If you’re here just to find the best home theater receiver and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information about different products for sale in this category by looking at reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback and comparing those with what is in expert review sites for audio equipment. Fortunately, our in depth product comparison and research helped us find what we consider the best in this category, the Onkyo TX-8020. This model delivers 50 watts per channel for compelling audio experience every time. It comes with Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT), which delivers superior audio power at 50W+50W along with discrete outputs stage circuitry plus a high-current, low-impedance to flawlessly handle even the most demanding sonic loads. You can enjoy lively dynamics plus accurate timing for all kinds of music. The bass, treble and balance controls simplify operation while the A/B posts for the speaker support multi-room setups so you can enjoy a full-scale performance that no soundbar can outclass. If the Onkyo TX-8020 runs out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the Yamaha R-S202BL.



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What is the best home theater receiver seems to be a recurrent question in thousands of American households. This is a media device which significantly improves the overall audio and video experience. There are a couple of important things to take into account while browsing for a brand new product.

Yamaha RX-375 3D

Surround sound

Most of the top10 home theater receiver models come equipped with surround sound. This audio particularity permits users to safely enjoy a full cinematic experience. It is important to invest in a home theater receiver that permits people to enjoy clear sounds from online sources like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and many others. Surround sound should include decoding systems like Dolby Digital, DTS-HD Master audio, Dolby TrueHD and DTS. These are the primary surround sound qualities that ensure proper clarity during movies, TV shows or streaming music. Furthermore there are some models compatible with Dolby Atmos soundtracks, capable of delivering accurate sounds.


Music playback

Finding the best product for the money can improve the overall audio and video experience. Each movie or song played will sound better than ever. So, it is important to find a home theater that is fitted with special sound modes for music listening. There are home theaters that include special stereo modes, permitting users to listen only to the front speakers and subwoofer. Some home theater receivers come equipped with unique modes with Dolby Pro Logic II system that adds 2 channel music in surround sound. People can also connect multiple music sources, ideal to set a thriving audio experience.



Most of the current home theater receiver ratings best to worst underline the importance of multiple connectivity ports. Setting a complete audio and video experience becomes easier once people can connect other media devices like Blu-ray discs, DVD players or even game consoles. As a result the device should include coaxial and optical audio inputs. Fortunately most of the top home theater receivers incorporate many ports, needed for daily media experiences. Still, people have to make sure that the device comes with optical HDMI, S-Video, digital and video outputs. These are the primary connectivity ports for enhanced cinematic experiences.


In conclusion

A good home theater receiver should be able to render clear sounds during movies or songs. As a result, connectivity, surround sound and playback systems permit users to set the basis of a complete and entertaining sound experience.



Products for Specific Needs


Best home theater receiver for movies


Yamaha RX-V377


Taking into account that thousands of Americans love watching movies, a good home theater receiver is needed. According to the latest statistics it seems that the RX-V377 model from Yamaha can deliver 100 W per channel at 8 ohms with 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency. This powerful home theater receiver incorporates YPAO sound optimization which improves sound reproduction. Furthermore the device comes equipped with Extra Bass that significantly enhance bass sound. Regarded as the best home theater receiver for movies this unit is engineered to provide a thriving sound experience. As a result every song played will impress and delight.


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Best home theater receiver for music


Sony STRDH750


How to identify the right home theater receiver? Well, most of the reviews that we consulted underline the solid construction of the STRDH750 model from Sony. Considered by many as the best home theater receiver for music this model comes with 7.2 channels, capable of rendering around 1015 watts. Due to the Bluetooth technology, people have the possibility of streaming music directly from smartphones, notebooks and tablets. This unit is fitted with 4 high definition inputs and special 4K resolution pass-through, optimal to connect other media devices. Furthermore the device incorporates HD digital Cinema Sound which delivers a theater-like experience during each file played.


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Best home theater receiver for under 300


Pioneer VSX-824


Everyone loves hearing clear sounds during each song played. The best home theater receiver for under 300 comes from Pioneer, the VSX-824. This powerful receiver features an innovative system that matches Android and Apple platforms. The device incorporates 6 HMDI 2.0 inputs and 4K2K ultra HD video which improves sound experience. This advanced home theater receiver comes with a wide range of entertainment features. One of them includes access to a wide range of internet radio stations like Spotify, SiriusXM or Pandora. Due to its affordable price this powerful device permits people to completely enjoy home sound experiences without restrictions.


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Top Rated Home Theater Receivers in 2022


Home theater receivers are essential items in order to make it possible to have a more immersive entertainment experience even at the comfort of your own home. In this article, five of the best models that have been lauded in many best home theater receiver reviews will be noted, giving you the possibility to choose the one that can prove to be the best choice.



Onkyo TX-8020


Onkyo is a brand that has long been prominent in the industry because of its excellence in sound reproduction, and this specific model can be seen as a testament to such commitment of the company. The Onkyo TX-8020 stereo receiver has an elegant design that is complemented by powerful performance, making it a top choice. It is commended for its superb ability to deliver signals without interruption for the best output that is possible.




 Delivers amazing audio performance and it is quite affordable, accessible to anyone on a tight budget

Easy to connect to TVs, game consoles, Blu-Ray disc players and other portable devices for vibrant audio experiences and clear sounds

 Offers a powerful and distortion free 50 and 50 W of audio power, discrete and vibrant enough to set stunning music playtime parameters

 First option for thousands of Americans to the question “what is the best high end home theater receiver”



 The descriptions and functions of the little buttons are pretty difficult to read (more information is present in the manual)

 Some assembly is required (takes 10 to 30 minutes to install)


Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo Receiver is definitely one of the best rated models money can buy. My sound system sounds better than ever with its help. I have had a very pleasant experience with it so far, so I definitely recommend it.” Bennie Stanley


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Yamaha R-S202BL



Boasting advanced circuitry design plus state-of-the-art Bluetooth support, the Yamaha R-S202BL offers a lot of potential for endless audio entertainment possibilities. This unit comes from the highly reputable brand for top quality audio equipment so you are assured of dependable quality and performance.



This model comes equipped with speaker selector and speaker terminals for two systems to allow you to link two sets of speakers for a truly awesome audio entertainment experience. Switching between outputs is effortless thanks to the speaker selector that enables you to decide whether to derive sound from just a single speaker system or from both.

This unit is also equipped with a power management feature that switches to standby mode automatically so even if you forget to do it yourself, this device can do it for you. Choose from 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours on standby or to switch the unit off. With standby mode having a power consumption of only 0.5 watt, you get dependable energy saving performance.

This stereo receiver provides natural sound so you can enjoy matchless audio performance every time. This model embodies simplicity while boasting a sophisticated design to meet the needs of a budget modern home theater system.

This device also comes with 40-station AM/FM preset tuning so there’s no need to use another appliance just to listen to your favorite radio channels. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily make the most of streaming music services along with music from your smartphone and other devices.

The brushed aluminum finish ensures a lightweight simple design while keeping the unit resistant to rust and chipping so the unit looks smart and clean through the years.



Learning to control this home theater receiver without the remote can pose a somehow huge challenge that you need to overcome if you are to make the most of its many features.


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Yamaha R-S201BL



Boasting Yamaha’s renowned sound quality, the Yamaha R-S201BL is a product of high technological expertise that creates a rich audio experience. This model carries a simple design and sophisticated electronic circuitry to make it a fantastic addition to your family room.




Offering an exceptional 100 W x 2 High Output Power, this model is sure to make your music enjoyment at home more exciting. Signal routes are significantly shortened while optimizing the circuit layout to ensure superior audio delivery. Power loss is reduced when the power amp circuit and power transformer are placed near each other, for crisp and clear sound.

The unit comes with AM/FM Preset Tuning that enables you to store up to 40 stations in its memory so you can instantly listen to them at a press of a button. You can use either the remote control or the receiver to program which stations are to be stored in memory. With Auto preset, locating and setting FM stations is effortless.

Carrying on the tradition of Yamaha High-Fidelity audio that the brand is renowned for, this home theater receiver has an elegant smooth finish that enables it to blend well into any modern Hi Fi listening environment. The volume knobs and operating buttons are simple and easy to control for optimal functionality.

The speaker terminals on this model are geared for two speaker systems for trouble-free interface with two sets of speakers. Switching between speaker outputs is hassle-free so you can opt to listen to both systems or just one of them.



Some adjustments on the levels can be set using either the remote or the receiver itself, but not all on just one of the two components. It would be nice if the receiver carries all functionalities for convenience.


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Sony STR-DH540



This is the second best product we’ve discovered on the market today. It has a variety of capabilities shared by the formerly mentioned Yamaha model, but is somewhat limited on some accounts. It does feature a higher number of HDMI inputs and works with 3D-compatible devices of users.




The Sony STR-DH540 features a fresh design that makes it possible for the user to enjoy as much audio and video content without him or her feeling frustrated because of the controls of the device. The buttons are somewhat minimalistic but they are easy to use even by the not so tech-savvy user. The front panel of this model has a USB port, a mic jack and a mobile phone jack.

In regards to connectivity, the Sony is a winner over many other units out there. It has 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. The inputs come with full compatibility to other Sony devices and to disc or Blu-ray players that support 3D. Networking features aren’t supported, as is the case with the Yamaha unit showcased above.

The Sony is very versatile, in that it can be utilized for a wide array of tasks and activities. What’s more, audio calibration is a breeze with this product, as it comes with the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration. The STR-DH540 is accompanied by a microphone that can be utilized to capture the sound coming from the speakers.

Since the Sony STR-DH540 has gathered some of the best av receiver reviews, we say it might be worth considering if you’re still prospecting the market.



Some owners have complained about the limited wattage.


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Yamaha RX-375 3D


This is the best product on the market because it’s among the most powerful units we’ve analyzed and it incorporates the unique YPAO sound optimization system. It’s one of the safest machines to use if you want to enhance your audio and video experience. Most of the people who have reviewed it claim it’s one of the best Yamaha receivers out there.




The Yamaha RX-V375 has virtually anything one might ever desire. It’s more than capable of handling movie soundtracks as it offers precise surround sound all across the five channels it comes with. While it might provide a somewhat limited soundfield compared to other Yamaha models, it definitely gets the job done without breaking anyone’s budget.

In order to design the perfect product, the Yamaha engineers had to cut down on the connectivity capabilities of this device. However, if you’re not exactly keen on wireless music streaming, you might have the pleasant surprise of realizing that the Yamaha RX-V375 has outstanding sound quality compared to other models on the line. For example, even though the unit doesn’t feature AirPlay, Bluetooth or internet radio, one can still use it with the USB port it features.

The Yamaha can work with pretty much any other audio or video equipment you might have around the house. It has two component, two optical and two digital coaxial inputs, one HDMI output and the USB port we were mentioning above.



Some of the minor complaints of several users were related to the AM/FM stations and the inability of the device to perform an auto search.


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Pioneer VSX-1123


8The Pioneer VSX-1123 is an excellent solution for a home theater receiver, capable of enhancing the sound capabilities of a 7.2 sound system. With this receiver you will be able to upscale different video contents to as much as 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution. The HTC Connect System will be at your disposal once you’ve acquired the VSX-1123, helping you to quickly connect through wireless to HTC smartphones. And if you want to save energy, you can activate its Eco Mode which will slightly decrease its top audio level.



The entire setup process won’t pose any difficulties because it has some simple steps which are well-described in its manual

The VSX-1123 has a superior power level with its 7 supported channels, even 9 if the second zone is activated

Its 8 HDMI inputs offer a huge amount of connectivity options to other devices

This receiver offers the possibility of up-scaling videos or movies to a 4K Ultra HD resolution



For Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities you need to buy individual adapters (their prices aren’t expensive and are very simple to install)

Just two digital audio inputs (optical and coax), limiting the options you have if you’re an audiophile (for a regular user they are enough)


“The Pioneer VSX-1123 has been the best Xmas gift I have ever received. My 7.1 system sounded great, but once I connected it to this home theater receiver the sound quality was enhanced even more.” – Steven Gudino


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Harman Kardon AVR 1700


9Are looking for ways to improve your home cinema system’s audio quality? Out team recommends the Harman Kardon AVR 1700 because it’s perceived by audio experts as one of the top home theater receivers in 2022. This model is compatible with the AirPlay system from Apple, so you can stream music via wireless from iOS operated devices. Also, you can turn your iOS or Android smartphone into its remote if you install a free app. The front USB port will enhance your connectivity options even further.



Connecting it to your home theater system or other devices is done without hassle, following some very simple and intuitive steps

The clean high quality sound will make listening to music or watching movies that more enjoyable

Harman Kardon has gone for a ‘greener’ approach when it designed this receiver, not using a traditional heavy transformer, thus weighing less without sacrificing power

Have access to high quality wireless connections which will help you listen to all kinds of internet radio stations



The remote control doesn’t have a convenient design and proved awkward to use for some customers (we believe this is a minor inconvenience, which can be looked over)

We must point out that a number of customers have complained about the HK customer service (we haven’t tested this issue, but it must be noted)


“I didn’t have enough money to invest in a top home theater receiver, but this cheap model from Harman Kardon is good enough. I have no complains to make about its functioning and I sure its the best option under $300.” – Douglas N. Altam


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Pioneer VSX-1121-K


The solid construction of this home theater receiver is one reason to like this model, which will provide with an assurance of its long functional life. It has an excellent processing capability that makes it a perfect fit for an entertainment room that exudes elegance. In addition, many of its users have also reported that this model is a good choice because of the presence of transformer stabilizer, which is essentially one thing that makes sure of being dependable.



 Incorporates advanced audio systems: Dolby TrueHD, Digital EX, Digital, Digital Plus, Pro Logic II and DTS Master Audio and ES

 Benefits from 1 year exclusive warranty and features multiple connectivity ports: 7 HDMI, 5 Analog Audio, 1 USB input, 2 Digital Coaxial Audio Inputs and 3 Digital Optical Audio Inputs

 Powerful 7.1-channel home theater with 110 watts per channel audio force

 Easy to connect with iPod, iPad, iPhone and even Android OS tablets and smartphones



 Includes only 1 power cable (this is an optional accessory sold separately if needed)

 Instruction manual with limited description on each audio feature (more information can be consulted at the product’s official website)


“I knew Pioneer was a leading audio brand and I was sure that by buying this receiver, I would significantly improve the sound quality in my living room. I was right and now movies or music sound way better that before. The answer to who makes the best home theater receivers is clearly Pioneer.” – Will Caster


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Denon AVR-1312


With the integration of Equal Power Amp Design and High Definition Audio Support, you can be more assured that the quality of audio in this receiver will be superb. Aside from the audio quality, the color of the images is also commendable, which are optimized in order to bring the best in home entertainment. I also personally liked the fact that t has an easy navigation design and simple remote control, allowing you to change its settings in a snap as it is desired.



 Accurately supports high resolution audio formants like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for intense and dynamic surround-sound experiences

 Includes 4 HDMI v1.4a, accompanied by full 3D extension and amazing Deep Color and x.v Color Support

 Backed by 2 year exclusive warranty and common answer to the question what is the best high end home theater receiver money can buy”

 Intuitive control interface with a well-organized front panel where all buttons are properly displayed for fast use



 The user manual doesn’t contain too many instruction images (more details can be found at Denon official website or in professional magazines)

 Some assembly is needed, taking from 10 to 45 minutes


I own a Denon AVR-1312 Home Theater Receiver and I am impressed by its features. Aside from the high quality, I also like its simple controls. Now I have a superior sound quality when I watch movies or TV programs.”  Lawrence Frost


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Harman Kardon HK-3490  – Not available


Best Home Theater Receiver Reviews

If you are looking for a home theater receiver that can prove to be excellent both in terms of price and performance, many of the best home theater receiver reviews have revealed that the HK-3490 is perhaps one of the best choices in the competitive marketplace. One of the best things about this model is that it comes with a dock, allowing you to play contents from your iPod. Additionally, if you have subscription with XM Satellite Radio, this unit will allow you to enjoy good music from such even at your couch.




Onkyo HT-RC360 – Not available


This product from Onkyo is another model that has been a favorite in many best home theater receiver reviews that have been recently published. The clarity of audio and video is at the top of the things that can be anticipated from the use of this product. It is loaded with different innovations that can be held as being responsible for its excellence. You might also find it beneficial that this receiver is ready to handle wireless connections that will allow access of contents from remote devices through the internet.



 Delivers impressive audio force with 100 watts per channel (7.2) at 8 Ohms and 20 Hz – 20 kHz

 Generous external connectivity due to the 6 HDMI inputs, HDMI support for 3D transition and 1 output

 Offers amazing ultra-high resolution 4K video technology completed by advanced Qdeo system that keeps up with the latest video resolution (4096 x 2160)

 Incorporates Dolby Pro Logic surround sound, Audyssey DSX, DTS and the exclusive Onkyo WRAT which ensure crystal clear and natural sounds



 Does not include a replacement power cord (this is an additional accessory, available for purchase)

 The instruction manual is written in only a handful of languages (English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese)


 Onkyo HT-RC360 Audio/Video Receiver provides me with the sound I was looking for and for a very affordable price because I got it on Black Friday. When the package was delivered at my home, I immediately tried it to see if it works well and it surpassed all my expectations. I believe this is the best AV receiver of the year .”  Sanford Scofield




Home theater receivers – What to look for:


Who doesn’t love captivating home entertainment? Today, a growing number of Americans are searching for new ways to upgrade their home entertainment systems, transforming movies, TV shows, games and even documentaries in memorable experiences. This is where a home theater receiver can make all the difference in the world, bringing clear sounds and vibrant video smoothness, every time you press play. Finding the best home theater receiver in 2022 will help you discover a new and exciting world, truly immersive with theater-like realism. Such advanced home entertainment devices deliver impressive sound detail with surround sound, which won’t disappoint. Now, the market offers a wide range of products, all designed to expand the media experience, taking it to a whole another level, where the fun never stops.


How can you narrow the search down to one or two models? Well, consult with attention the best home theater receiver reviews and use the information wisely. It is important to know more about the product, thus limiting the appearance of regrets later on. A great home receiver comes with three important components: tuner, preamplifier and ultimately a powerful amplifier. You need to know how to maintain the link between these three components intact in order to enhance the whole experience. The preamp is responsible with the source management, which you should also make sure that it is of top quality.

Given the complex format of some of the best receivers on the market, you can virtually do anything you want, from broadcasting over-the-air, to smartphone and tablet streaming. This is a particular feature that people absolutely adore to use.

Once you find the best home theater receiver in 2022, you will be able to create a superb home entertainment system, worth accessing whenever you desire. Consider using with attention preamp section because it processes incoming video and audio signals, from any type of source. You should know most of the top receivers can decode a wide range of signals, transforming them in surround sound format. Furthermore they also incorporate advanced digital processing circuits which significantly improve picture and audio quality, which basically is what you want whenever the TV is on.

You need to install in your living room a powerful home theater receiver capable of delivering heightened media experiences, which keep you connected to memorable sounds. Another thing that you should know about receiver is the fact that they incorporate advanced HD radio, internet radio and also satellite radio which keeps the party running till morning.

Once you install a high quality receiver in your home, you will discover that there are some new gateways of fun and excitement which you can follow. Digital content represents the next step in stunning entertainment, better known as “new media” fun. You can also browse from file to file from your tablet or smartphone. Simply go through some of the most popular online music services that include Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora and many others. There are even top rated home theater receivers that feature advanced technology such as Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth, giving you quality music whenever you want.


Things to consider:

–  Home theater receiver can create a superb home entertainment system, accessible day and night.

– Connect to virtually unlimited worldwide entertainment sources.

– Access vibrant digital content, from internet radio to popular service providers.

–  Home theater receiver come equipped with preamplifier, tuner and amplifier, which enhance the whole audio and video experience.