How to Buy a Top Home Window Tinting Film


People who check out the best home window tinting film reviews want to enjoy some measure of privacy while reducing heat absorption. Available in various types and degrees of shading, a home window tinting film can also provide one-way mirror functionality while still allowing enough visible light transmission to make a room feel cozy, nice and bright. Be informed of what features to look for in this type of product.

Best Home window tinting film

Reflective Property

All products featured in the best home window tinting film reviews are equipped with some level of Reflective Properties. Interior privacy during the day can be achieved with bronze or silver metallized flat glass film. However, there are non-metallized products that can still offer a good degree of privacy despite their subtle look. Prior to installing metallized home window tinting, the glass should be properly cleaned and correctly prepared since metallized products  will more visibly show imperfections compared to non-metallized films.

Although non-metallized window tinting film will show imperfections when the surface is poorly prepared, the visible effect is not as bad as that from metallized counterparts.


Heat Blockage Rate

The best home window tinting film 2018  offers a high heat blockage rate  of nearly 100 percent. People who live in warmer climates consider this feature essential especially for cutting on cooling costs. Some users may prefer the flat glass film to have a heat blockage rate somewhere in the middle. For temperate climates, a heat protection percentage of 25 to 40 percent may work, as it allows enough sunlight into the room in the winter season to keep it warm.

People living in really hot climates for at least one full season had best apply a film with a 50% minimum heat protection. However, this can drive up the cost but it will still be worth it.


UV Rejection Capability

For majority of buyers, the top rated home window tinting films 2018 have an exceptional ability to keep out harmful UV rays from the interior of the house. Considering that harmful UV radiation can be the etiologic agent of skin cancer, aside from the negative aesthetic issues that it can bring about like fading of curtains, upholstery and carpet, that is but a natural choice for buyers.

Most residential flat glass films offer UV blockage of 96% or higher, while truly high-performance products offer 99% or more.


Tinting and Adhesive Properties

The amount of light that the film allows to pass through is its tinting rate. This is expressed in percentage as well. Typically, a lower number means the film will let in less amount of light into the covered space, which translates to a darker room. Now, unless you’re a block of ice or a night creature that will burst into flames instantly with the least amount of light, you had better find a good balance between the tinting properties, heat blockage and UV rejection capability in your choice of a home window tinting film.

Most residential films use dry adhesive, which is easy to handle and more forgiving compared to acrylic, which rolls up on itself. Installing an acrylic film requires an octopus, no, we mean at least four hands, so as not to damage the whole sheet. Soaking an acrylic film in the application solution won’t make handling easier, either.


Top Rated Home Window Tinting Films in 2018


Once you’ve made the decision to install a home window tinting film, it can be difficult to go back. Therefore, any purchase of this type of product has to be guided via reading and research on the options available on the market and what makes the top rated ones stand out. We recommend getting any of these five awesome products that will suit your needs just fine.


Gila LES361


Gila LES361The Gila LES361 Residential Window Film effectively cuts down on cooling costs up to 50 Percent, saving you money on utility bills. This do-it-yourself home window tinting film provides up to 99% UV protection, effectively shielding you from harmful UV rays that can cause cancer and make upholstery, carpets and curtains lose their color easily. The best-in-class low E coating helps ensure that there is sufficient heat during the colder seasons. Rejecting up to 67 percent glare, this product offers a level of privacy you would otherwise not get with a completely clear window. The EZ Mount adhesive technology ensures effortless installation as well as lasting performance.

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Coavas® Static Cling Home Orchid


2.Coavas® Static Cling Home OrchidThe Coavas® Non Adhesive Static Cling home window tinting film is a self-adhesive, glue-free product that is easy to install, clean and remove. It provides sufficient UV protection while being an exceptional decorative accent to make windows more attractive while ensuring continued privacy from the inside out. This is an environment friendly product that uses advanced materials such as PVC vinyl in its manufacture.

Made for long lasting durability and with dependable weatherability, the Coavas® Non Adhesive Static Cling home window tinting film lets sunlight through while creating a laser-like shining effect in 3D texture, making it a remarkable glass window/door decorative film resembling stained glass.

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Gila PB78


3.Gila PB78The Gila PB78 home window tinting film creates daytime privacy that lets you enjoy the light while not enabling others to see inside. Providing room darkening effect, the window tinting film ensures that people outside will find it difficult to view the inside of tinted rooms in the home. Although it allows filtered light through, this product rejects up to 94 percent glare so the occupants of the house can easily look outside clearly. The film blocks up to 99 percent UV to protect you from skin cancer and to keep your furniture, carpets and upholstery from fading due to sun exposure.

The static cling application means installation is easier since there’s no need for adhesive.

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Buydecorativefilm One Way Mirror


4. One Way MirrorThe One Way Mirror Silver Window Film from Buy Decorative Film enhances daytime privacy. Giving windows a mirror-like, reflective appearance, the window tinting film allows people inside to have an unhampered view of the outside scenery during the day while keeping onlookers from seeing inside. Utilizing low 10 percent visible light transmittance, this window tinting film is enhanced by the mirrored effects. It allows light to pass through so you can make the most of daylight. Ideal for glass partitions, the film is silver on the inside and silver on the outside.

The film utilizes professional adhesive material and can last for years thanks to the scratch resistant coating.

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Window Tint Film


5.Window Tint FilmThe Window Tint Film is effortless to install thanks to how it uses static electricity to cling to the surface of your glass window. It offers instant protection to your home against nasty onlookers and eavesdroppers. It also shields you from the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause skin cancer. Protection from damaging UV rays is extended to furniture upholstery, carpets and curtains as well. Reducing electric bills in the hotter months, the Window Tint Film helps keep the interior of rooms cool so you won’t have to keep cooling appliances on high all the time.

The film can be cut to obtain a custom fit for any non-double pane window.