How to Choose the Best Hot Plate


Hot plates are well known for their portability and versatility. For gas stoves, one often has to place gas tanks outside the house due to the risk of dangerous gas leaks that might be a cause for explosion or pose health risks to household members. Also, gas tanks take up a lot of space and can be inconvenient to move around. Whether you’re looking to replace your gas stoves or simply supplement them for those large dinner parties, it’s a good idea to invest in the best hot plate that fits your budget. That being said, this buying guide aims to help you find the best kitchen plate by listing down aspects you should pay attention to.

Best hot plate

Power Source

There are gas-powered hot plates available, though a lot of times, standard electric hot plates or electric induction hot plates are portable and safer and are therefore preferred. Electric induction hot plates are usually more energy efficient and heat food a lot faster compared to gas or standard electric hot plates but may tend to be more expensive.


Cooktop Material

The type of cooktop material used significantly affects how fast your food is cooked, as well as the uniformity of heat throughout the cookware used. Some materials also require a bit more maintenance than others, and some are highly durable but weigh significantly more than their flimsier counterparts.



Hot plates have a huge range of sizes, from one that can heat a mug to one that can heat multiple huge pans. Portability aside, you’ll want to invest in a hot plate with multiple burners so that you can cook more food at one time (you never know when you’ll need that extra space).


Top Rated Hot Plates in 2016


There’s no single best hot plate available as evidenced by topnotch manufacturers creating products with different specifications. That being said, we have listed some of the best hot plates to date, according to cooking aficionados.


Waring SB30


1.Waring SB30 1300-WattThe Waring SB30 1300-Watt Portable Single Burner is a great choice for cooking at low heat for long periods of time due to the cast iron plates. Most users have reported excellent build quality, even heat distribution, and good heat retention. This product is rated at 1300 watts, which is a tad higher than a lot of electric hot plates since cast iron plates take a bit of time to heat up. The only downside of this product so far is that it collects dirt quite easily and is quite hard to clean because of the type of surface used. This is a negligible drawback, however, and does nothing to the food you’re cooking. If you’re looking for a simple, intuitively designed hot plate, you won’t go wrong with this product.

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Aroma AHP-303/CHP-303


2.Aroma AHP-303Simple, cheap, and quick to heat up, the Aroma AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate does quite well when used for cooking different types of food quickly without having to wait too long for the plates to heat up. What some users have noticed about this product, however, is its tendency to overheat when placed in a confined area. The thermostat also seems to be a bit imprecise, therefore causing temperature swings. Fortunately, a bigger clearance and an efficient exhaust fan often alleviates those problems mentioned. For heating up simple dishes and drinks, this product works flawlessly in a consistent manner. If you find yourself needing a cheap hot plate without having to suffer with dangerous, poorly-built products, this product may just be what you need.

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3.IMUSA USA GAU-80305 1100WUnlike a lot of burners that come with different types of plates, the IMUSA USA GAU-80305 1100W Electric Single Burner comes with a wound-up coil to distribute the heat faster. This product works best for smaller cookware, as the coil may break with bulkier cookware, especially cast iron ones. What a lot of people like about this product is its efficiency and speed in terms of heating up tea, soup, and other light meals or drinks. On the other hand, the coil doesn’t provide a particularly sturdy foundation for cookware; some people have reported heavier kettles and pans leaning a bit just because the coil cannot sustain the weight. Other than the small issue regarding the coil, however, if you’re looking for a simple electric burner that can heat things up fast, you’ll love this product.

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MaxiMatic EDB-302BF Elite Cuisine


4.MaxiMatic EDB-302BFNeed two burners? The MaxiMatic EDB-302BF Elite Cuisine Electric Double Buffet Burner might just be what you need, as it has heavy duty 7” and 6” cast iron plates. This product has a power rating of 1,440 watts, which is higher than the power rating of most electric hot plates available. What people love about this product is its sturdiness, which makes it a good candidate for camping and other outdoor activities that have generators or other power sources. Unlike a lot of electric hot plates that are a pain to clean up, this product is easy to clean and can easily be stored or move around. In any case, if you want an efficient, powerful electric hot plate that can cook two meals simultaneously, you won’t be disappointed with this product.

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Nesco SB-01


5.Nesco SB-01 Stainless Steel Electric BurnerAlmost like a sci-fi record player, the Nesco SB-01 Stainless Steel Electric Burner presents a unique mix of sleek, modern design with the innate sturdiness and reliability that comes from the heavy duty cast iron plates. Rated at 1500 watts, this product can cook a larger variety of meals for longer periods of time, especially with its excellent heat regulation. This product has received mixed reviews, with some people claiming that the product breaks easily, and some people saying that this product is sturdy enough to be taken in camping, hiking, etc. With these in mind, you may want to avoid using this product outdoors too frequently. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an electric burner that does the job while looking sleek and stylish doing it, this product is a great buy.

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