What to Consider When Buying the Best Heart Rate Monitor Under 200


A wearable heart rate monitor is an essential tool to help improve the effectiveness of your workouts. The typical monitor provides information on the average heart rate as well as high, low and target levels reached during the workout. However, many people are still unsure about how to choose the best heart rate monitors. To help you, here are the features that you should look out for when deciding on your options for the best heart rate monitor under 200.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Under 200

Multiple target zone settings

If you perform multiple workouts, this feature will be helpful since you can preprogram the monitor for a different target heart rate for each of them. In addition, you might also want to look for one with recovery heart rate mode that monitors how long it takes your heart rate to return to normal after your workout. Your recovery heart rate indicates how good your cardiovascular fitness is.


Digital interface

This feature allows you to download data from your heart rate monitor to your desktop or laptop computer for storage and later analysis.



This feature connects your heart rate monitor to your smartphone so that you can access the phone’s features using its wrist interface.


What Are the Best Heart Rate Monitors under 200?


Now that you know what some of the most important features to look out for are when you’re buying a heart rate monitor, it’s time to choose the one that best meets your needs and your budget. To help you, here are our recommendations for the best heart rate monitor under 200.


Polar FT60


1.Polar FT60 Heart Rate MonitorThe Polar FT60 is an essential training tool for your workouts since it displays a wide range of useful information that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your workouts. Apart from providing you with information on your highest, lowest and target heart rate, the monitor also displays fat burn percentage and calories burned during your workout. The integrated STAR training program offers customized training programs that are easy to follow and provide rewards when you meet your training goals. The program includes Smart Coaching features that you can use to greatly enhance your workouts.

The Polar FT60 can be synched with the most commonly-used gym equipment. The monitor allows you to save up to 100 training files and comes with a comfortable fabric transmitter strap. The wrist strap is a unisex model that is made of silicone that you can clean simply by wiping off the dirt. And it is compatible with optional accessories such as distance/speed sensors and FlowLink that grants you access to an online free training diary.

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Mio Alpha


2.Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports WatchThis innovative heart rate monitor now makes accurate heart rate monitoring more comfortable and convenient while still being a fully-functioning sports watch. In the past, continuous heart rate monitoring required you to wear a chest strap but Mo Alpha’s innovative wireless monitoring technology eliminates the need for that. Now, you can get the heart rate information data that you need without the encumbrance of a strap around your chest and the monitor has been rated for accuracy even when the wearer is running as fast as 20 mph. It is suitable for various intensive workouts including cycling and running. Mo Alpha uses Bluetooth Smart technology to connect the monitor with compatible sports devices as well as smartphones. And the sleek watch strap comes in a striking black color.

The monitor has a rechargeable lithium battery that charges via the included USB charging dock that comes with magnetic alignment. And when fully charged, the battery allows for some twenty hours of heart rate monitoring and can last for several months when only in watch mode.

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Adidas miCoach Fit Smart


3.Adidas miCoach Fit SmartThis wearable heart monitor is designed to meet the needs of runners and other athletes serious about their training regimen rather than the casual gym user. The heart rate monitor is powered by Mio Alpha technology and uses an optical-based sensor that is integrated with the silicon strap that is worn around your wrist. In order to avoid interruptions in heart rate monitoring while you’re on the move, the Fit Smart uses an integrated accelerometer to ensure continuous monitoring. The big watch face is easy to read and the strap is comfortable to wear as well as being waterproof and sweat-resistant.

The Fit Smart uses Bluetooth technology to sync with the free Mi Coach Train and Run app. The app allows you to create weekly fitness goals such as general fitness training or increasing your endurance or training plans that involve maximizing your performance for a particular sporting activity such as a marathon. You can easily sync your fitness data with the app to track your performance and ensure that you are meeting your goals.

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