Expert Buying Advice for Home Subwoofers under 1000


A subwoofer is essential to recreating the movie theater experience in your home theater. Subwoofers reproduce low frequency sounds such as booming drums and thunder, and fill in the gap between front and center channel speakers which have difficulty reproducing these low frequencies. Since subwoofers represent a substantial investment, it is important that you know what features to look for before you buy. Here are some of the things to consider so that you can find the best home subwoofer under $1,000.

 Best Home Subwoofer under 1000

Driver size

The size of the driver is based on your personal preference, since larger drivers generate deeper bases while smaller drivers have a faster response time that enables it to keep up with the rhythms of the audio you are listening to.


Frequency response

This feature refers to the ability of the subwoofer to reproduce frequencies that are close to the lowest the human ear can hear, which is around 20 Hz. Affordable subwoofers will go down to as low as 35 Hz.


Down-firing or front-facing

This feature refers to the direction the subwoofer directs the sound. Front-facing speakers radiate the sound from the front or sides while down-firing mode is direct towards the floor


Most Popular Home Subwoofers under 1000


We realize that finding the best home subwoofers whose price is within your budget can be difficult. It is not just a matter of comparing price tags but also the feature sets. To help you in your buying decision, here are our recommendations for the best home subwoofer under $1,000.


Polk Audio PSW505


1.Polk Audio 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer PSW505This superior subwoofer features outstanding cabinet construction that ensures accurate and distortion-free response by suppressing enclosure panel resonance. The Long Throw Driver is twelve-inches long and supported by oversize Hi-Roll Surrounds to create improved linearity and longer excursion. But the Polk PSW505 is not just about recreating booms and deep rumbles but also creates precise and accurate low frequency sounds when you are listening to music.

The PSW505 features a powerful 300 watt continuous amplifier. To protect your subwoofer, there is an automatic circuit that turns it on only when a signal is detected; otherwise, the amplifier shuts off after fifteen minutes if there is no signal present. Moreover, since the subwoofer is enclosed in a magnetically-shielded cabinet, you can safely place it next to a video monitor or TV.

To ensure that the subwoofer smoothly blends with your main speaker, the PSW505 features volume control, phase switch, and adjustable low pass crossover. The kit also comes with five-way binding posts for speaker outputs and inputs, as well as an unfiltered LFE input used with filtered low pass output jacks.

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Definitive Technology SC4000


3.Definitive Technology SC4000 SubwooferThis compact eight-inch subwoofer is the ideal choice for audiophiles who want to hear great bass response but lack floor space. The SC4000 has a very small footprint, but its power belies its size. It does not just offer powerful bass, but is precise enough to please the ears of discriminating audiophiles.

A concealed digital display combined with a remote allows you to easily adjust the phase and equalization settings as well as the crossover frequency from the comfort of your easy chair. The digital display lights up to indicate setting values, and then the display winks out after a few seconds.

The SC4000 also features a Digital Signal Processor that allows you to exert precise control over the bass response, using multi-band digital protection systems that prevent audio distortion and damage to the woofer. The Multiband Dynamic Range Optimizer makes it easier for the DSP to monitor the range for overdrives by dividing the frequency range into several bands, and provides the appropriate amount of compression when it detects an overdrive condition.

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Cerwin-Vega XLS-155


2.Cerwin-Vega XLS-155 Powered SubwooferThis imposing subwoofer was designed for the serious audiophile who wants to hear bass of as low as 35 Hz, and features a fifteen-inch high-excursion cast-frame woofer. The XLS-155 is housed in a bass reflex-design cabinet that greatly increases the bass response, and is an attractive black-ash color, with red highlights for contrast on the subwoofers. The front-firing subwoofer blasts sound from the front and sides of the cabinet. To connect the subwoofer to your home theater audio setup, the kit comes with LFE input, and line level and speaker level inputs.

The continuously variable crossover reaches a range between 50 Hz and 150 Hz, so that you can adjust the bass response based on the size of the room you put the subwoofer in. It also features auto-on sensing that only turns on the subwoofer when it detects a program signal, to help extend its life. The adjustable level control allows you to set the volume of the subwoofer, while the user-selected polarity switch allows you to reverse the polarity of the speaker.