Expert Buying Advice for Home Video Projectors under 1000


A home video projector allows you to recreate the cinema experience at home by projecting movies on a big screen. But these versatile devices can also be used for presentations and even playing video games since they can handle a wide variety of media including data and still images. While home video projectors have become more affordable in recent years, they still represent a substantial financial investment. Knowing the criteria to look for can help you find the best home video projector under 1000.

Best video projector under 1000

Digital Light Processing (DLP) vs. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

These are the two types of video projectors currently available, and they have their particular pros and cons. Generally, the DLP is the more affordable type while still providing high quality projected video.



The brightness of projectors ranges from 1000 lumens to 3000 lumens. The more ambient light there is in the room the projector will be used in, the higher the brightness required to ensure that you get a clear image.



This criterion refers to the number of pixels the projector uses to create an image. The higher the number of pixels, the better the picture. Resolution is often designated as a single number with p added at the end to designated progressive-scan.


What Are the Best Home Video Projectors under 1000


Now that you know what to look for to find the best video projector, you can start shopping for one with confidence. If you need more help, here are our recommendations for the best home video projector under 1000. We hope that one of our suggestions will fit your needs.


Epson Home Cinema 2030


1.Epson Home Cinema 2030 ProjectorThis home projector has a color and white brightness of 2000 lumens, which allows it project vibrant and rich images of up to 300-inches on a home theater screen or even a wall, and in virtually any lighting condition. The 2030 uses its 3-chip and C2Fine technologies to display up to 3x brighter colors vs comparative projectors from other leading brands. There are four color modes that are especially optimized for displaying different content. The versatile image correction tools make it simple to perfectly align the image for optimal quality. And you can use the built-in speaker or hook up the 2030 to your home theater sound system for even better sound quality.

The 2030 features mobile high-definition (MHL) connectivity that allows you to easily connect the projector of an MHL-enabled tablet or smart phone so that you can enjoy access to content from them. And it includes digital HDMI audio and video ports that you can connect with a single cable to provide HD quality video as well as USB 2.0 connectivity.

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Optoma HD25-LV


2.Optoma HD25-LV Full 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorThis outstanding home theater projector features a brightness of 3,200 lumens and a contrast ratio of 20,000: 1, allowing you to use it under virtually any light conditions and still get superior image quality. The 1080p resolution ensures that you are getting superior high-definition video with ultra-sharp detail and unmatched color accuracy. And it can project true 3D content from virtually any source, whether from a BluRay DVD or a gaming console such as a PS3 or Xbox, allowing you to enjoy a 3D experience comparable to that you would get in the theaters. The projector also includes support for a rapid refresh rate of 144Hz to ensure smooth projection with flicker-free images.

The powerful built-in SRS WOW HD Surround Sound system provides superior sound quality with deep rich bass, even without the use of external speakers. And to ensure that your cinema experience is complete, the Optima HD25 is whisper-quiet while operating. It also has advanced energy-saving features to ensure that the cost of operation is not too expensive.

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LG Electronics PF 1500


3.LG Electronics PF 1500 Smart Home Theater ProjectorThis highly portable LED projector weighs just over three pounds and measures 5.2-inches by 8.7-inches by 3.3-inches. It has a brightness of 1,400 lumens and has a resolution of 1920 by 1080, as well as a contrast ratio of 150,000: 1, allowing the PF 1500 to project true high-definition images as well as displaying achromatic black and white. The LED bulb generates color thorough separated blue, red and green light sources, providing 114% more vivid chromatic color compared with conventional projectors.

The Smart TV feature allows you to project video from online streaming sources such as YouTube and Netflix, and the Bluetooth-out allows you to wirelessly stream audio from the projector to any Bluetooth-compatible sound system. The Triple XD engine allows the image quality to be adjusted to provide a more natural picture with crystal-clear quality. The PF 1500 can project a picture as large as 150-inches, providing a cinematic experience comparable so that you would get in a conventional multiplex. And it is easy to install with 4corner keystone and 1.1 x Zoom.

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