Best ice makers under $150


Cheap ice makers prices


If you are tired of heading to the store every time you need extra ice – but think getting an ice maker is cost prohibitive?  Think again, we’ve compiled a list of the best ice makers under $150 and think you will be as impressed as we are with what we found.


Waring Pro IC70 ice maker


Best ice makers under $150

This ice crusher can crush up to 50 pounds of ice in 60 minutes!  It has a convenient wide-mouth funnel that will hold up to 12 cups of ice so you can load it up and let it get to work.  It has a toggle switch for easy on/off and even includes a bonus recipe book.  It is just the right size to have on the counter top for daily use.  If you like your drinks on the rocks, this ice crusher will be a great addition to your kitchen.

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“I need ice all the time for my drinks so the best idea was to buy an icemaker. I settled on this particular one and I belive I have bought the best one possible. It has a large capacity and makes ice cubes in no time at all. Now I have an endless supply of ice.” Danny Miller


Deni 6100 ice maker


The Deni 6100 is a great ice crusher.  It fits easily on your countertop and has a convenient bin with a scoop to distribute your crushed ice.  The pieces of ice it produces are perfect for slushies, they are soft enough to chew on without damaging your teeth.  This little guy definitely makes our best ice makers under $150.  The sturdy construction allows you to use it throughout the day and the clean, stylish look makes it an attractive addition to your kitchen or bar.

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“Small and practical this is my take on the Deni 6100 ice maker, after I have got ice from it for about 4 months now. It hasn`t given me any problem and I have ice at my disposal whenever I need it for my drinks or other things.” Andrew Kennen


Koldfront white ice maker


The Koldfront Ultra is a great little machine.  Pour in water – tap water is just fine – and in less than 10 minutes you have got ice.  It has two size options for your convenience and can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in a single day.  So, if you have a big event coming up, this compact machine can get the job done.  Aside from your home party options – it also is ideal for camping trips, picnics and outdoor sport events with access to electricity.

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“The big capacity of this ice maker is perfect for large events and another definite plus is its capacity to freeze water in just minutes. Everything works smoothly and after using it, I can only recommed it to others intrested in having one in their home.” Dorothy Stanley


Edgestar Portable Stainless Steel ice maker


The Edgestar portable stainless steel ice maker with digital display is another great addition to our list.  It’s easy to use with electronic controls and can store up to two pounds of ice at a time.  It is attractive, with a stainless steel body and silver lid so you can leave it out while you are entertaining.  It is simple, pour the water in and you will start having ice in just 6 minutes!  It is convenient – you can take it anywhere there is electrical power, add water and start having ice.  It just doesn’t get much easier than that.

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“The stainless steel body is what attracted me to it and when I saw that it frezzes water in just 5 minutes I just knew I had to get it. It runs like a charm and I have managed to throw a couple of very successful parties with it so far. It is an integral part of any large event I decide to organize at my home.” Luke Porter


EdgeStar IP210PK ice maker

How about knowing that you have done something good to help cure Breast Cancer every time you use your ice maker?  That is a pretty cool idea and it doesn’t break the bank to do it, rounding out our list of best ice makers under $150 is this stainless steel ice maker with the trademark pink lid.  All of that plus, it has a water reservoir of one gallon and starts making ice in less than 10 minutes.   It can store up to two pounds of ice and has three different cube sizes.

“If you are looking for a ice maker which has a great price, some excellent features and a eye-catching design than I think you should consider getting the EdgeStar IP210PK. I have it and it does wonders for me, making my drinks be just the way I like them.” Henry Cox