True responsibility is to be understood only when we have to look after a baby. Having a child brings a whole new perspective into our lives and, inevitably, new furniture into our house. Going through more than 50 reviews and recommendations, I came across the best high chairs 2021 that will have your baby sit comfortable and safe. These models are all about getting mobility and stability merge into one reliable product that you can move around the house without fearing it will topple down and harm your baby.



Comparison Table


Product Max Weight Price Colors Target Gender Our Rating Where to buy

Boon Flair Pedestal

50 lbs $$$ White/Orange and more Unisex A+ AMAZON

Graco Blossom 4-in-1

80 lbs $$ Vance and more Female B+ AMAZON

OXO Tot Seedling

45 lbs $$ Graphite and more Unisex A AMAZON

Graco DuoDiner LX

40 lbs $$ Metropolis and more Female B+ AMAZON

Summer Infant Fox & Friends

40 lbs $$ Espresso Stain Unisex B AMAZON




A buying guide


There are many ways to provide a comfortable environment for babies whenever you have to feed them. Most parents resort to high chairs during breakfast, dinner or lunch. When children begin to eat solid food it is important to keep them still. This is where a sturdy high chair can definitely help out. The market offers a wide array of high chair models, different in shapes and sizes. With product is the best? It can be pretty challenging to narrow things down to only one product. Yet, with the right information you will be able to invest in a high quality high chair, designed to keep the child still during feeding. Furthermore high chairs are great because they let you supervise each meal while the little one experiments with new tastes. You should know that the child can use a highchair until the age of 3. Most of the current models come equipped with a variety of features which help parents take better care of the feeding process. Choosing a high chair under $200 should be done only after accessing professional information. There are highchairs made of metal or plastic frames. Some are flexible while others pretty rigid. As you probably have noticed high chairs come with simple or more complex designs. A high chair with molded plastic comes equipped with safety seatbelts. Some models include a bit of padding for extra comfort. There are highchairs with trays which come in handy while feeding children. These units are fairly easy to move and store around the house. Even though you will undoubtedly deal with food mess, high chairs do provide stability during the feeding process.

Picking out the most popular high chair doesn’t necessarily mean that the little one will enjoy using it. You should take into account the child’s eating patterns and then choose an appropriate model. Comfort is very important during each dinner, breakfast or lunch. Today you will find on the market three major types of highchairs: full-features, portable and wooden. There are differences between each model. A full featured highchair includes padded seat, wheels, detachable trays, seat recline, adjustable height and also dishwasher-safe tray covers. With these features you can take care of the little one without problems. There are high chair Black Friday deals on such models which are pretty hard to ignore.

Active parents opt for portable high chairs whenever they go on trips to grandma. Such models are easy to transport and can be attached to any table. Some models can be used with a standard chair seat. The last type highchairs, wooden ones are very appealing. Such highchairs are preferred by parents with elegance on their mind. Still, you should know that wooden high chairs include heavy trays which are harder to clean than plastic. So, they are beautiful but harder to manage. You can opt for Christmas products like the wooden highchairs as unique gifts to other parents.

Things to consider:

–         Type of highchair, which should match your taste and needs around the kitchen when the little one is hungry

–         A durable tray, so you can safely place the food there and watch the child eat

–         Adjustability, which ensures the little one eats in the right position

–         Padded seat, so your child can be comfortable and relaxed



Top rated High Chairs reviews


Now that you know what to look for in a high quality high chair, you should take a look at our reviews of the most appreciated models currently available. Read all about these units and find just the right model for your child’s needs.





Boon Flair Pedestal


Best High Chair 2021Parenthood will have you learn one thing: practical utility is what matters. One of the best high chairs 2021 has gained its reputation by offering a new perspective on how to design a product that fully corresponds with the children’s and the parent’s needs. Easy to clean and to slide around the house, this chair has been shaped to perfectly fit your baby’s posture. The breaks work perfectly and give you some peace of mind for not keeping an eye on the chair every moment. Simple and yet with a futuristic design, this chair will please even the pickiest interior designer.


One-piece seat with no crevices and cracks where crumbs could get into, is easily the smoothest and sleekest seat in the house to provide the elements that answer what to look for in a high chair Clean-up is always easy, thanks to the perfectly smooth lines of the chair and the tray liners/covers that are dishwasher-safe and really fit into the dishwasher

The baby can join the family all the time during meals thanks to this chair’s ability to be positioned at any height using the built-in pneumatic lift

Smoothly glides in whatever direction due to the six urethane casters that also protect the floor, with single-step braking system to make it all easy



Not designed to recline

Bulky and heavy chair has all the elements of an ideal high chair


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Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System


When buying a product for your little one, you start thinking how much of it are you going to be using on the long-run. The best high chair 2016 brings you multiple benefits to consider when purchasing it. You can either double use it just by dividing it between your baby and your toddler or just have it grow along with your infant. Safety comes first so none of the protective features are compromised, even when you are sitting both of your children at the table.



Four-in-one modular seating adjusts to a growing child’s needs, with good level of back support and four seating positions: a high chair, a youth chair, a toddler booster and an infant feeding booster

Two children can use the modular seating system simultaneously, with one child using the high chair and toddler booster and another on the youth chair and feeding booster, great for growing families

Clean-up after meals is easy thanks to the pull-out insert plus the removable tray that is dishwasher-safe, to enable cleaning and efficient use the next time

Simple assembly and adjustment to various heights, with a soft and comfortable seat pad and wheels that enable moving from one point of the house to another



The space between the legs of the chair has no positioner to assist the toddler in getting onto the seat


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OXO Tot Seedling


All parents come to appreciate simplicity and utility altogether. For those who are less certain about the best high chair 2021, this model incorporates all the necessary features and will have you pay an affordable price. Light and easy to pack up and deposit in your house, this chair will have you clean it in an instant. But the practical utility for parents would be nothing if the baby wouldn’t feel comfortable staying in it. And the investment will prove to be worthwhile once you will see your baby growing up in it.



Helps make feeding times opportunities to enjoy meals with baby, thanks to the smooth contoured seat with three levels of height adjustments and depth modifications

Ideal for children 4 months to three years, with large buttons that make for intuitive and comfortable adjustments to the high chair

Using one hand to remove and replace the tray is easy while holding baby with the other arm, due to the lightness of the tray

Tray can be stored on the back of the legs, effectively disassembling the frame into two components for more convenient storage



Bulky, takes up a lot of space and does not fold up


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Graco DuoDiner LX


Comfortable and reliable for long term, this chair will keep your baby enjoy the meals, from bottled milk to toddler lunch. Transitioning from high chair to dining table has never been easier. You can use all the pieces of this item to keep your baby safe while eating. This chair will delight all parents for bringing them a sporty look in their homes and lifestyle. Easy to clean or to place around the house, it will save you time and nerves while making your family enjoy the happy moments with the baby.



Has three distinct levels that a growing child can use from infant stage to toddler stage, offering a safe and comfortable seat for a precious one to enjoy meals

Flat-fold high chair with removable tray insert that can be positioned using just one hand, to enable multitasking or holding baby in the other arm while adjusting the tray

Easy-fold design via a convenient folding mechanism, which works by squeezing the handles on either side of the seat to fold the high chair, making it the perfect answer to what to look for in a high chair

Harness converts to 3- or 5-point structure, to accommodate a growing child’s change in body size



Wheels found only on the front and with no wheel lock


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Summer Infant Fox & Friends Classic Comfort Wood High Chair


Nothing will comfort your baby and yourselves more than the chair that looks like the one in which you grew up. Made of wood, this piece of furniture is so elegant that you will never want to have it removed. Stable and comfortable, yet adjustable to three different positions, this jewelry will bring you the nicest memories with you baby growing up. As fancy as it looks, it will still have you clean it easy and move it around the house if necessary.



Has three recline positions to enable infant bottle feeding and a 4-position tray with insert that allows happy meal times for toddlers and children learning about the various textures of food

Tray can be adjusted and released conveniently with just one hand, while the other hand holds the child or keeps the eating utensils on the tray balanced

Padded seat is oversized and has vinyl coating, with lovely embroidery detail that makes the chair attractive

5-point harness keeps baby secure on the high chair, and the vinyl coating ensures easy clean-ups after use



Back of the chair reclines but the seat remains flat, so child has to be supported while feeding


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