Best hiking boots for the money


If you are into hiking, it is apparent that you need the right pair of boots that will make you comfortable and secured during your trail. With that, this article will identify some of the best hiking boots under $100, with the goal of making it easier for you to choose the pair that will prove to be best for your needs.


What to look for when buying new hiking boots


There are thousands of Americans that share a unique and exciting passion: hiking. On the right mountain path friends and family discover the meaning of life in simple things offered by nature. If you love hiking then understand the importance of wearing proper hiking boots, capable of handling even the roughest of terrains. The market is more than generous when it comes to reliable boots, designed especially for hiking trips. Picking the right model requires patience since the number of models available for purchase can be overwhelming. Still, with more information on the subject you will probably be able to pick out a carefully designed pair of hiking boots. With the right boots you will conquer any trail with minimal pressure on your feet.

Hiking boots need to be light and designed to offer comfort and security every step of the way. Your feet need to be warm, dry and protected. Every terrain becomes easier to conquer once you find the most efficient boots. We decided to make your job easier by testing 20 of the most popular hiking boots available in 2019. After 80 hours of extensive tests we were able to determine what makes the top models great. You have to start your search by setting out a budget. Selecting a model from the best hiking boots under 100 can be difficult. Still, you should know that there are a lot of great models out there are within this particular price range. There are some things to take into account while browsing around the market for a brand new pair of hiking boots.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Material Price Weight Sole Our Rating Where to buy

Timberland White Ledge

Leather and synthetic $$$$ 1.2 lbs Rubber A+ AMAZON

Hi-Tec Altitude IV

Leather and textile $$$$ 2.5 lbs Rubber A AMAZON

Merrell Moab Ventilator

Leather $$$$ 3 lbs Vibram A AMAZON

Hi-Tec Falcon

Leather $$$ 2 lbs Rubber B+ AMAZON

Columbia Newton Ridge

Leather $$ 2.5 lbs Rubber B+ AMAZON


How to find the best hiking boots under 100 in 2019 ? First of all you have to take into consideration weather and terrain conditions, hiking trip duration and also backpack load. Now, for experienced hikers we recommend light day hiking boots that fit well and offer high comfort levels. Still, if you are new to hiking realize one important thing: safety first. A carefully designed pair of hiking boots offers amazing support to feet, ankles, calves and also achilles tendon. These are important parts of the feet that need to be protected. For enhanced hiking experiences we recommend that you opt for hiking boots which gradually improve control over the terrains. No matter terrain difficulty, daily hikes become easier to handle!

Choosing one of the best hiking boots under 100 in 2019 represents a chance to upgrade the quality of each hiking trip. When things get rough, a good pair of hiking boots can turn the tide in your favour. You should also examine the boot’s construction before opting for a particular product. Don’t opt for cheap hiking boots because they might disappoint during the most important part of the hike! You need a pair of boots that fits well and feel comfortable. The road to serious hiking starts with proper gear. Choose hiking boots that improve your take on the whole experience. Now, you could also opt for boots released by well-respected brands in the field.



Timberland Men’s White Ledge Hiking Boots


Being made from waterproof leather, you will be guaranteed that your feet will not get wet, even if you cross a river during your hike. Aside from such, it is also designed with breathable foot bed that is helpful in the elimination of moisture from the inside. This will keep your feet dry, and hence, making you feel more comfortable. Lastly, it features a unique technology from Timberland that makes sure of having superior traction that allows the feet to function in its natural motion while maintaining a solid grip on the ground.



Constructed from full-grain waterproof leather and given seam sealing to ensure awesome level of protection, this pair could very well represent the best affordable boots for hiking and for weekend adventures

Breathable removable footbed of dual density EVA with perforations that allow air to circulate freely in the boots while wicking away moisture so the feet are always dry and cool

Pair carries exclusive Timberland Brake, Support, Flex and Propel (B.S.F.P.)system that ensures exceptional traction, with durable lugged rubber outsole to assist in braking, acceleration and climbing

Behind the ball of the foot are primary flex grooves and on the toe area are secondary flex grooves, which all respond to natural stepping motion with the feet



Well-padded construction around the tongue and ankle part makes these boots heavy, but they are definitely built to last

Better suited for traversing rough terrain during colder weather


” I never worry about wet feet because my new Timberland Men’s White Ledge Hiking Boots made it easy for me. This product is very comfortable and user-friendly. The linings are soft which secured my feet. I can move with ease and relax my feet nicely. I rank this product as the number one boot. ”  George Beasley


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Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Hiking Boots


Best Hiking Boots under $100 The durability of these boots is one of the reasons on why it is listed in the best Hi-Tec hiking boots reviews. It is waterproof, which means that it will not be easily damaged even if you frequently hike on areas with rivers and other bodies of water. It also has a seam-sealed construction, which, like the latter, makes sure of its long-term functionality. The materials that are used are of high quality to help prolong its life and it is designed in such a way that it is perfect for rugged users.



With waterproof, seam-sealed construction to ensure peerless durability and the ability to go the distance, making this pair one of the best affordable boots for hiking

Rugged and stylish design with soft padding on the leather collar to provide comfortable wearability on the trail and off, for all-day usability

Rustproof brass hardware provides an interesting and attractive detail to the stylish boot, with a board last fitted with a steel shank to add an extra level of rigidity

Compression-molded EVA midsole is made lightweight to offer top all-day comfort, and carbon rubber hiking outsole intended for better traction



Some people may prefer a higher boot around the lower leg and ankles, but that’s just all a matter of taste

Fabric lining could improve breathability on the foot when using this boot


” If quality is your preliminary consideration in buying hiking boots, then you can have with you the Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Hiking Boots. It was made of good materials that will never get easily destroyed when soak and used in water surfaces. With its abilities, the price remains ideal and affordable. ”  John Darling


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Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Boots


With these hiking boots, you will never feel any form of discomfort on the feet, regardless of the hike. One of its best features is the EVA foot frame that allows superior ability to absorb shock and cushioning, which will prove to be helpful if the trail is rough. There is also a surrounding rubber bumper that delivers additional protection for the feet. With the combination of mesh and leather in this boots, you will enjoy both comfort and durability.



Made for individuals who seek to establish their personal firsts or just to conquer the outdoors, perfect for canyoneering activities and canoe trips

Minimalist styling made to drain well and is made lightweight for warm weather hiking, with breathable mesh so air can effectively circulate around the foot

Has patented Vibram sole that ensures better traction and foot response to uneven terrain, in addition to M-Select DRY mesh lining with moisture-wicking capability and M-Select Fresh odor prevention

Constructed from an innovative blending of leather and mesh for functional wearability and comfort



Mesh construction can give insufficient protection against sticks and rocks on the trail

Not waterproof due to the mesh material on the mid-shoe


” Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Boots because provides me with a lot of comfort when I’m hiking. I don’t recommend them for walking in wet conditions, but I still think they’re one of the most popular hiking boots because they’re affordable and reliable. ”  Brian Esterly


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Hi-Tec Falcon Hiking Boots


This is another model that is impossible to be not included in the list of the best hiking boots under $100. Being made with suede and mesh, it does not only offer durability, but also comfort. The latter is an important thing, especially if your hike is going to be long. If you have comfortable feet, you will find it easier to finish your trail. Other things that contribute to the comfort of its users include the moisture-wicking lining and the cushion-padded insole.



Low-cost high-performance hiking boots for men with waterproof suede upper to keep the feet dry even when the trail and the weather are not

Textile panels add a level of flexibility to the boot, with metal lace-up at the front of the shoe to ensure a snug and tight fit aside from providing a factor of interest to the boot

Rubber sole made for instant and secure grip underfoot so the wearer always has a secure gait no matter what terrain or location

Hardware and laces undergo no fraying even after long periods of use, with the rubber sole providing good traction in muddy or wet conditions and mixed terrain



Relatively thick padding tends to wear away after prolonged periods of use, a usual eventuality for many hiking boot brands

Leather material may turn vegetarians and vegans off, but it’s all a matter of choice


” In order to have fantastic and relaxing hiking activities, I highly recommend the Hi-Tec Falcon Hiking Boots to all. The best rated hiking boots reviews recommended the as one of the highest rated models available for purchase. They don’t have an expensive price range so I didn’t need a Black Friday discount to be able to afford them. ”  Kylie Chandler


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Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot


Are you searching for the right pair of hiking boots, but haven’t found something you like? Our experts recommend getting the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus. The boots are completely waterproof, keeping your feet nice and dry in moist conditions. The upper is made a combination of protective leather and mesh material for breathability, guaranteeing an ideal air ventilation. The midsole is made with EVA foam and a large portion of the interior is padded, to provide a top comfort level. Also, a great traction is possible because the outsole is made from a durable, yet flexible type of rubber.



Rubber sole on this women’s hiking boot provides superior traction, made for women who prefer not to stay indoors while the male of the species conquers the wild

Constructed of full-grain waterproof leather for rugged performance and reliable durability, which  keeps the boot rigid and strong against the elements

Carries innovative OmniShield technology for water and stain resistance, so the boots stay dry inside and out and retain their natural luster and appearance

EVA foam midsole is compression-molded so the boots follow the contours of the feet for a tight yet comfortable fit  without pinching on any aspect of the foot



Can crease at the toe on top due to generous toe box, but ordering a size down may result to getting a shorter shoe

No-frills approach perfect for standard users who are not after a super-charged ultra-boot


“What are the best hiking boots under 100? I really don’t know, but I have these ones from Columbia and they’re very comfortable and durable. I like them so much that I’m even going to get my dad a pair for Xmas.” – Sam K. Luther

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Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Hiking Boots – Not available


Nevados is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers within the product category, and this specific model is one of their greatest offerings. It is often chosen by adventurous women who engage in a rugged trail. It is known for rugged outdoor performance, with quality that is most probably unsurpassed by any other equivalent options. The best thing about this boots is that it has a practical price, without the need to compensate its high quality.

”Women who are fond of going on hiking and other terrain activities would love to have the Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Hiking Boots. These hiking boots are necessary to maintain  free and comfortable your feet in order to explore any area and to do every undertakings with ease and comfort. ”  Patricia Broome