Looking for the best ceiling fan with lights seems simple, until you start browsing through all the models and options available. There are many variations on sale, ranging from 2 blade ceiling fans to multiple blade fans, from modern to traditional, with one or with more lights, and anything in between. In order to get the most out of your purchase, you must have the proper information. Spending a little time reading this article will give you the best and most accurate information about what to look when buying a new ceiling fan with lights, saving you a lot of time and money.

What to look for when buying hunter ceiling fans with lights?


Fan size

The most important aspect to look for when purchasing a new ceiling fan is the size of its blades. There is no secret that larger fans are suited for large rooms while smaller ones are optimal for medium or small rooms. Most ceiling fans have the diameters clearly stated in the product description so you can make the correct choice accordingly. Remember to check for any additional details like the producer’s recommended room’s size or total weight. Keep in mind that very large ceiling fans need a lot of additional support and they may be a bit difficult to install.



The design and style of the ceiling fan must match the style of your room. Traditional ceiling fans are perfect for classic rooms with a lot of wooden furniture, while more modern fans are suited for new style rooms with plenty of electronics and contemporary furniture. Take a look at the material and colors used for the blades and then at the overall design. Use materials and colors that are a good match for your room layout and you will surely pick the best ceiling fan.


Fan speed and light options

A good ceiling fan will feature multiple fan speeds. Check before buying how many speed options your new ceiling fan will have. Slow moving speeds are great for keeping the humidity in during winter while fast speeds will cool the room down during summer days. As with speeds, light options will provide extra comfort and control. Some ceiling fans come with one or more light bulbs. Make sure to pick the best option for your room.


Top Rated Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights in 2022


Hunter Fan Company 54095 Caribbean Breeze


When you want the best ceiling fan of 2022, you must look no further. The Hunter Fan Caribbean Breeze is the best classic design fan you will ever buy this year. Large and quiet, this ceiling fan will not only keep your entire room properly chilled, but it will do so in a very elegant and select way. When quality, functionality and perfect style are required, this ceiling fan is the perfect choice.

Created to ensure perfect airflow even in the largest rooms of a house, the Hunter Fan Caribbean Breeze is perfectly suited for both your living room and the master bedroom. The large, beautiful designed 54” fan blades will circulate and cool the air in your room using three speed settings and an optional reverse speed mode. The blades are coated with the special Dust Armor coating technology in order to keep them looking as good as new and dust free all the time.

The optional lightning is assured by two 60 watt light bulbs. They provide a perfect harmonious good feeling light that will enhance the comfort of your room. The Hunter Fan Caribbean Breeze is powered by the one of the most silent fan engines you will ever find. With lifetime warranty and almost zero noise this high quality engineered fan engine will keep your fan spinning without you ever noticing it.

Classic and stylish, beautiful and sophisticated, this ceiling fan is a dream product. Quiet and with built in optimal lightning system, it will instantly improve the comfort and aspect of your room while delivering perfect airflow for both winter and summer days.

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Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe


Created by the renowned Hunter Company, this ceiling fan is one of the best choices for any buyer looking for quality and performance. Named one of the best ceiling fans from Hunter, the Hunter Builder Deluxe will be the perfect choice for any of your medium or large rooms. Quality materials and superb craftsmanship make this ceiling fan a must buy.

Created from the most exquisite materials, featuring New Bronze coating and Cherry or Oak fan blades, this ceiling fan is one of the most stylish fans you will find. Its classic design is perfectly suited for any traditional or even modern room.

The WhisperWind internal electric engine is one of the quietest fan engines on the market. Powerful, quiet and durable, this motor comes with a lifetime warranty. Three speed options provide the optimal comfort and airflow depending on your needs at the moment.

Whether you are looking for a lazy chill or a winter breeze, this ceiling fan will deliver the desired comfort with ease and in total silence. The quality, style and durability make this ceiling fan one of the favorite choices among all fan buyers today.

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Hunter Fan Company 51022 Conroy


Another consumers’ favorite from the Hunter Company, the Hunter Conroy is a great medium size high power ceiling fan. Rightfully called the best of all white ceiling fans with lights, the Hunter Conroy is a notch above all other ceiling fans in its class. Modern looking and featuring one of the most powerful fan motors on the market, this ceiling fan will keep your room temperature low without any effort even during the hottest summer days.

Working perfectly for any small, office or medium size rooms, this ceiling fan is a perfect example of modern simplicity and functionality. Featuring a low profile and light frame, this ceiling fan is a superb choice for any room with a low ceiling, where bulkier and heavier ceiling fans are hard or even impossible to fit.

The WhisperWind electric motor delivers an impressive power without any discomfort or noise. Fast, quiet and reliable, the WhisperWind will work without any problems for years and years. Its lifetime warranty is a testimony of its reliability and endurance.

Modern, light and compact, this ceiling fan is a perfect choice for any office room. Quiet and powerful it will create the optimal conditions for work on any given day of the year.

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