Top rated Home Security Systems in 2019


I have read dozens of the best home security system reviews and have yet to find a product that can live up to its name. The basic elements of a security system need to come with such a product and they include:  a keypad; a control panel; an inside motion detector; a siren; and door and window contacts. Aside from those, there can also be extra elements such as alarm screens, glass break and smoke detectors, closed circuit television, pressure mats and panic buttons. Not all home security systems carry all of those elements, so buyers are advised to decide what their priorities are. Here are five good suggestions that many homeowners have frequently purchased.


QT228-8B5-5 8-Channel CIF/D1 Q-See Surveillance System


Best Home Security System ReviewsThis system allows live video streaming straight to a remote computer, android, iPad or iPhone. Users can get email alerts when the system detects motion. The system also includes eight units of cameras for indoor and outdoor use, and they all have 480 lines of image resolution. Additionally, the cameras supply up to fifty feet of night vision, for times when you need it the most. It also comes with pre-installed 500 gigabytes of hard drive storage. There is also internet monitoring for remote usage, making this a heavily-preferred product in the best home security system reviews.

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8-Piece Simplisafe2Wireless Home Security System


This works right out of the box so you won’t need to hire security specialists to drill holes in your walls and ceiling. This best Home security system in 2019 has entry sensors that can “watch” your windows and doors. It has motion detectors of high caliber specifications. There is a panic button you can have close by your bed or night stand as you retire for the night. It also has detection for toxic carbon monoxide fumes, which you can place in your garage. You won’t have to experience being intimidated to put in the PIN, because the wireless keypad has a secret duress PIN that alerts authorities that you are currently under threat. The wireless remote adds convenience to security.

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S02-B Fortress Wireless Home Alarm System


This is the best home security system in 2019 for a reason. This is as complete as complete can get. It comes with ten units of door/window entry contacts. The main control panel has an auto-dialer           that can be programmed to call a maximum of six phone numbers when security is breached. There are three passive motion detectors that can sense suspicious activity or movement within the premises. A panic button can be installed in your bedroom to activate the alarm system. There is also an extra loud panic alarm that emits 140 decibels of ear-piercing sound and that can alert your neighbors and can hinder intruders from forcing their way through. An extra outdoor siren is provided for extra security. The three keypads have dual function of activating and deactivating the alarm system.

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S02 PiSector Home Security Alarm System Kit


This is a top rated home security system in 2019 that integrates the basic elements of a home security system. A Pisector Window sticker sign alerts potential intruders that the entire house is hotwired with a powerful security system. It has a main control panel with autodialer function. There are a total of three passive motion detectors. There is a panic button with a loud panic alarm. An outdoor extra siren is also in the package. You can choose to activate and deactivate the alarm using the three keyfobs. There is a total of ten window/door contacts that can detect forced entry.

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SDE-3004N 4-Channel Samsung Security System


This product is PC- and smartphone-ready, so you can view it anytime and anywhere. There are four night vision cameras that can be strategically placed around the house. They can provide up to 480 lines of super resolution. Night vision through them is good up to 50 feet. They are also weather- proof for all-weather security. You can get up to 500 gigabytes of storage thru USB 2.0. A BNC needs to be bought separately for connection to an adapter for RCA video-out so you can connect your receiver to a DVR.

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