Top rated Hunting Knives in 2021


For those people who love the outdoors and hunting, the best hunting knife reviews have identified some of the models that can prove to be an essential companion during your hunt. To make it easier for you to choose one, this article will identify five of my recommendations, based on the reviews and feedbacks that have been given by many of its users.


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There are many American hunters that understand the value of a good hunting knife designed to cut various things without problems. The market is more than generous when it comes to efficient knives, worth having around during long hunting sessions. A good hunting knife is a great accessory for seasoned hunters. Such knives are very important tools to use whenever people hunt something. This hunting companion is useful when skinning animals or cutting branches down. There are many things to take into account while browsing for a brand new knife. Since there are so many hunting knives available on the market, picking out the right product can take some time. You have to access professional information before you decide upon a particular product.

The first thing that you have to do is decide what you are going to use the hunting knife for. Depending on the hunting applications, you will know exactly which model enhances your results. Since there are so many hunting knives out there we were able to test some of the most popular models for 80 hours straight. During the research we understood what makes certain knives great. When the test result came through we managed to draft the best hunting knife reviews with useful details. A good knife is useful for wide range of hunting applications like: skinning a deer, boar or turkeys. People also use knives for trimming down twigs to start fire faster. Now, a hunting knife should have a compact profile for easy manoeuvrability during hunting applications. You could also opt for all-general knife that can cover different tasks.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Blade length Handle Customer Rating Where to buy

Ka-Bar US Marine Corps

Fixed $$$ 7 inch Leather A+ AMAZON

Buck Knives 110-9210

Folding $$ 3.8 inch Natural wood-grain A AMAZON

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek

Folding $$$ 3 inch Bead-blasted stainless steel B+ AMAZON

Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical

Folding $$ 3.4 inch Anodized aluminum B+ AMAZON

Kershaw 1550ST

Folding $$ 3.3 inch Glass-filled nylon B+ AMAZON


A growing number of people are searching for the best hunting knife in 2021, capable of improving the overall experience on the ground. During hunting trips a good knife can definitely get the job done! The knife needs to have a special rugged synthetic handle for easy handling. Now, the hunting knife should include a powerful blade that performs different skinning tasks. Furthermore it might be good to have a knife with serrated edges for more demanding cuts. If you are hunting small games like rabbits, birds and squirrels a powerful knife is capable of skinning down the unwanted hair. Hunters love to use sturdy but lightweight hunting knives that are easy to handle. There are different hunting knives sizes, ideal to accommodate different parts of the whole experience.

How to pick out the best hunting knife in 2021 ? Well, there are knives with fixed blades and folding feature. Hunting knives with fixed blades are safely fixed in a single position, for precise cuts. On the other hand folding knives come equipped with a pivot point which permits the blade to fold closed. There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages of using both types of knives. Hunting knives with fixed and strong blades are easy to handle hard work. They are very easy to clean! Folding hunting knives have smaller sizes, making them easy to store in pockets. Furthermore this type of knives is safer to transport from one location to the next.


Ka-Bar US Marine Corps Fighting Knife


Best Hunting Knife ReviewsThis Ka-Bar model must surely be one of the best knives ever, because it’s used by the US Marine Corps which is the toughest component of the US Army, the greatest army on the planet. If you are an experienced hunter than you should have this fixed knife with you at all times when hunting. The 1095 Cro-van steel is tougher and more durable than any other material used for knife blades. The 7 inch straight edge blade will cut through flesh and bone like a hot knife through butter. There is no flaw to its design and this is why we’ve place it on the top of our list. We believe this is the best hunting knife in 2021 without any doubt.



This is one of the most popular knives on the market. It is appreciated by many, mostly because of the versatile design and also because of the unique leather covered handle.

It has a lightweight body and a 1095 Cro-van steel blade that will cut through everything.

It is a US made knife which is guaranteed to provide excellent results regardless of the situation. The leather sheath is made in Mexico and provides a safe way to carry the knife.

The 7 inch straight edge blade is firmly fixed in the handle so as not to break because of shock.



Compared to the knife, the sheath could have been a bit better. It is also a bit inadequate for a marine because it stands out.

The sheath will not protect the knife from moisture.


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Buck 110BRS Fld Hunting


The Buck 110BRS has all the necessary features to be included in our top hunting knife list. This knife has been designed after carefully paying attention to a hunter’s needs, while not disregarding his safety. The nail-notch lockback system makes sure the risk of accidents is maintained to a minimum because it closes and locks easily. The wood-grain handle is definitely a nice touch, offering it a pleasant aspect too. You can rest assured that the blade is extra sharp because it’s made from 420HC stainless steel. With the knife you will also receive a black leather sheath, which you can strap to your belt.



If you are looking for an affordable but reliable model, than this is the knife to get. It comes with a 420HC steel clip blade which measures 3 ¾ inches.

It is a lightweight knife which can easily fit in your pocket or backpack.

The Dymondwood wood-grain handle incorporates polished brass bolsters which make it indistructable.

The 4 year warranty and the fact that it is made in the US assure you that this is a high quality product which will never let you down.



The sheath which comes with this knife is not as well designed as the actual knife.

The brass will get stained pretty easily.


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Kershaw Ken Onion Black Leek Knife


Best Hunting Knife ReviewsWith a length of just three inches, this knife is never too short for your hunting needs. The use of 440A stainless steel for this knife is one thing that has been commended in numerous best hunting knife reviews because of its sharpness and durability. Another thing that has also been commended by the people who have bought and used such is the assisted opening system, an exclusive innovation that has been developed by the manufacturer for ease of opening the knife.



Considered as one of the best knives for hunting 2021, Kershaw’s 1660CKT model is a great investment to make. It provides great value for money because it is both useful and also durable.

It is completely safe to use due to the SpeedSafe assisted opening feature and also due to the frame lock option which prevents it from closing over your fingers.

It can fit in any pocket and it can be kept everywhere from your backpack to your boot.

It is made in the USA which is a guarantee that poor quality will never be an issue with this knife.



The finish will rub off if you do decide to use this knife on a regular basis.

It is a bit too thin and may be lacking grip when used in damp conditions.


The Kershaw Ken Onion Black Leek Knife was engineered with nice features which makes it better for any hunting activities. The product is very reliable and efficient. It is sharp and durable so I don’t have to worry when I have this product with me for my hunting expedition.”  Tracy Beeler


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Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Knife


One good feature of this hunting knife is the use of 13C26 stainless steel, which helps in being able to resist corrosion, making it possible to extend its functional life. In addition, many have also been satisfied with the incorporation of anodized handle that is lightweight. The handle of this hunting knife has also been asserted to be excellent because of the integration of Trac-Tec inserts, which is basically helpful in making it non-slip, making it stable when it is held in your hand.



Excellent to have within reach especially during long hunting sessions. It can cut through really rough materials and it can be used without any worries.

According to the best knives for hunting reviews, this is a must if you plan on spending hours in dangerous environments.

The blade is made out of durable 13C26 stainless steel which strengthens the entire structure of the knife. It also makes it resistant to corrosion.

The anodized aluminum handle is fitted with rough Trac-Tec material which provides a firm grip no matter how wet the knife gets.



The locking system is not that safe.

It has trouble cutting clothes which might be an issue when facing a tough situation.


Compared to other products in the market, the Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Knife is the one I use for almost years in any of my hunting activities. The hunting knife is very durable and can be used and bring anytime. It can be folded as it is portable. I am happily satisfied with this hunting knife.”  Kyle Jones


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Kershaw 1550ST Blackout Knife


If you are looking for a knife that can promote both safety and convenience, this is one model our experts recommend. One of its features is the Speed Safe, a patented technology by Kershaw that makes it easy to open the knife when it is to be used. In addition, many have also liked the liner lock because it helps in making sure that the knife will not close accidentally while it is still being used. The material that is used in the blade is also commendable because it has the ability to resist corrosion and scratch.



This knife represents some of Kershaw’s best work. Its partially serrated blade is not only great for chores around the house but it is also great to use as hunting equipment.

The blade is made out of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel with a DLC coating which will help you cut through the toughest of materials.

The handle is also very well designed. Made out of Glass-filled nylon, it is extra durable and quite nice to hold.

It is safe to use because it is fitted with Kershaw’s patented opening and closing mechanism.



It may or it may not fit well in your hand depending on the size of your fingers.

Unlike other models, this knife does not have an index finger opening.


I’ve used  the Kershaw 1550ST Blackout on numerous hunts and it hasn’t shown any signs of rust or deterioration. The best rated reviews recommended it as one of the most reliable hunting knives in the market and they were right. I bought it last Xmas and it has surely proven worth the money.” Martin Westfall


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Victorinox Swiss Army Trekker Knife


Victorinox knives are among the most popular because of the manufacturer’s reputation in the marketplace and their commitment to excellence, which is very much evident in this model as well. This specific model has blades that are made from stainless steel. It cannot just be used as a hunting knife, but can also serve as bottle opener, screw driver, key ring, and tweezers, among others. With that, it can be a good addition to your hunting essentials as it can do a lot of things in just one product.

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The highest rated hunting knife reviews gave this Swiss Army knife great feedback and I was convinced it was the right model to buy. Its numerous blades are great for all sorts of situations, even opening beer bottles. I’m positive I got the best hunting knife for the money I spent.”  John Gautreau


Buck 271 Alpha Dorado Knife – Not available


This hunting knife has a contoured handle making it ergonomic. The handle is also made from rosewood, which adds a touch of elegance to the product. At the top of the handle, you can see grip ridges, which will provide you with an assurance of its stability. One thing that I also liked about this product is that it is eligible for the Buck’s 4ever Unconditional Warranty, which in itself is already a testament that it will be reliable in its entire life.

The toughness of the Buck 271 Alpha Dorado Knife is one thing that I admire the most about this Amazon product. This hunting knife was bought by me with a Black Friday discount, so it didn’t cost too much. It’s very sharp and this makes it one of the most reliable hunting knives in 2021. ” Carolyn Rice