Top rated Hiking Chairs in 2018


I recently had the chance to talk to a couple of hikers and asked them about what makes a good hiking chair. There were varied responses from them, although most noted that brand name, built, price, features, and functionality are the most important. Given such, they also told me that some of the most recommended in the best hiking chair reviews are those that will be mentioned below.


Alite Designs Mantis Chair


Best Hiking Chair ReviewsWhile Alite is a brand that is known for the production of different chairs, this is one of the largest from their product line. Among other things, as it has been noted in the best hiking chair reviews, this can prove to be a good choice because of being lightweight, in the absence of sacrificing its durability. The 7000 series aluminum makes it able to significantly reduce its weight while making sure that it will be functional for a longer span of time. When it is folded, it becomes very compact, which also makes it a snap to have it carried on the outdoors.

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Helinox Chair One Camp Chair


One thing that should be given emphasis in looking for the best hiking chair in 2018 would be its weight. In this case, you have a good reason to believe that this will be an option that you will not regret. Its lightweight construction makes it exceptional when it comes to portability. Regardless of where your next camping trip may be, you will not find it too much of a hassle to bring the chair along with you. Once it is folded, it is almost just the same size as a shoe. The total weight is only 836 grams. This means that it is even lighter than a liter of water.

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TravelChair Slacker Chair


This will be another option that is sure to not bring regrets on your part as you search for the best hiking chair in 2018. Once it is folded, you will be surprised with the minimal space that is required in its storage, making it a breeze to carry on your next trip. Having it folded and unfolded will be a snap. It also has a unique design that makes it stable and comfortable, although it is important to note that the chair does not come with a backrest, which has been a major problem for many people. Other than that, there were no other complaints about this specific model.

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Alite Designs Mayfly Chair


When it comes to portability, this is another option that should not be overlooked with regards to the top rated hiking chair in 2018. The chair is designed with a front foot that can be attached and unattached, which will be good in terms of making the chair more stable. The color-coded aluminum frames prove to be good in terms of making it a snap to have the chair assembled, which is believed to be completed in just as short as 30 seconds. You will not need to exert a lot of effort and time before you can finally sit comfortably in this chair.

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TravelChair Ultimate Slacker Chair


By this time, if you are still unsure with the specific choice that will be made, there is no more need for you to have a hard time in the evaluation of other choices as this one can already prove to be best. Among other things, this will prove to be a good product because it is affordable. It has a reasonable price tag, which is more than enough to captivate the budget-conscious buyers. While it is cheap, you can be confident that quality is never compensated. It may be lightweight, but it is not flimsy. You can expect such to withstand extended period of use.

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