Top HP Officejet all-in-one printers in 2018


If you have been wondering about what printer to choose for your new business or to replace the old one that you had, check on the following article to have some idea on the best all-in-one printers under $100 and then set out to buy the one you like most.


HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus Wireless Printer


Best HP Officejet all-in-one printers reviewsIt is sleek in design and efficient in work. The beautifully compact printer with color LCD screen is definitely one that is easy to use. Moreover this printer is definitely not going to sit idle around as besides having the capability of printing 20 pages per minute in black & white and 16 color pages/minute; it can also perform tasks of faxing, copying or scanning. The both-side printable printer also features ePRINT enabling to print from virtually anywhere. Then again I got completely marveled at the idea that this printer can even print stuff from your i-devices and that too wirelessly.

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“I wanted a top all-in-one printer for my office and this is exactly what I got through the HP Officejet Pro 8600. Faxing, printing and scanning are taken care of by this reliable printer and after using it for a couple months now I am very happy with its capabilities.” – George Andrews



HP Officejet 6600 all-in-one Wireless Printer


If an easy to install, easy to operate yet a professional office printer is needed by you then trust me as this is the printer that you can rely on blindly. With a more than enough 250 sheet paper tray, this printer is a multi tasking device. Print, copy, scan or e-mailing to a PC; this device does it all. Undoubtedly one of the best HP Officejet all-in-one printers reviews, this printer does the amazing job of guzzling out 14 black & white pages/minute and 08 color pages/minute.

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“All the reviews that the HP Officejet series was the way to go for a office printer and I followed their advice and thus now I have the 6000 model. I am impressed that it even has wireless, creating easy connectivity options to me and other employees.” – Nicholas Lawrence


HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium Wireless Printer


With so many types of printers available now a day, I was simply impressed with this amazing looking printer that can handle 20 pages per minute in black & white and 16 color pages per minute. Besides its both side printing capability along with a 250 sheet paper tray really helps out at offices. Coming with a year’s warranty the printer also keep fax memory for 100 pages. And from a printer that is among one of the best HP Officejet all-in-one printers reviews, the capability to print from virtually everywhere is no big deal. Set one for your office and enjoy the printer’s professionalism.

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“The HP Officejet 8600 Premium printer is something special, because after several months of using it at my office I still haven’t found a thing I don’t like about it. Managing 20 pages per minute in black and white is excellent from my point of view for an all-in-one printer.” – Matthew Walters


HP Officejet C9309A all-in-one Printer


Any professional person knows the importance of having a printer during work. Now if the printer is a multi tasking entity its usefulness is beyond words. Now here I have such a magnificent printer that can even do faxing, copying or scanning. Besides the printer with its 2.36 inch touch screen is also a looker. The fully professional printer can do prints from online or even wirelessly from your Apple devices. Able to produce photo of album quality, the printer can also handle both side printing.

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“For my small office this all-in-one printer from HP is ideal. I print fast, scann with precision and fax, all with just this printer. Its controls are very easy to learn and I really recommend it for other small offices. Also it can even produce quality color printings, even photos.” – Steve Johnson


HP Officejet 6700 Premium Printer


Besides its classy look and touch screen menu, it also has a 35 sheet automatic document feeder. This easy to operate printer can make your life simpler as it can also do fax and scanning to send directly to a computer. It has been made more efficient given that the printer has both side printing ability and a 250 sheet paper tray is ready for that. The easy USB 2.0 connectivity also makes it convenient to connect it to the computer. An all-in-one solution, this printer is a must for your business center.

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“So far this printer from HP has pleased me in everything it does and I even would go as far as recommending it, especially if you have a small office like mine. For an all round printer this model proves to be excellent for me.” – Thomas Robson