Top rated hiking fleece jackets in 2019


For millions of Americans hiking represents a chance to escape the city’s rudimentary lifestyle. This is why so many of them are searching for proper equipment to wear while in the middle of nature. One of the most sought after hiking equipment is fleece jacket. Such a clothing piece can help people cover a lot of ground faster without worrying about experiencing chilly winds. We took the liberty of analysing some of the best models out there in order to ease up the selection process. After 50 hours of tests and studies we managed to draft the best hiking fleece jacket reviews on five products that could be a great addition to any hiker.


Columbia Men’s Fast Trek II Full Zip Fleece Jacket


Best hiking fleece jacket reviewsThe best hiking fleece jacket in 2019 was released by Columbia, the Fast Trek II Full zip model. This stunning men’s jacket is made of 100% polyester and can be washed in any washing machine. It includes a zip-closed and large security pocket which easily stores wallets, cell phones or other small items. With a simplicity that touches new levels of elegance, this jacket has raglan sleeves that ensure proper mobility during more challenging areas of the hike. As so many customers put it, this jacket is stylish and well-made! In addition, due to its fleece design the jacket can keep the user’s body warm.

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Viking Women’s Creekside Tri-Zone Jacket


Most of the current best hiking fleece jacket reviews recommend serious hikers to take a closer look at Viking Creekside Tri-Zone. This beautiful jacket for women has a unique 2-part waterproof and well-insulated system. Carefully made of Berber-fleece and with a special ThermoMaxx insulation, this jacket is 100% waterproof and keeps people warm. The product includes a detachable hood system which comes in handy during storms or windy days. Due to this unique hood system people won’t have to worry about experiencing chills down their backside. The jacket has 2 outer pockets, 2 inner hand pockets and 1 specially designed iPod pocket.

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Stork Creek Men’s Waterproof/Breathable Soft-Shell Fleece jacket


There are more and more outdoorsy individuals searching for the best hiking fleece jacket in 2019. For them we recommend a brilliant product from Stork Creek, the Soft-Shell Fleece jacket. This unique model was designed with 100% polyester and includes a special high stretch poly/spandex. Due to its flexible construction, the fleece jacket is bonded to a special soft lining which offers warmth and heightened mobility. The product includes a StormX shell which protects users from wind and rain. It has a comfortable interior mesh lining present close to the body! Furthermore the jacket has a soft micro-suede collar and snow cuffs.

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ExOfficio Women’s Lillyput Fleece Hoody Jacket


The present top hiking fleece jacket reviews underline the sublime design of ExOfficioLillyput! Designed especially for women this beautiful and elegant jacket is made of 100% polyester. It includes a unique crossover snap-front hood closure which keeps the neck and head warm. In addition to the stylish linings, the jacket has an internal zip pocket that can be used to store car keys, house keys, cell phone or wallets. It has a moisture repellent system which comes in handy during rainy days. With this jacket on, anyone can hike without restrictions or weather concerns! This is why so many female hikers already own it!

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Kanu Surf Men’s Canyon Fleece Jacket


Professional hikers understand the importance of wearing a great fleece jacket during short or long trips. The market is currently offering a lot of options, some of which delight through presence while others with high quality constructions. Kanu Surf Canyon is a special fleece jacket that be worn in the fall and winter time. Designed for men this jacket offers a comfortable fit which keeps active individuals going further no matter the weather. It includes zip side pockets which can accommodate cell phones, keys or other small items. In addition to the general stylish look, this jacket is basically perfect for everything going on outside!

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