Top rated air purifiers from Honeywell


If you want to make sure that you and your family will be breathing fresh air all the time, the different products that have been mentioned in several best air purifier reviews should be taken into account, specifically those that are manufactured by Honeywell, which is recognized as one of the best brands in the market today.


Honeywell HHT-011 Air Purifier


Best Honeywell Air Purifiers ReviewsOne of the reasons on why this is a favorite in this product category is the fact that it has compact size. The space efficiency of this model will make it the ideal choice if you are living in a place that is small. In spite of its size, however, you can be assured of its superior functionality. It is also designed with night feature, allowing illumination during the dark. Lastly, those who have purchased such also expressed good words with the HEPA-filter, which is recognized as being highly effective in trapping allergens that mix in the air.

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“This air purifier has really proven itself to be an excellent device for my home, making the air free of allergens and more breathable. The design is also compact so I can put it virtually anywhere I please in my home. My advice is to get it if you are looking for an air purifier.” – Melanie Cole


Honeywell 50250-S Enviracaire HEPA Air Purifier


The round design of this product is one thing that is often praised in many best Honeywell air purifiers reviews basically because of its efficiency. While the earlier mentioned model is ideal for smaller spaces, this specific product is the perfect choice for larger rooms with a size of up to 390 square feet. The HEPA filter in this model, aside from its high effectiveness, can also be vacuumed for the purpose of being able to extend its functional life. Ideally, the filter needs to be replaced after 3 to 5 years of use.

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“The Honeywell 50250-S Enviracaire was bought by me after I read a lot of positive reviews about it. Since I have it in my home the quality of the air has really gone up and even my 12 year old son can see that. The only thing I need to do is change the filter every few years.” – Jessica Smith


Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier


If you are looking for an air purifier that is ideal for a room that is 168 square feet, this is one of the choices that should not be missed. One of the things that you will surely like about this model is the integration of dual filter, which increases its efficiency in being able to trap allergens, pathogens, and all other components that can damage air quality inside the room where it is placed. Aside from such, this is also effective in the elimination of foul odor.

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“For a very resonable price I got this air purifier made by Honeywell and after a few hours from when I   turned it on I felt a change for the better in the atmosphere of my home. No more airborn allergens for my home and that can only make me happy about my investment.” – Eddy Jenkinson


Honeywell HFD-120-Q Air Purifier


For many who are looking for a new air purifier, one thing that is often sought after is having a quiet performing motor, which is exactly what you can expect from this specific model. It functions without making any annoying noise. Aside from its whisper-quiet motor, another thing praised by its users is its washable filer, making it cost-efficient. Lastly, it is also equipped with electronic filter check indicator, which makes it easy to maintain.

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“Except its top features I was hooked on this air purifier’s nice design which made it easy for me to place it anywhere in my house. I like the fact that it is quiet while it does its job and my home environment has gotten better after purchasing it.” – Katie Stevens


Honeywell HFD-010 Air Purifier


This is another model that has received favorable feedbacks in many best Honeywell air purifiers reviews. This is excellent in terms of flexibility, as you will be given the option to choose from two variable speeds. The slim tower design of this air purifier is also worth highlighting, making it consume little space. Regardless of the area where this product will be placed, you will have the guarantee that it will function effectively in being able to clean the air that you breathe.

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“The best way I can describe the Honeywell HFD-010 is being extra quiet, extremely reliable and cheap at the same time. Me and my family have felt the difference in the air we breathe when it is on or not. I really recommend getting it.” – Luke Jones