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It feels great to be a mom especially if you are experiencing it for the first time. My husband and I are really hands-on with everything about our baby and we are keeping a really close watch on him. We are very particular with the things that we buy for our baby – even with the high chair he uses. He’s outgrown his last high chair and we are planning on buying another one but we are confused which one to pick. It’s a good thing there are best high chair reviews online that helped me pick the best.


How to select a nice baby high chair


In the first years of a child’s life, parents need to invest in professional devices and items that can make their job easier. Well, according to recent online surveys it seems that there is a growing interest for high chairs. Such furniture pieces make feeding the child a comfortable and easy task. Today’s manufacturers of high chairs compete for parents’ attention by releasing useful and reliable models. Given the multitude of products available on the market, moms and dads have the chance of finding a high chair close to their little one’s physical and behavioural traits. The trick is to consult the best high chair reviews and add a touch of professionalism to the search.

Since the multitude of products can become overwhelming, we decided to emphasize on a couple of things that make a high chair great. Studying this matter involved reading user testimonials, professional reviews and also online parental surveys. In our research we’ve discovered that there are different types of high chairs, designed to accommodate the needs of baby boys and girls. The first type of high chairs is the standard model, which comes equipped with a simple tray. Such models are inexpensive but quite efficient for those that need to respect a budget. European style high chairs represent a popular choice among parents that value stability. Designed with a tray-less feature, such furniture pieces permit parents to involve the baby to the big family table. It is the ideal high chair during the toddler years, because in most cases it includes footrest positions or fully adjustable seat.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Target Gender Price Weight Limit Wheels Our Rating Where to buy

Graco Blossom 4-In-1

Female $$$ 80 lbs YES A+ AMAZON

Graco DuoDiner LX

Female $$$ 40 lbs YES B+ AMAZON

Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care

Unisex $$$ 50 lbs YES B+ AMAZON

Fisher-Price EZ Clean

Unisex $$ 50 lbs YES B+ AMAZON

Summer Infant Fox & Friends

Unisex $$$ 40 lbs No B AMAZON


More and more parents desire to invest in the best high chair 2022, capable of helping their kids eat in a comfortable manner. A popular choice among parents is the portable high chair, ideal for travels. Furthermore it can also be used by families that struggle with limited space in their home. Another type of high chair is the booster seat, created for toddlers that weigh more than standard models can accommodate. Usually booster seats incorporate 3 or 5 point harness systems designed to keep the little ones secure in their place.

Now, it is important to acknowledge more specific factors on high chair models. Parents need to determine whether or not their homes can match the high chair’s size. There are big models, designed for heavier kids which occupy quite a lot of space. Furthermore the best high chair  needs to be built with stability and safety features in mind. As a result, high chairs with wide bases can keep the child stable during each use. Since most children are pretty active in their first years of life, the high chair needs to be solid enough to resist shaking or pushing. As a result, parents should consider models that can accommodate to the child’s personality and its daily movement patterns. Moms and dads usually know when the little is hyper-active or calm. So, during dinner time the high chair needs to offer a comfortable and stable environment in order to limit the appearance of nasty messes.


Things to consider:

–         Recline options, ideal to help kids eat comfortably

–         Trays, which accommodate the child’s food and bottles

–         Wheels, so parents can move around the high chair

–         Adjustability, this feature permits the high chair to keep track of the child’s growing needs



Graco Blossom 4-In-1 Seating System


Best Highchair ReviewsThe Graco Blossom 4-in-1 seating system is the perfect high chair for your baby. It does not only expand to accommodate the growth of your child, it also keeps your baby really comfortable. You can use it in four different positions for different functions. There are 6 height adjustment options and 3 recline levels for maximum comfort. It is a conveniently convertible chair with a durable and lightweight structure for easy transport. The feedback from the best high chair reviews gave positive ratings for this model.



Adaptable 4 in 1 modular design which allows children to use this chair for many years without feeling any sort of restraint or discomfort whatsoever.

Easy to clean because it is made out of removable parts which are all dishwasher safe thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

Versatile design that not only allows this chair to grow with your children but also allows parents to make the child feel comfortable by choosing one of the 6 different height positions.

Offers great support for the head and body of the baby in order to help him develop properly.



It could do better in terms of comfort considering it has less padding than similarly priced models.

Straps are well designed but may be a bit uncomfortable for the baby while he is seated in the recline position.


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Graco DuoDiner LX High chair


Spoil your baby with the most comfortable chair he can have. With the best high chair in 2022– the Graco Duodiner LX high chair, you can keep your baby comfortable as he enjoys his meal.The removable tray is easy to clean whenever your baby has finished eating. Its durable and lightweight structure is foldable and designed for easy transport. It is constructed considering the safety of babies.



Adjustable to such an extent that it can grow with your child thus managing to save you money and time you might have spent when looking for a new chair.

Very comfortable, durable and easy to clean due to its extra padding which can be wiped clean as well as machine washed.

Smart design which is not only makes it compact but also easy to put together or collapse depending on the situation.

Safe but comfy for the child who will be held in place by a five point harness without feeling a tad of restriction.



The feeding tray, although dishwasher safe, can be a bit too big for some appliances thus obligating you to clean it by hand.

The materials used don’t look as good as you might see on similarly priced chairs.


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Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair


Nothing is more fun and exciting than this rainforest high chair with adorable and colorful design. It comes with a set of rainforest toys that will keep your baby entertained as you prepare his meal. You won’t have any trouble cleaning the straps and chair pads because they are very easy to remove. This high chair has a very solid construction for extreme durability and a lightweight built which allows you to easily transfer it from one place to another. This is obviously the best high chair in 2022.



Highly entertaining for the baby because of the additional toys which come incorporated in the chair’s design.

Effortless assembly due to simple design which will also allow you to easily clean all the parts that were used to build this chair.

Destined to enhance motor skills and concentration through the smartly placed toys which can be removed so the baby can play with them separately as well.

Suitable for children who are three years of age meaning you will not need a different chair as the baby grows.



Despite being considered by most as the best high chair for babies in 2022, its design could be better considering the tray is not at all curved to sit comfortably in front of the baby.

Over the years the rainforest cover might become unstable due to a not so great attachment method.


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Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair


Nothing is more comfortable for your baby than this Fisher-price EZ clean high chair. It has a lovely and colorful design which will keep your baby in a very light mood. The three-position options are intended for maximum comfort for your little baby. The removable tray is easy to attach during meals. It is designed for easy cleaning and transport. You can conveniently fold it for storage and it is very easy to assemble.



Great design which allows easy storage but also offers the benefit of crevice free parts which will not allow food to get stuck between the edges of the chair.

Easy to wipe down and easy to take apart every once in a while for a more thorough cleaning session.

A lot less expensive than other models that offer the same or even less benefits.

Adjustable and space saving which is always great when you are living in a small apartment with no space to spare.

Straps adjust in the back so as not to make the baby uncomfortable while eating.



Little to no stability while folded for storage which means you’ll always have to let it lean on something.

Not quite comfortable for as generous when it comes holding bigger babies.


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Summer Infant Fox & Friends Classic Comfort Wood High Chair


You don’t have to go through a lot of trouble looking for a top rated high chair. The Summer Infant high Chair is definitely what you are looking for. There are three recline adjustments to keep your baby comfortable as he sleeps. The one handed tray is very convenient and is easy to adjust and release. The seat pad has cute embroidered designs and is very easy to clean. This is obviously the most comfortable high chair you can find for your baby.



Clever design which not only offers 3 different recline positions for the baby but also 4 positions for the tray which happens to be dishwasher safe.

Fun looking design with excellent padding for extra comfort and great easy to wash materials to make your life a whole lot easier.

Extremely safe five point harness which according to the best high chair for babies reviews, is the best you can get.

Affordable yet very durable thus offering great value for money.



A bit complicated to assemble for first time parents.

Also a bit too delicate for a product which should be destined for everyday use.


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