject after testing over 35 top rated impact drivers. After 80 hours of extensive quality and force tests we managed to determine what makes an impact driver great. Professional contractors and day to day users can resort to impact drivers whenever they embark on a long and complicated construction job. Home tasks like deck, patio, and attic adjustments become way easier if you manage to identify the right tool. There are top brands which release year after year powerful drivers. You will notice that experienced workers praise models released by Makita, Milwaukee, Black and Decker or Dewalt. Each of their latest models is easy to handle around any construction and deliver enhanced precision during every project.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Voltage Price Power source Battery Cell Type Our Rating Where to buy

Makita LXDT01Z

18V $$$ Battery powered Lithium Ion A+ AMAZON

Dewalt DC825B

18V $$ Battery powered NiCAD A+ AMAZON

Dewalt DC825KA

18V $$$$ Battery powered NiCAD A+ AMAZON

Makita DF010DSE

7.2V $$$$ Cordless Electric Lithium Ion A AMAZON

Hitachi WH18DFL

18V $$$ Battery powered Lithium Ion B AMAZON


How can you find the best impact driver in 2021? Well, the first thing you have to do is go through the basics. The current impact drivers vary in power, battery options and size, completing people’s need for accurate assistance during various tasks. This power tool is perfect for high-resistance driving operations. You can use an impact driver in order to efficiently drive large screws through different materials like hard wood or masonry. Furthermore such power tools can also be used in order to precisely remove over tightened bolts. Now, you should also know that impact drivers deliver high torque making them very popular among auto mechanics.

With the best impact driver in 2021 you will be able to safely go from one task to the next in record time. It is without a doubt a great power tool to have around the house. The most important things to look for in an impact driver are the following: torque, voltage, speed, battery, size and weight. Torque is measured in in-pounds and for every type of model the levels vary. Still, you should opt for an impact driver that can deliver at least 1.500 inches-lbs in order to ensure precise results when you work. When it comes to speed, try to identify a model that can run by up to 2.200 RPM for fast operations. These are the features that make sure you’ll work faster and with more efficiency.


Makita LXDT01Z impact driver


Nowadays, a lot of reviews are focusing on the good quality of the Makita LXDT01Z impact driver. It is a gifted product that sums up to great precision and enhanced functionality, allowing users to carry out any construction task at great ease. Furthermore, it allows users to select among three options for speed, that consist of: 0-2.000 ipm, 0-1.300 ipm, 0-2.600 ipm and 0-2.800 ipm, 0-1.300 ipm and 0-3.400 ipm, which are more than sufficient in performing the task at hand. Moreover, it is equipped with a sturdy motor that generates a max torque power of 1.460 in. lbs and on top of that, it guarantees 20% more battery life extend due to its brushless motor feature.



It is a five star product which is according to most, the best power impact driver 2021. It is versatile, powerful and at the same time, highly affordable. It functions on three different speed settings thus allowing you to be in complete control all the time.

Because it is capable of producing 1.460lbs of max torque, it will push through anything.

The battery life is up to 20% longer than any other battery. It also lets you know when it is running low thorough the LED light which flashes at the right time.

Its lightweight body allows you to work for hours and hours without feeling fatigue in your hands.



The sticker at the bottom of the handle might peel off after you’ve used the driver for a couple of times.


The Makita LXDT01Z 18V cordless impact driver is a nice impact driver which makes everything better. This is one of the best devices I have at home. It makes it my work easier and faster. I can work comfortable and continuously because of the long battery life the product has. ”  Teresa Grout


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Dewalt bare-tool DC825B impact driver


Nothing beats the Dewalt DC825B impact driver when efficiency and advanced features are a top priority, as the design and sturdy structure of this model are simply unmatchable. It comes with a frameless motor that guarantees the impact driver’s long use, which makes it ideal for anyone in need of a durable product. Moreover, the Dewalt DC825B can be granted access even to space-limited areas, due to its handy and compact design, thus reducing the effort and time needed to finish a certain job. It is also equipped with torque of 1.330 inch-libres enabling users to perform tasks with a speed ranging from 0-2.400 revolutions per minute/0-2700 revolutions/minute.



The biggest advantage that comes with this device is its frameless motor which makes this tool more durable and longer-lasting than most of its competitors.

As far as design goes, this device is a benchmark in terms of comfort and safety. It provides a rough exterior which prevents slipping and it is also lightweight so as not to cause pain to your wrists due to intense use.

Even though small, it produces 1330 lbs. of torque. Because of its size it is also perfect for jobs which require you to work in tight spaces.



The biggest downside is that you have to buy the battery which is sold separately.

It may not produce as much torque as advertised.


I consider the Dewalt bare-tool DC825B ¼-inch 18-volt cordless impact driver is a firm and steady device. I bought this product 3 years ago and I am proud to say that this is still working and functional. I love using the product in our home constructions.”  Cody Landes


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Dewalt DC825KA impact driver


Best impact driver reviews

Manufactured with a sturdy, compact and efficient design, the Dewalt DC825KA model definitely deserves to be regarded as the best among its competitors. This model is a sure handy driver that helps users to perform the task at hand and it comes with a sturdy motor that is frameless together with brushes that are replaceable so you can be certain that you have a durable product in your hands. Moreover, it is also lightweight and small-sizex ensuring ease and precise access even at the most difficult to reach spaces.  Not to mention that it works with a torque power of 1.330 in-lbs and 2 speed options, one of 9-2.700 rpm and one of 0-2.400 rpm.



According to the best power impact driver reviews, this device’s frameless motor is destined to last for a really long time.

The lightweight body and the slim design will allow you to use this tool in tight spaces which you would usually not be able to reach.

The 1330lbs. of torque are enough to help you change the tires on your car in no time.

In terms of safety, there is not much that can happen while using this impact driver due to its anti-slip grip and comfortable design.

It comes with a three year limited warranty.



DEWALT’s choice in terms of battery could have been better considering most of the devices now use lithium ion.

The price tag is a bit high considering the type of batteries it comes with.


The Dewalt DC825KA is one of the highest rated impact drivers in 2021 and the expert reviews I read, convinced me I had to buy it. Heavy-duty jobs don’t pose a problem for this most reliable model, which I recommend to other handymen. And on top of all  this, I bought it from Amazon when it was for sale on Black Friday.”  Thomas James


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Makita DF010DSE impact driver kit


One of the best impact drivers deals in the market at this time is the Makita DF010DSE impact driver, and it has every right to be considered as one, as it well- known for its professionalism and durability. Moreover, it comes with high standard features that include a motor that provides a torque of 177 in. lbs., operating with dual speed levels: 3.000 rpm and 2.300 rpm. In addition, it comes cordless and is equippped with a heck chuck of ¼ inches that can be quickly released, as well as a build-in LED light, making it easier for users to see the target area better.



Driver drills do not get more compact than this. Makita managed to produce one of the most efficient and versatile tools on the market.

Although small in size, it is still very powerful but at the same time extremely well calculated. It will not overdrive the fastener due to a special clutch feature which disengages the tool.

It runs with two different speeds which makes it versatile enough for a large array of jobs.

It comes with a 3 year warranty.



It could be better in terms of design. The drive buttons should be on the handle.

It could also use a bit more power.


Makita DF010DSE was bought by me from Amazon, after I checked out the best rated impact driver reviews. All the pieces of the kit work fine and I’m able to finish different jobs professionally. I don’t know which model is the best in the market, but I’m sure this one is one of the top 10 at least.”  John L. Birt


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Hitachi WH18DFL impact driver


The Hitachi WH18DFL impact driver is regarded as one of the best impact drivers available in the present market providing a torque power of 1150 in lbs that is reliable enough for any work, no matter how challenging it might be. It also comes with a pair of 1.5 lithium-ion batteries as well as a charger that allows a sturdy function every time, which are particularities all users seem to highly appreciate. Moreover, this Hitachi model is notorious for its precise attention to intricate details and has a convenient elastomer grip that is useful for better gripping and maneuver during work.



It is currently one of the most complete impact drivers on the market.

It comes with an integrated belt hook and LED lighting which might come in handy while working in dark rooms.

It is lightweight which makes it very comfortable to use and also very safe because it is almost impossible to slip or overpower you.

It is affordable considering the fact that it incorporates all the necessary parts right out of the box.



The battery life could be better.

It lacks power especially when faced with tough situations.


This impact driver is light and functions well, although it’s battery does run out quicker than other models. I received it as a Xmas gift, so I can’t complain that much. I solved the issue when I bought a new battery.”  Chris Piercy


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