Useful Tips for Purchasing a Top Hotel Safe:


Protecting your valuables is always an important consideration when you are staying in a hotel. Even hotels with a high satisfaction rating can still have problems with theft. This is why it is important that you use one of the best rated hotel safes that are designed to protect your belongings from fire and theft. To help you find a secure hotel safe, we have included some helpful tips in our buying guide so you can relax and enjoy your stay away from home.


Security Ratings

When you are trying to decide which hotel safes are the best the most important aspect you want to consider is the security rating. Some hotel safes have a cash rating, which is based on several different aspects. The thickness of the doors, fittings, and general quality of the safe’s construction are all factored in when deciding the cash rating. According to the best hotel safe reviews the higher the number the more secure the model is.

The most reliable models are the Eurograde safes, which are certified and able to offer more secure protection. These hotel safes use a numbered scale for grading that ranges from 0 to VI, with the higher number providing the most security. Along with the security ratings you also want to pay attention to the manufacturer when you are trying to decide what are the best models for protecting your belongings.


The Interior

There are several design options in the interior of a security safe, and the right one for you will depend on the type of items you are placing inside. Some of the best hotel safe reviews recommend using a model that has different compartments or trays for storing different types of valuables. These new models are designed to only access one compartment at a time, which can help reduce the risk of theft.


The Lock and Fixings

There are several different types of locking mechanisms to choose from that include key and electronic locks. Some require fingerprints, while other hotel safes may need two people to turn the lock at the same time. The best lock for your hotel safe will probably depend on your personal preference. Hotel safes can also use a variety of different fixings that range from attaching to the wall or a piece of furniture, to being able to be hidden under a bed. The right one for you will usually be determined by the available space in the hotel room or office.

A hotel safe can protect your valuables when you are traveling, and make it easier to relax on your vacation. While there are different locking mechanisms and interiors to choose from, the most important aspect is always the safe’s security rating.


Things to consider:

  • The security rating is the most important aspect when you are looking for a hotel safe.
  • Hotel safes have different interior designs to choose from, including separate compartments for additional security.
  • Where you place the hotel safe and the type of locking mechanism are often decided on what you like best.


Top Rated Hotel Safes in 2019


A hotel safe can keep cash, documents, jewelry and other items safe from fire and theft when you are traveling. These safes are available in several styles, but the most important aspect to look for is the safety rating. With a high rated hotel security safe, you can relax and enjoy your stay away from home.


BARSKA Biometric Safe


Best Hotel Safe ReviewsOne of the best hotel safes for the money, it features a compact size that is perfect for smaller rooms. With fingerprint access you know that your belongings are secure, until you are ready to take them out again. The door is designed to open with just a touch of your finger, and the hotel safe can store up to 30 different prints. There are also two emergency keys included for immediate access if a situation calls for it. Keep documents and jewelry safe from thieves, and enjoy knowing that all of your valuables are protected while you are staying at the hotel.

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Honeywell Model 5106 Profile Security


This is the best hotel safe in 2019 for storing notebooks and other valuable digital devices. The hinges are concealed and pry resistant, and the two steel locking bolts are motorized for additional protection. The brushed aluminum door is elegant and professional looking, and the digital pad is designed to be easy to use for hotel guests. Manufactured by one of the leading names in the industry, this hotel safe will keep all of your belongings safe from even the most determined thief.

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SentrySafe 060ESBLK Electronic Card Access


Considered one of the best hotel safes in 2019, it features a pry resistant door and a solid steel construction. This model can be opened with a key card or an electronic code, and also includes an override feature for emergency access. It is sized to fit most hotel rooms and offices, and there is also an additional battery pack in case of power outages. Protect your wallet and jewelry when you are traveling in this sturdy steel hotel safe.

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