Top Rated High Chair Reviews


Parents go over the best high chair reviews because they realize that feeding a hungry baby is not all that fun without the right equipment. Making the feeding process less of a chore and more of an opportunity to bond with your precious child, the high chair has evolved into one of the most frequently bought items for a growing family. When shopping for a high chair, you need to take note of what vital aspects to consider in order to get a highly useful piece of baby gear.

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Safety and Convenience

The harness fastener of any product featured as the best high chair 2022 should be easily operated by an adult but not by a child. A three point harness is required, but a five-point harness is even better. Engaging and disengaging the tray should be easy for you, but not for your child. Any tray latches should not be accessible or visible to your baby. A passive crotch restraint, or a fixed post attached to the seat, should be present. Check how well the adjustable seat height works, if the unit has any. Any upholstery should be of durable quality, easy to clean or machine washable.

If the unit has wheels, they should be lockable. The edges should be smooth, with no sharpness or abrasive aspects, and no small hinges or holes that could cause injury to your child. There should be no loose small parts and unsecure components. Make sure the folding mechanism isn’t too stiff. The high chair should be solid, stable and sturdy.



A simple and compact high chair basically has a plastic seat on steel tubing or plastic legs. It may or may not have tray and height adjustment. It doesn’t even have a recline feature. The seat is usually upholstered, and the pad removable and washable. Some models have a small pocket or rack to hold towels, bibs and washcloths. Expert and top rated highchair reviews have even found some basic high chairs to perform better than some pricier models.

Offering many convenience features, a mid-priced high chair may come with casters for mobility, multiple height and tray adjustment levels, a padded reclining seat, an easy-to-remove tray, an easy folding mechanism, a dishwasher-safe tray insert, and a five-point harness. Most models of this type have a traditional style.


High-end high chairs include traditional solid wood models and European imports. The best high chairs 2022 of this type carry a sleek and upscale look, and are made of better materials. Designs can vary from the refined to the starkly industrial to the futuristic.

There are also booster chairs, which are similar to high chairs but minus the legs, along with portable seats that attach to tabletops using hooks.



The best high chair 2022 should have a crotch post to prevent baby from slipping under the tray. A safety harness should offer ease of use and adjustability, whether it is a five-point or a three-point type. Seat height adjustability is a cool feature, with some models boasting as many as eight levels. Wheels are great for mobility, but they should be lockable. The tray should be lightweight, easy to remove and adjust. Any attached toys on a toy bar should not come loose easily. Upholstery and seat covers should be easy to clean. Foldability is a cool option for hassle-free storage.


What Are the Top High Chairs in 2022?


Yes, it can be a challenge to choose just one high chair for your child when there are so many on the market. You might have to go over dozens of the best high chair reviews before you’re able to even make a short list. To help you make that list a bit shorter, here are three bestselling products worth a second look.


Graco Blossom 4-in-1


1.Graco Blossom 4-in-1Undoubtedly one of the best high chairs 2022, the Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System offers great versatility and multiple functionality. This model is a four-in-one modular seating system that adjusts to a growing child’s needs with its dual child seating capability. It is not only a high chair, but is also a toddler booster, an infant feeding booster and a youth chair to seat two children at the same time. The Graco Blossom offers six height positions and three recline levels, to accommodate your child’s needs at feeding time.

The removable tray comes with a dishwasher-safe pull-out insert that ensures hassle-free and quick cleanup. The seat back insert is also removable, which allows you to position your growing child at the table. The seat back insert can be interchangeably used with the youth chair or the toddler booster. Designed to adjust to a growing child’s needs for seating, aside from being able to accommodate more than a single child in a growing family, The Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System is a revolutionary convertible high chair that ensures that mealtime is always enjoyable for your growing baby.

The one-hand removable tray is a convenient feature, and so is the machine-washable seat pad.

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Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean


2.Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZYour precious baby deserves to have the most comfortable seat at the table, and what better way to give that to her than with the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair. Making mealtime much more enjoyable, the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair has an easy-clean strap system that adjusts from the back, and features coated straps you can simply wipe clean. The seamless, machine-washable and spill-resistant pad has no crevices that could be potential crumb traps, thanks to the revolutionary Nano Tex fabric. The full tray cover is also dishwasher safe.

The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair comes with multiple height adjustments and seat positions, so it can grow as your child does. The softly padded seat is decorated with colorful and lovable Luv U Zoo animal friends. The adjustable five-point harness keeps baby safely strapped in. The open-frame design allows you to bring the high chair as close as possible to the table, even with the tray engaged. The unit folds up for easy storage. The smooth straps offer effortless cleanup and hassle-free usage.

This is an easy-to-assemble high chair that your growing child can use till he’s old enough to have his own regular chair at the table or until he’s 50 pounds.

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Evenflo Compact Fold


3.Evenflo CompactThe Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair is a compact and convenient piece of baby equipment that enables your child to enjoy mealtimes at the table with your whole family. It comes with a three-position adjustable tray with a dishwasher-safe tray insert. The tray insert has compartments that enable easy placement of your child’s sippy cup, baby plate and utensils for a well-organized look during mealtime. The padded seat is easy to clean. Just wipe dirt off and it’s ready to be used again. You can adjust the tray so it can be as close as possible to your child’s tummy, for a snug fit.

The adjustability feature also enables you to position the high chair really close to the table so you can assist your child while eating. The three-point harness ensures that your child is securely seated in the high chair. The high chair is of durable and solid construction, has a lightweight design that makes it easy to transport, store and use. It folds into a super-compact, slim frame of eight inches so you can store it easily. The Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair is available in several fabric designs including Lima, Monaco, Carolina, Koi, Lizette, Marianna and Penelope.

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