Heart Rate Monitors – What to Look For:


Today, people are becoming more health conscious and they often like to use devices to help them track various aspects of their work outs. One of the highest rated devices are heart rate monitors. These monitors can help you gauge how intense your work out is and lets you find the perfect heart rate that maximizes your work out.

With so many monitors available, you may not know what are the best features to look for, or which heart rate monitor is the best. We have created this guide to help you make that decision and choose the right monitor for you.


Type of Monitor

There are several different models of heart rate monitors. The top ten heart rate monitors tend to be watch and chest strap models as they are easy to use and they provide you with the most accurate readings. The basic models can provide you with simple readings like continuous, average, high, and even low heart rate information.

A finger heart rate monitor is generally the cheaper option and they are 95% accurate. These models work with a watch monitor but in order to take a reading, you must pause during your work out and touch the receiver to take data.


Because there are so many different models available on the market, each one has their own unique combination of features. These features can range from a sports watch mode that gives you a timer, calendar, and clock options. Other features include calorie counters, speed and distance monitoring, fitness training, and bicycle-mounting options.



When you are trying to choose who makes the best heart rate monitors, you may want to take into consideration the price of the device. The more advanced the features are, the more expensive the device will be. If you aren’t concerned with the extra bells and whistles, you may want to find an affordable option that just tracks your heart rate.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Bluetooth Price Chest strap Water resistant Our Rating Where to buy

MIO Alpha I

YES $$$$ No No A+ AMAZON

Runtastic RUNBT1


Polar FT4


Polar FT7


60 Beat HR001



Whatever heart rate monitor from the top ten list you decide to purchase, you will be taking a step in the right direction in monitoring your health and progress. The harder your heart is working during a workout, the more calories you are burning. In the quest to be healthy, a heart rate monitor can be your best friend.


How to choose the best heart rate monitors – A Buying Guide


hrtmonToday there are millions of fitness enthusiasts that want to challenge their physical resilience and enjoy quality results. In order experience a good and challenging workout every time, you need to control every aspect with precision. One of the best ways to significantly improve your chances of workout out better than ever is by investing in a reliable heart rate monitor. The market is more than generous when it comes to monitors, designed to cover each part of the workout. How can you find the most efficient product out of the many out there? Well, you might first want to consult the best heart rate monitors reviews and use the information in order to end up with a professional device, worth enhancing each phase. As you probably know, monitors can be more than helpful when it comes to reliable exercise equipment.

The healthiest form of exercise is, according to the latest, cardiovascular workouts, covering various forms of challenges. Adjusting the intensity of each exercise will also result in heart rate changes, so you need to keep track of them in order to avoid any health problems. Today, once you find the best heart rate monitors in 2018, you will be able to control every aspect of the exercise. A heart rate monitor is very helpful, letting users achieve optimum workout levels. You will be able to feel better breath patterns or when the tired sensation kicks in. People that are just getting into daily workouts, should have by their side a reliable monitor, which keeps them connected to enhanced results.


Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling


Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor


The Polar Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor gives you accurate heart rates that are tracked with mobile training apps. The device features  a soft fabric chest strap that ranges from a medium size to an XXL. By using the chest strap, this is considered the best heart rate monitor for cycling because it provides live readings that are automatically synced to a mobile app that is installed onto your iOS or Android device. The device uses a replaceable batter, and in order to extend the lifetime of the battery, it is recommended to remove the transmitter from the chest strap after each workout.

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You will want not to exceed maximum heart rate pulse in order to avoid dealing with nasty heart problems. It is important to have complete control over the cardiovascular workout, setting the right health context for precise results.

Choose from the best heart rate monitors in 2018 and significantly improve the way you work out, day and night. There are a couple of things to consider while selecting a particular product. Once you grasp the basic and extended concepts of the monitor, you will be able to choose a monitor which can respond well to your physical needs. A heart rate monitor displays 4 target zones which should keep you in the right physical comfort zone: letting you see endurance stance, anaerobic, Vo2 max zone which display 60% to 100% of heart rate monitoring.


Best Heart Rate Monitor for iOS and Android


Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone and Android


Those who are trying to get healthy may want to use their smartphone in conjunction with a heart rate monitor. The Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor is the best heart rate monitor for iOS and Android because it easily syncs to your mobile devices via Bluetooth. The device also features training program called the Wahoo Fitness Burn and Burst training program. This program is designed to help you burn fat while improving your performance while training. This program is free with the Wahoo Fitness App. It can also work with other third party apps that are available on both iOS and Android.

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These zones are very important because they keep you connected to quality results. In endurance zone, the heart rate can reach around 60 to 70% of maximum heart tare, where the body burns stored fat and also builds muscle and cardiovascular stamina. This particular zone is great for people that just started to work out. In aerobic zone, you will see that heart rate can reach around 70 to 80% of maximum, where fat is burned and carbohydrates become a distant memory. People that are trying to lose weight should consider remaining in this particular zone, where the proper rhythm is kept.


Best Heart Rate Monitor for Swimming


FINIS Aqua Pulse Heart Rate Monitor


This device is unique from others on the market because it utilizes a unique technology called Bone Conduction Audio Announcement, which tells you your heart rate in real time through the bones in your inner ear. The device does not require the use of ear buds. This allows you to get up-to-date readings without having to stop your momentum and look at a watch. All you have to do is slip the device inside of your goggle strap and then clip it onto your earlobe. The device is completely waterproof and is one of the best heart rate monitors for swimming. The buttons

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Things to consider:

– Heart rate monitors come with four important workout zones: aerobic, anaerobic, endurance and VO2.

–  Monitors are an essential piece of equipment to people that want to work out and control every moment of the exercise.

–  Heart rate monitors can help users experience quality results, during each workout but also keeping a close eye on health standards.


Top rated heart rate monitors in 2018


Some people may say that heart rate monitors are not essential training tools, but when used properly, they can be proved as valuable training aid. The heart rate is an indicator of exercise intensity; therefore, a heart rate monitor precisely controls your workouts effectiveness. When you will go through this best heart rate monitors reviews, you will learn which device is perfect for your losing weight or marathon training. A heart rate monitor can be very useful for beginners.



MIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor


The first strapless heart rate monitor, MIO Alpha, can be worn on your wrist and can measure your heart beat on a regular basis. While you are running at speeds of up to 20km/h, it can give you accurate test results and it is tested in laboratories. You can connect your Alpha heart rate monitor with compatible Smartphone, and other sport and fitness devices using Bluetooth smart technology. The rechargeable lithium battery keeps it going for longer periods. It will cost you $200-210 for this smart piece of technology.



Scientific breakthrough in heart rate monitoring with continuous heart rate monitor employing sophisticated algorithms applied to pulse signal to detect true heart rhythm in performance speeds and while running

Ideal for athletes, runners and cyclists with strapless design, making this the best heart rate monitor watch 2018

Utilizes electro-optical cell plus a pair of light beams to measure the volume of blood under the skin

Made accurate at rest and robust for sport, with wide range of compatible iOS fitness apps including MapMyRun, miCoach, Endomondo, MapMyRide, Strava, RunKeeper and Wahoo Fitness



More expensive than other products in this category

Recharging is quick but battery charge lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use


“With this heart rate monitor from MIO I can better track my running performances and I can increase the distance steadily, day by day. I find it to be very accurate and I connect it without any problems to my laptop for data transfers. In conclusion I believe it’s the best heart rate monitor 2018.” – Cheryl R. Dyer


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Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor


Keeping in shape is hard work and you need to have the right gear. A heart rate monitor is a great idea to monitor your progress and none are better than the Polar FT4. Except your heart rate you will also get an accurate reading of how many calories you have burned during your exercise. Fitted with a strap to your chest and you are ready to go. This is one of the best heart rate monitors in 2018.



Mentioned in many best heart rate monitor watch reviews thanks to capability to simplify fitness training while providing accurate and continuous monitoring of heart rate

Has Smart Calorie feature that employs personal data in providing accurate tracking of burned calories

Comes with adjustable chest strap of soft fabric material and connects via GymLink to compatible gym equipment

Perfect training companion for active exercisers and trainees who need to monitor calories burned and intensity of fitness activity



Strap needs to be wet to accurately transmit signals

Won’t track steps made or distance covered


 “I can keep track of my fitness level easily with the aid of this heart rate monitor. It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t irritate my skin one bit. If you like to keep track of your progress, I suggest getting one.” – Rachel Hughes


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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


Best Heart Rate Monitors ReviewsThe Polar heart rate monitor watch identifies the information you need to see whether you are training for triathlon or trying to lose weight. If the main effect of your physical workout is fat burning or fitness improvement, you can adjust your training as needed. It allows you to set automatic (age based) or manual target zones; an audible alarm and a visual display let you know when you are in your target zone. You can see the heart rate on the display beats/minute or percentage of maximum heart rate average. You need to spend a limited amount of money to get this stylish heart rate monitor.



Polar WearLink+ transmitter  in adjustable chest strap of washable soft fabric material and with convenient side hook mechanism to allow easy on and off

Cross talk with other heart rate monitor prevented with coded 5-kHz heart rate transmission and displayable heart rate on compatible gym equipment

EnergyPointer feature indicates whether training works for fat burning purposes or fitness improvement objective

Training Load feature helps find perfect balance between training and rest, Smart Calories shows calories burned



Strap needs to be moistened  or wet to transmit data accurately to receiver in watch

Receiver watch not particularly appealing


“This heart rate monitor feels very comfortable on my wrist and because it’s so light, I don’t even feel it’s there when I’m running. The data it collects helps me improve my performance and I do recommend it because it has great value at a low price. I’ve managed to get it for an even lower price because it had a Black Friday deal.” ­– Brenda D. Lyons


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Runtastic RUNBT1 Heart Rate Monitor


Knowing your heart rate during your training and keeping it in the ideal heart rate zone will help you to get your fitness goals faster. The Runtastic tracks the heart rate when you pair the Bluetooth Smart Combo with cardio equipment or Smartphone Apps. Bluetooth Smart Ready technology allows the transmitter to use low energy. Its cloth strap is adjustable, comfortable, and washable. When you go through the best heart rate monitors reviews, you will certainly want to have one of these items. It won`t cost you a great deal.



Will transmit heart rate data without requiring extra adapters while using just Bluetooth Smart technology

Integrates well with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/5c/5s and various Bluetooth Smart Ready Android portable devices including Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3

Displays useful data including calories burned, heart rate zones and complete workout stats while working well with premium Runtastic Smartphone Apps

Uses 5.3 kHz to transmit heart rate data to indoor cardio equipment at home gyms and health clubs



Attachment of chest strap adjustable but can be distracting

Eats up a lot of iPhone battery charge


“Because it has proven vital for my marathon training, I recommend to other long distance runners Runtastic RUNBT1 heart rate monitor. I installed the app on my smartphone, I strap the monitor to my chest and all the data is transferred without any problems. Definitely, this is one of the best rated models which costs under $70.” – Charles Lin


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60 Beat HR001 Heart Rate Monitor


It links up directly with your iOS device using Bluetooth, uses low energy, and no dongle is required. It runs fine with any Apps that are compatible with the Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Max, average, and normal heart rates, calories, heart rate regarding speed or distance, GPS, data storage, and other functionalities allow you to train for marathon or any type of weight losing exercises. Best heart rate monitors reviews are here to help you in picking the right product. The 60 Beat heart rate monitor comes with a battery and a user manual only.



Works with a wide range of portable devices including: 5th gen iPod touch, 7th gen iPod Nano, iPad 3rd and 4th gen, iPad Air and Mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, newer versions of those iOS devices, android Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 with SportsTracker, SportsTracker Pro, Runtastic and Runtastic Pro apps

Connects using Bluetooth Low Energy  directly to iOS device and no dongle required

Feature packed with heart rate, average and maximum heart rate, heart rate in zones, heart rate against distance or speed, calories

Provides data storage and has GPS functionality



Will not support adjustment of zone limits

Apps are not of wide variety


“60 Beat HR001 heart rate monitor works great and allows me keep track of more than just my heart rate. Via Bluetooth I don’t have any troubles connecting to my iPhone and I easily upload its readings to my laptop. I think this is the best heart rate monitor I could have got for the money I was prepared to spend. I’m even thinking to buy another one as an Xmas gift for my husband.” – Diana Kessler


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Timex T5K537 Heart Rate Monitor


The Timex, the entry level heart rate monitor watch, delivers essential data tracking features and fitness management in a user friendly affordable package. This heart rate monitor works great, allowing you to easily set up you Max/Min levels and it sounds an alarm when you are not in your desired zone. This cheaper ($40-60) version heart rate monitor provides you with accurate easy to read numbers on its display. This device is water resistant to 30 meters but heart rate features are not available under water.



Simple, no-bells-and-whistles heart rate monitor with watch receiver that offers progress tracking and goal monitoring for fitness enthusiasts

Has large digital display, analog heart rate sensor, Indiglo night light, workout reviews and automatic Activity Timer

Vital fitness management data delivered in simple-to-operate watch, with target zone for easy presetting of desired heart rate exercise zone and alarm notification when user veers away from zone

Heart rate monitored effectively via maximum percentage or beats-per-minute (BPM)



Plastic wristband may need upgrade

No stop-timer function on watch,  which may occasionally be needed by user


“The most popular heart rate monitor reviews persuaded me to get this model from Timex and since I’ve started using it, I have been pleased by how it functions. The device helps me better my performance level when I do my evening run. On top of all this, I had an affordable price.” – Jack B. Busch


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