Top rated hue bulbs in 2019


Some people might think that buying a new hue bulb can prove to be an easy task because of the multiplicity of choices that are available. Nonetheless, this should never give you the excuse to decide in haste. You should still read the best hue bulbs reviews to have an idea on some of the best choices that can be taken into account.


Philips 431650 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting


Best Hue Bulbs ReviewsWhen choosing light bulbs, there are different things that should be taken into account, such as the possibility of having it controlled the way you want it. With such, the best hue bulbs reviews have noted that this is an excellent choice because it will allow you to use your smartphone to have it controlled. It can be adjusted in various settings, making it possible to personalize lighting based on your moods or needs. The LED technology in this bulb is another thing that is worth noting, as it is good when it comes to energy efficiency and life span.

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Philips 423756 BR40 Indoor Flood Light


This is another option that should not be missed if you are still on the lookout for the best hue bulbs in 2019. Based on the opinions that have been shared by the users of such, the long life of this bulb is a good thing. This means that you will not need to have it replaced within a short period of time, unlike in the case of other models that should be replaced every now and then. It is also chosen by many who are concerned about their impacts to the environment. It is made from materials that do not cause any damage to the environment, such as mercury and lead.

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Philips Friends of Hue Lightstrips


In a time wherein smartphones are redefining the way that we live, this light is an essential to most homes as it can be controlled with the use of your device. It is worth noting that this model is not the traditional light bulb design. Rather, it comes as light strips that can adhere to different types of surfaces. This will provide you with the flexibility on how it can be sued to define living spaces. In the top rated hue bulbs reviews, there were also many people who have expressed their satisfaction with the fact that it is efficient in terms of the amount of energy that is consumed with its use.

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Reveal BR30 Reflector Light Bulb


If this light bulb is going to be used for at least 3 hours per day, it can last for almost 2 years, or an average life of 8 hours. The design of the bulb, as well as the reflective coating that is found in such, have made it a good alternative to the more expensive models that are available in the marketplace. It has the ability to provide direct light in a specific area, better than what can be delivered by the traditional incandescent lights. If there is one problem that is often complained by the users of such, it would be the fact that its lifespan is shorter than other models.

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LIFX Edison Screw Light Bulb


If you still cannot decide on the best choice in this product category, this is another option that should never be overlooked. When it is used under maximum brightness, it has 1,017 lumens, which can be comparable to the brightness of a 75-watt bulb, when in fact, it consumes only 17 watts. When this light bulb is used for at least four hours in a day, it is expected to be functional for a period of 40,000 hours or at least 27 years. It can display up to 16 million colors. With the use of a downloadable application, you can control the light bulb, such as with regards to its dimness.

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