Top Rated Hidden Spy Security Cameras in 2019


According to the best hidden spy security camera reviews this is a great way to protect your belongings. The discreet spy cameras are versatile, functional, and fun, and can be used to monitor the inside of your home when you are not there. Hidden spy cameras are great for keeping an eye on nannies and other household employees, and can give you additional peace of mind when you are away on vacation.


enKo Products Mini Home Security Hidden Camera


This tiny spy camera is skillfully hidden in plain sight. The clock radio looks natural in any room, and it includes a motion sensor to ensure that every movement is recorded. The USB cable makes it possible for you to watch from your PC, and it also includes night vision capabilities for complete 24 hour monitoring. Considered the best hidden spy security camera in 2019 it is easy to use, and priced to suit almost any budget.

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GW Security Inc GWSF9 Professional Hidden Camera


The best hidden spy security camera reviews state that this unit is ideal for indoor monitoring, and that it can easily connect to any PC or laptop. The tiny camera is contained in a stylish white box that doesn’t look out of place next to other pieces of audio or video equipment. The tiny opening actually hides a wide angle lens that can give you an unobstructed view of the area you are monitoring. It includes a motion sensor to ensure that every movement is recorded directly onto your PC.

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Jumbl JU-SC02B Mini Hidden Spy Camera


As the best hidden spy security camera in 2019 this model is able to deliver high quality images in all types of lighting. The miniature camera is hidden in a clock radio, and has the advantage of being to record live and still images. Set the hidden spy security camera to only record images when the motion sensor is triggered, or let it run for continuous monitoring. It is designed to support a 32GB SD card, and as an added bonus you can also watch the recorded video on the small built in viewing screen.

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BrickHouse Security 255-BBMHD Camscura Hidden Camera


One of the reasons the best hidden spy security camera reviews consider this a top rated model is its versatile design. The tiny camera uses battery power, which eliminates the need for hard to hide wires. It features a motion sensor that will instantly begin recording at the slightest movement, and the spy security camera can be hidden almost anywhere. It is small enough that you can leave it lying out or create your own unique hiding place.

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Hidden Camera V001 HD Motion Detection Camera


This contemporarily designed alarm clock looks great in almost any room in your house, and it also hides a tiny spy security camera. The hidden camera can continuously record up to 12 hours, and also features a motion sensor. Add extra security to your bedroom or nursery, and you can also watch the video in real time from your computer. Able to support a 32GB memory card, it can give you that extra layer of security and protection you were looking for. As an additional bonus to its surveillance purpose, the alarm clock also keeps extremely accurate time.

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