If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best hot tub money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best hot tub on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Smart for Life Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna is the best model for sale because it comes with 3 positions for seating and 12 jets to ensure your complete comfort and ease muscle aches and pain. It is compatible with 110V outlets so it can be installed at most homes, and you will appreciate how easy it is to use. Simply plug it in and set the controls and you are ready to relax in your own hot tub. If the Smart for Life lifesmart Rock Solid Luna is not available you could consider the Smart for Life Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity as it is your second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Persons  Price Dimensions Warranty Our Rating Where to buy
Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna 4 $$$$  70 x 66 x 29 inch Included A+ AMAZON
Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity 4 $$$$ 61 x 70 x 32 inch Included A AMAZON
Brookstone Spa-N-A-Box 4-5 $$$ 27 x 73.5 x 27 inch No B+ AMAZON
M-SPA Model B-90 Apline 3-4 $$ 62 x 62 x 27 inch No B+ AMAZON
Comfort Line Products Spa2Go 2-3 $$ 69 x 106 x 20 inch No C+ AMAZON


A buying guide


The best rated hot tub has ceased to be just a thing of luxury to being a special space to relax, do physical therapy, have family- or couple- bonding time or just entertain friends. One can select from top ten hot tubs in the market  while keeping a few things in mind.


Hot Tub Type

One can find the most popular hot tub from among the variety of portable hot tubs in the market. These are considered “soft” tubs that you can place anywhere. They are made of marine-grade vinyl, making them the perfect appliances for this purpose. Such units can be plugged into an AC outlet when they come with filtration or jet systems.  Commonly used outdoors, portable hot tubs can also be installed indoors. Moulded lounge hot tubs function as spas, with contoured lounge seats and powerful filtration and jet systems. Installed above ground or below a deck surface, such units need plain chemical maintenance and cleaning. These should have optimal design elements that pay close attention to potential leaks, moisture and humidity. Wood-fired hot tubs are integrated with hot aluminum stoves that heat the water in around two to four hours.




Consider how you’re going to use the tub to determine the proper size for you. Generally,  the highest rated hot tub measures 7 square feet. Small, two-person hot tubs are also getting attention for how they provide couples with a great way to unwind.  If you intend the unit to be for the whole family to jump in to and enjoy, a party- or family-sized unit is your best bet. Smaller-size tubs are cheaper and easier to maintain than large ones. However, of note is the fact that a unit that holds 50% more water will cost only around 20% more to run. More than anything, it is the heater efficiency, pump size and insulation that have a direct effect on the operating costs. There are swim spas available that allow users to do aquatic exercises while still enjoying the features of a traditional hot tub.


Shape and Depth

Round spas are not exactly popular because  of the way they limit leg room. When a square spa has no loungers and offers open seating, this results in a roomy interior. The design of the hot tub should also show efficient use of corners and outer edges. Wide ledges on the unit’s perimeter and sweeping radius in the corners require the lounging seats of the tub to be recessed, which somehow has a direct effect on the size of the footwell. What is the best hot tub? It is a unit that offers the best depth for therapy, relaxation and comfort. This means people can lounge and sit well while soaking, with the water level settling nicely level with their shoulders.


It is always best to get a hot tub under a budget you set. This may not be easy, but at least you’ll have a starting point at which you can begin making a choice from among the many products in the market. A hot tub is a huge investment one has to be willing to make and maintain to protect the outlay made.



Products for specific needs:


Best hot tub for back pain


Strong Spas SS14120300 G-2


Engineered with 28 powerful jets that deliver revolutionary hydrotherapy, the Strong Spas SS14120300 G-2 28-Jet Spa offers the best hot tub for back pain. The hydrotherapy jets gently coax the knots and aches from the body, using the heated water to bring soothing relief to the back,  neck, hips and anywhere else the jets come in contact with. The bubbling water allows you to relax in bliss, providing a sense of peace and tranquility to the tired spirit. The hot tub has an indestructible resin cabinet that ensures durability. It seats 6 persons comfortably around the interior. It comes with a full body lounger to give you full body relaxation, plus foot jets to bring relief to the feet.


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Best hot tub for therapy


Mediterranea A-O83502M Napa Hydrotherapy


The Mediterranea A-O83502M Napa Hydrotherapy Jet Lounger works to effectively rejuvenate the mind and body using innovative hydrotherapy delivered through 50 SS jets powered by a 1.5HP pump working on two-speed continuous duty. This makes the Mediterranea A-O83502M the best hot tub for therapy as the jets provide soothing relief and therapeutic liquid massage. It can seat up to seven users comfortably. The superior filtration system is supplemented by the CD ozone generator to deliver crystal clear water. These elements also reduce maintenance aside from requiring less use of harsh chemicals, effectively driving down operating costs. The synthetic skirt is virtually maintenance-free, and the strong acrylic interior integrates advanced Microban acrylic with Antimicrobials, ensuring prevention of bacterial growth.

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Best hot tub for cold climate


QCA Spas Model 14 Phoenix


You can get the best hot tub for cold climate by checking out the QCA Spas Model 14 Phoenix Hot Tub. It is geared with exclusive Econo-Boost energy recovery system that recovers the heat generated by the motor and 2.2HP Brake Torque Hi-flow pump, then returns it to the spa to help warm the water. The hot tub employs revolutionary Green method to recycle heat, readily passing on the savings from your water bill and precious water resource to you. The tub provides room for up to 5 users. Entertain friends, have the family spend relaxing nights with you, or just contemplate on the whole day alone with your favorite beverage when you want to. Built-in Microban technology in the tub consistently fights bacteria and germs to keep it clean and sanitized.

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Top rated hot tubs in 2021


Who doesn’t like to take a bath in a hot tub and relax with no worries in the world? Looking at current statistics it seems that more and more people are now doing their best to find a great home hot tub, capable of maintaining a soothing experience. Out of the many products available on the market, finding the ideal one for your home tubing experiences can be more than challenging. Still, relax because the right answer will come after consulting with attention some of the best hot tubs reviews, written by technicians but also satisfied customers that already own a product.


Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna


Which is the best hot tub you can buy from the many models available on the market? Well, today more and more Americans seem to be attracted to Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa, a great hot tub that puts fun first and then relaxation. This superb hot tub offers heightened comfort. You can control the device without getting into any problems whatsoever, due to the Topside controls which respond to your every command. Very easy to set up, Lifesmart Luna requires from you two things: fill it up and plug it in. It includes ECO Smart technology, an energy management system that keeps the bills low.



Possesses the legendary Rock Solid® Shell exclusive from Lifesmart, with sturdy composition plus standard features and parts as other premium hot tubs

Boasts of a Comfort Valve Air Mixing System so water is always delightfully bubbly, which can create a soothing, massaging sensation as one sits in the hot tub

Prevents the expensive costs of getting a hot tub installed thanks to its Pug-and-Play capability, making this one of the few best jacuzzi hot tubs 2021

Offers highly efficient energy management system that helps deliver optimum performance while using less energy than other hot tubs in its class



Heater needs to be upgraded to maintain the tub’s temperature when people are in the tub

Main water intake is too high for water level to easily cover it, as instructions specify


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Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity


Who doesn’t want to relax in a great hot tub? Well, now you have the possibility to install in your home, or near it, a high quality hot tub from Lifesmart Rock: Simplicity plug and play spa. This 4 person spa comes equipped with Balboa topside controls, top loading water filter, adjustable jets and also a solid RockSolid shell that brings elegance to the device. It requires plugging in a power source and that’s that. Furthermore you should also be aware that this advanced hot tub incorporates Eco Smart technology, which saves energy and help you avoid paying a lot of money at the end of the month.



Mentioned in many best jacuzzi hot tubs reviews due to its plug-and-play simplicity, comfortably seating four people to enjoy its 12 soothingly massaging high-therapy water jets that come with waterfall effect

Made of strong and tough Rock Solid sandstone Sahara shell and full-foam insulation system, powered by an active 1.5-horsepower pump to produce pleasant and relaxing water bubbles

Uses the exclusive Lifesmart Eco Smart technology for a super-efficient energy management plus thick electricity-efficient spa cover to save on operating costs

Has four deep bucket seats that enable submerged, fully relaxing seating position within the swirling tub waters



Requires a strong, uniform support or frame

No pre-drilled strap holders for a cover


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Brookstone Spa-N-A-Box 6’


You deserve to enjoy every chance you get to relax and feel good about not thinking of work. This is where a great hot tub comes into play. Now, you have the possibility to use one of the best hot tubs in 2021 from Brookstone Spa-N-A-Box 6’ portable spa, which impresses through the accommodations and stylish design. This model can be used by 4 to 5 people with no problems whatsoever. It is very easy to install and requires no special tools, making the assembly process take along 20 minutes or even less. Now that’s pretty great no? The spa comes with a thermostatically control heater and freeze protection system.



As portable as a spa can get with its compact dimensions of 27 inches (height) x 73.5 inches (width) and 27 inches (depth)

Easily accommodates four to five people, each with their own barrier-free seating at every corner of the spa to enjoy the thermostatically controlled heater that delivers special freeze  protection

Features 1-horsepower Turbo Wave Massage System to ease out joint and muscle pains and reduce or totally eliminate body aches, tiredness or stress



Takes long to warm up the water, so may need some time for filling and heating the water before users start going in

Needs a more powerful heater so the tub delivers as it is supposed to


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M-SPA Model B-90 Apline


Best hot tubs reviewsThere are thousands of Americans that prefer to invest in a hot tub than to give enormous sums of money on big pools. According to the present best hot tubs reviews it seems that more and more people use with confidence M-SPA Model B-90 Apline.  Easy to install and manage, this hot tub is a great addition to any home. It comes with a patented built-in control box and user friendly touch button controls which makes every action a lot easier. You can set out the temperature and air bubble with ease. This pro hut tub is made out of premium 3-layer laminated PVC and with an impressive water capacity of 184 Gal.



Touch Button Controls for the patented built-in control box enable simple adjusting and setting to enjoy natural and soothing health benefits from a powerfully-engineered bubble spa

Constructed of top quality triple-layer laminated PVC to ensure long periods of use, in a hot tub geared with a hard shell for worry-free, multi-person usage

Uses up to 184 gallons of water made to have bubbles using 105 air bubble jets that not only fill the tub but also give that much needed sense of serenity and relaxation

May be the center point of a lovely garden or installed in an intimate corner



Heater takes a bit of time to raise water temperature

May need an inflatable cover to combat heat loss


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How to choose a new hot tub in 2021 – What to look for


Who doesn’t want to enjoy hours of comfort in a relaxing hot tub? Well, according to recent statistics it seems that thousands of Americans are now looking for a high quality hot tub, designed to add glamour in any home! If you want to learn more things about these great products, this article will definitely help out. Since investing in a hot tub represents a significant bank checkout, there are a couple of things you have to take into account. This long-term household relaxation product is also referred to as whirlpool, spa or even jetted tub. A good hot tub will definitely go well with the ladies. So, choosing the right hot tub is very important for families that want to rekindle their love or for bachelors with a thirst for passion!

Taking into account the wide selection of hot tub models available on the market finding the right one can’t be done without access to professional information. As a result we tested 25 top rated models for over 60 hours. When the test results came through we managed to draft the best hot tub reviews, which you should consult before choosing one particular product! Most of the current hot tubs are made to be installed outside. There are some made for indoor use. Now, you should know that hot tubs are designed out of cedar, vinyl, acrylic, fiberglass, stainless steel and include a special heated water source. A long bath in a great hot tub will definitely help people with muscle pain or aches. Furthermore long hours spent in such machines ensure a much needed “remedy” to stress or anxiety!

Choosing the best hot tub 2021 can be done only after going through professional information. Hot tubs use some of the following heat sources to keep water hot: natural gas, electric, propane, wood or solar heaters. Most models incorporate different types of heaters, designed to offer a constant and uniform heat source. If you want to spend some extra money, choose without reservations all-inclusive tubs which use advanced filtration systems which safely circulate water in order to get rid of debris. It is very important to sanitize the hot tub after each use. Why? Well, you have to eliminate water-borne bacteria through the use of chlorine or even bromine. Athletes prefer jetted hot tubs because they include concentrated sprays of water which gently massage the muscles and relieve tension.

Before you pick the best hot tub 2021 you must first learn more about the types of models available on the market. You can choose from cedar hot tubs, fiberglass hot tubs, acrylic hot tubs, and those made of aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Recent statistics showed that more and more Americans prefer hot tubs made of stainless steel or aluminum because they are durable and stylish. Since such household additions involve quite a lot of money it is recommended to opt for a model that offers comfort for a long period of time.


Things to consider:

  • Solid construction, models made of cedar, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless or copper
  • Sprays of concentrated water
  • Filtration systems
  • Warranty issued by the manufacturer



Comfort Line Products Spa2Go STG-1 – Not Available


Shopping for a brand new hot tub comes with its challenges, given the multiple products available on the market, designed to capture your attention. Now, which hot tub to buy seems like a vital dilemma which needs to be answered fast? Well, according to the present top rated hot tubs reviews it seems that you should consider using Comfort Line Products Spa2Go STG-1, a model that will simply delight your senses. Easy to install (no tools are necessary), taking only 20 minutes to assemble, this hot tub is certainly a great addition to any home. Furthermore this particular model doesn’t need special wiring or plumbing.



Has easy set-up that requires no use of tools, as the hot tub/spa assembles easily in less than twenty minutes, without any special plumbing and wiring requirements

Get freeze protection from the thermostatically controlled and new larger heater with 1000-watt rating

Uses energy and water extra efficiently with its solid state design and practical function

Weighs 65.8 pounds and measures 69” x 106” x 20” for easy installation anywhere, including the rooftop, garden or backyard



No seats or contoured form in the tub for seating comfortably

Blower is loud despite the quietness of the heater pump