An expert buying guide on how to pick the right Hiking Baby Carrier:


If you a parent with an infant or a toddler and like to go hiking, you will need something that will support your child and still be comfortable while carrying them. We looked through the top ten hiking baby carriers in order to provide you information on what you should look for when choosing a carrier.

Before you purchase a baby backpack carrier, you may want to consider how frequently you will be using it. This will help you figure out what kind you should buy and how much you will want to spend. Just keep in mind that expensive carrier does not always guarantee quality. In fact, you can find affordable carriers that do just as well as high end brands. So, needless to say, research is always helpful, even if you are looking at the best hiking baby carriers for 2018.

Because you are carrying your child, you will want to choose a carrier that is can support up to 50 pounds, but there are packs that can carry as much as 70 pounds. Keep in mind that the bag itself will increase the weight of what you are carrying. When looking through the best hiking baby carrier reviews, we have concluded that an aluminium or an aluminium alloy pack is the most reliable material for the carrier. When you combine this type of frame with a hip belt, it will evenly distribute the weight of the pack and make it much easier for you to carry.

You may notice that the best hiking baby carriers of 2018 feature a stand that makes it easy to put your child in before you put the pack and baby on your back. This built-in stand is ideal for those who want to easily put your child into the pack and you may not have someone available to help you. Keep in mind that the stand does not mean it is a good idea to leave your child unattended while sitting in the stand.

While we cannot tell you what is the best hiking baby carrier on the market, we can tell you that no matter what you decide to choose, you will want to make sure it has secure seats and a strong harness. You will be hiking and while you are manoeuvring the uneven terrain, your child may be jostled a bit. These security measures will keep your baby in place without fear of the harness coming lose or the baby falling out.

You want to avoid fabrics that feel cheap. Your child will most likely sweat while in the carrier, and this could be uncomfortable for them. Look for a carrier that uses a moisture-resistant fabric that wicks away moisture. This isn’t just for your baby’s comfort, but your own as well.

Of course, if you are going on a small outing, you may want to forego a larger carrier all together and choose a backpack type carrier. These are ranked pretty high on the best hiking baby carrier reviews because they are lightweight, compact, and they still have a structured frame that gives your child the support they need.

When you are looking at who makes the best hiking baby carriers, you want to see if the product has the key features presented above, before you commit to a purchase.



Things to consider:

  • The carrier should be structured so that your child is comfortable and secure in the pack. This structure can either be by an aluminium frame or a sturdy backpack type carrier.
  • Make sure the seats and the harness are made of a strong material that also is comfortable to wear and is moisture resistant.
  • Look for a pack that has a stand that you can use to load your child into the carrier. This is essential, especially if you are hiking alone and do not have someone to help you.


Top rated Hiking Baby Carriers in 2018


Osprey Packs Poco – Plus Child Carrier


This carrier keeps the comfort of both child and the parent in mind when they created this carrier. The aluminium frame and injection-molded hinges give the carrier a solid base that clicks when it is secure, while the padded straps for the baby’s harness and the shoulder straps for the parent are comfortable to wear. The adjustable hip belt also features zippered pockets for small items like a cell phone, identification, and other small miscellaneous items. The built-in shade can provide instant protection from the sun while you are hiking. The ergonomic design of the carrier reduces fatigue while wearing it.

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Kelty Journey 2.0 Child Frame Carrier


This carrier uses an innovative easy-access suspension system that is easy to adjust, providing the parent with the perfect fit. The waistbelt can be adjusted for a secure fit around torsos 15” to 19”. The secure leg straps and five point harness keeps your baby securely in the seat while hiking. For extra comfort and storage, the pack features storage space under the seat. The pack also features a washable chin-pad, a front storage pocket, and a compartment that can hold fluids to help keep you hydrated. The carrier features a trademarked Auto-Deploy Kickstand with No-Pinch hinges, which allows you to safely load and unload your child.

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Onya Baby Outback Baby Carrier


The Outback carrier is a soft structured carrier that is water resistant and durable. The nylon exterior is rip resistant. The air mesh lining helps keep air circulating so parent and child are comfortable because the moisture is wicked away. The carrier features two storage pockets and two toy loops to keep your things organized. The low profile shoulder straps can be criss-crossed across the back and the supportive waist belt evenly distributes the weight, making it a comfortable carrying bag. The tuck-away sleeping hood can be raised and is UPF 50+, which protects baby from harmful UV rays.

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Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier Stand


This carrier features a lightweight alloy frame that gives you the stability to carry up to 40 pounds. The easy to clean fabric wicks moisture away from both parent and child, leaving both comfortable and dry. The carrier can be folded up for convenient storage when not in use; however, it is sturdy when fully erect. The canopy can be extended to protect your baby from the elements and shield them from harsh UV rays. The parent will appreciate the padded shoulder and waist straps. The straps can easily be adjusted to give you the best fit.

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Chicco Smart Support Backpack


The Smart Support Backpack can be adjusted to three different positions that can support your child as they grow. The lightweight aluminium frame weighs approximately 6.5 pounds and it can hold a maximum of 40 pounds (ideal for children up to 3 years old). The padded straps and the lumbar padding is meant to keep you cool and comfortable while reducing the stress points while carrying your child. The freestanding carrier is sturdy, which makes loading and unloading your child effortless.

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