In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best Himalayan salt crystals lamps? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best Himalayan salt crystals lamps on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales, value for money and price. Out of the products we have looked at, the Crystal Decor Natural is the best because it presents a product that integrates the benefits of salt crystals in an elegant and efficient metal basket that can be purchased in different models. The product also provides a mood soothing amber light. If the Crystal Decor Natural is unavailable, you could also consider WBM LLC 1301B as the second best option.



Buying Guide


Have you ever asked yourself “do Himalayan salt lamps get hot”? Do Himalayan salt lamps clean the air? Or are you simply somebody who is interested in such a lamp and wouldn’t know what to choose? We have researched the topic extensively and have created a comprehensive buying guide that will aid you in selecting a Himalayan salt lamp that is most suitable for your needs.


The general principle of a Himalayan salt crystal lamp is that it generates negative ions when heated; the typical “polluted” air surrounding us contains positive ions. Salt lamps neutralize the hazardous ions and clean the air. These negative ions are also said to combat the ions produced by the electronic devices in your home. The products are recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.

If you want to buy a lamp for its cleansing benefits, you must take several size aspects into account. The ionization properties of such a lamp are in direct proportion to the size and weight of the salt crystals.

We suggest you keep in mind the size of the room in which the lamp will be placed, so as to ensure that the flow of the negative ions can be efficient. In general, sellers usually recommend a 5-7 lbs salt lamp for small bedrooms (10×10 square feet), a 9-11 lbs one for larger bedrooms (12×12), a 12-15 lbs unit for living rooms (14×14) and a 40-50 lbs model for larger rooms such as 30×30 commercial spaces. Of course, for a better effect, you could place multiple lamps in a larger space.



When deciding which lamp to buy, also consider the design of the room in which the item will be placed. The Himalayan salt lamp can be found in two forms: natural shape or crafted.

The natural shape is the most popular one amongst buyers. The model is essentially a salt crystal lamp bulb in the shape of a round rock. The natural form provides a more rough feeling that gives the impression that it has just been excavated and brings to mind a relaxing image of the mountains.

The crafted shape is usually in tune with the imagination of its creator. The lamps are combined in various forms or presented in a metal basket. If you are focused on the overall look of the room, you might want to know that crafted lamps are easily integrated into a homeowner’s interior modern design.

Pay attention to the binding

Expert Himalayan salt lamps manufacturers recommend that we also take a look at the lamp socket before buying a product. In general, a hole is drilled into the salt crystal, and a light socket is inserted. A sign of quality is when the socket has been outfitted with a spring load or butterfly clips. The advantage of the spring base is that you are able to adjust the light bulb’s height within the lamp in accordance with your preferences.

What about these lamps, do they get hot? The light bulbs generally used in such lamps are low voltage and only warm the crystal salts. Do they really clean the air? The majority of buyers say yes.



Top Rated Himalayan Salt Crystals Lamps in 2022


Should you wish to purchase a lamp of this kind, we have selected three products that have some of the best Himalayan salt crystal lamps reviews. They’ve been showcased below.



Crystal Decor Natural


The Crystal Décor Natural is a crafted product that combines the natural salt crystals with a unique design that both result in a beautiful and beneficial product.

From a practical point of view, the Crystal Décor lamp consists of a tall metal basket in the form of a cylinder in which the salt crystals are placed in chunks. The company reassures its buyers that the salt crystals are all hand-mined which makes each lamp unique and purifies the air clearing allergens such as dust or smoke. Many customers are satisfied with the product and confirm that they have indeed felt a difference in the air.

In regards to the lighting, the crystals in the basket provide a soft amber light that supplies a general sense of purity and is not overbearingly artificial to the eye. The lamp is excellent as a night or bed light, and many buyers who normally cannot sleep without a total darkness have found it a soothing bedroom companion. The product also has a dimmer switch that enables you to set the right amount of light most soothing to your needs.

The Crystal Décor lamp has several available designs for the metal basket: Circles, Fan, Flame, Flanigan, Moroccan, Square & Tristar.

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Another crafted salt lamp that promises to enrich your home and help you relax after a long day at work where neon lights are omnipresent is the WBM LLC 1301B. Among the company’s core values is superior quality products and they specialize in producing various products of decor including salt lamps.

The WBM Salt Lamps come in two designs: with a tall, round, metal basket and a bamboo basket. The hand-mined Himalayan salt crystals are heated by a 25-watt bulb that discharges the negative ions into the air and purifies the surrounding.  The manufacturers assure that the bulbs needed for the lamp to operate are easily replaceable.  The product also has a dimmer for you to adjust the level of amber color light so that it can be used as a night light, as well.

The majority of the buyers applauded the sturdiness of the lamp and the width of the basket. The dimensions of the product are 8 x 8 x 7.2 inches, and the bulb very easily warms the salt crystals generating a quick change in the air. You can place the crystals in which order you like and to prolong them users recommend polishing or washing them regularly.

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Hemingweigh Glow S-4C-2PK


On the other end of the design spectrum, the Hemingweigh Himalayan Glow is a more natural shape Himalayan salt lamp that boasts of being handcrafted in Pakistan out of natural crystal.

The product follows the crystal’s natural shape and is made up of a block of crystallized salt fixed on a wood base that the manufacturer assures is genuine. The heating system of the lamp consists of a 15-watt bulb that effectively breaks down the Sodium Chloride embedded in the crystals, releasing the negative ions in the product’s surroundings and fighting any positive ions produced by allergens or electronics.

From a stylistic point of views, the lamp’s shape is appreciated by the general buying public. They also value the item’s soft amber light that reminds the viewer the of a small fireplace. Either using it as an ambient or night light, many users are relaxed by Hemingweigh’s soft light. While others enjoy their natural look and compare them with modern sculptures.

A plus on the side of the manufacturers is that the Hemingweigh Glow is sold in a pack of two lamps, proving an excellent choice for those who would like to buy more than one.

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