Top rated folding treadmills from Horizon Fitness


When looking for workout equipment that can be helpful in the achievement of your health and fitness goals, the best folding treadmill reviews can provide you with insights on some of the choices that can be taken into account. The products that will be mentioned below are some of the options that can be given consideration.


Horizon Fitness 715T Treadmill


Best Horizon Fitness Folding Treadmills ReviewsOne of the most important things that you should consider when looking for a treadmill is that it should be easy to use, which means that it should be a snap to configure. In this case, this specific model can prove to be a good choice as it is equipped with intuitive controls. The convenience that it offers to its users is one thing that is highlighted in various best Horizon Fitness folding treadmills reviews. One reason for such is having generous amount of space as it has a total workout area of 18×47 inches. The Aerosoft cushioning system is another feature that guarantees the comfort of its user. Lastly, the warranty that is being offered by the manufacturer is also worth highlighting. The motor comes with one-year warranty. On the other hand, the frame has a lifetime warranty. This can be seen as the commitment of the manufacturer with long-term functionality and exceptional quality.

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“My time schedule rarely lets me go to the gym so it was obvious that I had to bring the gym to my place. For running I bought this treadmill from Horizon with which I am completely happy with. It folds and unfolds in a quick and easy manner so that when I have done my workout I can easily find it a storage place. The LED display is another useful thing about it, showing me the speed that I’m running at, the distance I have covered, the time and even the calories I burn. The fact that it comes at an afforable price is definitely an advatage as well, so in the end I can only recommend it to other people in my position.” – Emily Button


Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill


It is essential for a treadmill to have a powerful motor, which is an assurance that it will cater to the intensity of the workout that is preferred, depending on the goal that you wish to achieve. This model has a 2.25 horsepower motor, which means that it is excellent in terms of reliability. With regards to durability, this treadmill can also prove to be an option that will not lead into frustration. It is built with heavy and solid frame, making it possible for the product to withstand wear and tear, even with frequent use. With this treadmill, workout should never be boring. It is designed with Sonic Surround speakers that will allow you to listen to whatever kind of music can provide you with motivation in your routine. With its music input, you will have higher energy level that can help in achieving your goal faster.

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“The Horizon Fitness T101-3 treadmill has relly helped me take care of my excess fat by running in the privacy of my own home. The fact that it is extremely quiet while I am running is a definite advantage so I don’t bother anyone in the house. I also like to run at an incline so I put my body even more to the test. I connect my mp3 player to its speakers so that I also have my favorite motivational songs on the background while I’m trying to squeeze every last once of energy out of my body. My conclusion is that this is a top treadmill undoubtedly which is great for any person who enjoys working out.” – Amanda Johnson 



Horizon Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill


The 2-window LED display in this folding treadmill will allow you to easily monitor the progress of your workout. The information that it displays include the duration of the time you have been working out, distance, speed, and the calories that you have burned within a specified time. In many best Horizon Fitness folding treadmills reviews, it has also been revealed that many of its buyers liked the fact that it is pretty much simple to operate. Even if you have not tried working out in a treadmill in the fast, you will find its controls to be user friendly. Lastly, like most of the products that have been mentioned above, it is excellent because of space efficiency. With its folding design, you no longer need to have a large room to keep the unit when it is not being used.

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“Reading a lot of reviews about treadmills I came to like what the Horizon Merit 725T had to offer regarding the quality to price ratio. I can’t really point out one negative aspect about its functionality and my workout is pleasant every time I’m using it. I am happy with the 2 window display which shows me everything I need to know about my pace and the calories I burn. After I am done with my running session using it, I just fold it easily and put it away for when I need it again. I am pleased with all its features and recommend it  for whoever wants a reliable treadmill.” – Rachel Green