Best Home Theater Receivers under $200


Cheap Home Theater Receivers prices


With the use of the best home theater receivers under $200, it will be possible for you to enhance the experience inside the entertainment room in your house. This, however, will only be possible if you will end up choosing the right model. The rest of this article will provide you with more insights on some of the best choices that can be taken into account.


Onkyo TX-8255 Home Theater Receiver


Best Home Theater Receivers under $200

Among other things, the high end design and functionality of this unit is one of the reasons on why it never fails to be included in the list of best Onkyo home theater receivers reviews. Apart from such, it is also widely credited for its Wide Range Amplifier Technology, which increases the reliability in its performance. Equipped with two sets of audio outputs and five sets of audio inputs, there is no doubt that this model is perhaps one of the best that can be seen within the product category.

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” If you are looking for a theatre receiver that will give you the entertainment and enjoyment you want, I guess you need to have the Onkyo TX-8255 Home Theater Receiver. It produces quality sounds because of the audio system included in the package. Moreover, you will enjoy its video inputs. ”  Joseph A. Ballard


Yamaha RX-V373B Home Theater Receiver


One thing that you should keep in mind is that this is a refurbished model. Nonetheless, in spite of such, you can still be assured that it has the highest quality and superb performance that is common in all of the Yamaha products. This is an entry level receiver from the said manufacturer, which translates into having just the simple and basic features. It enjoys the benefit of being easy to use, offering the users with straightforward settings and control options.

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” If I were to choose from the different products of theatre receivers, I will buy the Yamaha RX-V373B Home Theater Receiver. This is because I experience the quality and performance of this product that undermine other products in the market. Even it was sold in a very affordable price, it is still durable. ”  Kay A. Johnson


Sony STRDH130 Home Theater Receiver


This is another model that is most often included in the list of best home theater receivers under $200. For many people, one thing that makes this model a cut above the rest is its simplicity, making it comparable to the traditional stereo receivers that are now hard to find in the market. The power specification for this model has also been commended by its users, which may not be the highest within the product category, but definitely a catch given its price point.

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”Novice users of home theatre receivers would have the ease of use of the Sony STRDH130 Home Theater Receiver. This product is one of the highest used and demanded products in the market. Aside from that, it was sold in a very minimal price that everybody would love to have at home. ”  Claude D. Buckley


Onkyo TX-SR313 Home Theater Receiver


Equipped with four HDMI inputs, this home theater receiver is not only excellent when it comes to connectivity, but also because of the fact that it can allow you to gain access to high definition contents from a variety of devices. It also offers Direct Digital Connection, which means that it can be directly connected to your iPod and that you can enjoy seamless playback. Lastly, this home theater receiver has Wide Range Amp Technology, which leads into the reduction of noise, and generally, improved audio quality.

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”The Onkyo TX-SR313 Home Theater Receiver is the best entertainment product I bought in Amazon. Because of this, I gain more enjoyment and ease when I have to do some entertainment for myself. Aside from that, the product is durable and already last for me for almost 3 years. ”  Marguerite R. Thompson


Sherwood RX-4109 Home Theater Receiver


The reliability of this amplifier is one thing that makes it a viable option. It has heavy-duty binding posts, which are important in making sure that the connection will remain strong. It also has discrete amplifiers that lead into the production of cleaner outputs. More so, there were also many who liked the Speaker Selector buttons, which is a good way of offering flexibility for the users. With such, it is possible to select different combinations, depending on how you envision the sound output to be.

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” The Sherwood RX-4109 Home Theater Receiver is a very helpful product we can have in our homes in order to have  a better and enjoy bonding with our friends and family. I never encounter any problem with this receiver instead, I have the ease in using the product because of its easy instructed buttons. ”  Amy W. Stange