Top rated Laptops for Students from HP


It cannot be denied that a laptop is one of the most essential gadgets that will prove to be helpful in studying. While there are many options that are available in the marketplace, the rest of this article will discuss three of the best possible choices based on the ratings given in different best HP laptops for students reviews.


HP Pavilion G6-2235US Laptop


Best HP Laptops for Students Reviews

This laptop from best laptop for students reviews is equipped with 4GB of RAM that can be expanded to up to 8GB. It has 750 GB hard drive as well. This will provide you with ample amount of space that will be needed for your files at school, as well as those that are used for your entertainment, such as music and movies. This 15.6-inch laptop has been a common choice for many people because it is easy to setup and to use. It is not complicated, making it more ideal for students who do not have the luxury of time to deal with difficulties that are associated with the use of such. Pre-installed with Windows 8, it is important to keep in mind that one may be quite challenged when using the product for the first time because of a new operating system. Nonetheless, it would not take long before you can get used to it.

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I have the HP Pavilion G6-2235US Laptop for my school use. I can actually save all my files in this laptop from documents, videos, music and photos because of the large memory the product has. Aside from that, I don’t have to worry bringing it in school because it has the size and weight that is enough for me to handle in the good way. This laptop was installed with the new operating system so I know that my friends will envy me.”  Beth Gentry


HP Pavilion G7-2270US Laptop


This 17.3-inch laptop has 750 GB of hard drive to handle the files that you would store in such. Additionally, it has an Intel Core i3 CPU, which will provide you with a guarantee that it can deliver reliable performance, as it is an essential in any laptop that is meant for students. Among other things, one of the best features of this model is the HP Cool Sense. In other laptops, heating problems are common. With this model, HP Cool Sense provides the unit with the ability to efficiently manage the performance of the laptop, and hence, prevent it from having a hot surface. Many have also chosen this laptop because of its ability to keep your files secured, giving the guarantee that it will always be accessible when needed, even when the laptop is no longer functional. This is made possible by the HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection.

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The HP Pavilion G7-2270US Laptop is a very impressive gadget you can buy your child for his school use. I bought this laptop for my child because I know that this will help him a lot in his undertakings in school. The product has a very nice screen which can deliver him of the best images and text when flashed in it. The memory storage is quite big which will let him save more files with great safety in this laptop. The product is very cool to have.” Cheyenne Abell


HP 2000-2B09WM Laptop


This is another model that has been given good words in many best HP laptops for students reviews. The 15.6-inch screen of this laptop is often praised because of its exceptional brightness and clarity, making it an excellent choice with regards to resolution. Additionally, one will also often notice that another reason for the high level of satisfaction of the users of this model is its power efficiency, without the need to compensate its performance. Aside from the dual core processor, it also has Vision technology, which has the main benefit of allowing users to experience smooth video playback. Other features of this laptop include having SuperMulti DVD burner, which will allow you to do more tasks than just play DVD contents, and the Altec Lansing dual speakers, which will provide you with superior audio experience when listening to music or watching a movie from the laptop.

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The HP 2000-2B09WM Laptop is the laptop I bought from Amazon when I was still a student. This product has the great resolution and performance that no other laptops doesn’t have. I come to realize that the quality of the product is very impressive that makes it outstanding and exceptional. The product is long lasting. Until now, I am using this for my office use without any issue on memory space and performance. I recommend this product to all.”  Eric Vega