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A quick look among the best reviews on headphones has allowed me to make an accurate idea about the best headphones 2018. From radio broadcasters to fanatic music listeners, professionals are picky when choosing their next audio device.Whether you are looking for home or office headphones, for flexibility or professional stereo sound, with the great variety of models available on the market it is impossible not to find a pair that suits your needs.


How to select a new pair of headphones


7Audiophiles have numerous options when it comes to how they want to enjoy their music. You can crank up the stereo and let the music waft through the space without the use of headphones, but more often than not, music lovers like to block out any surrounding sound and enjoy their tunes up close and personal. If you are interested in purchasing the music lover in your life a pair of the best rated headphones next year for Christmas, you may be a little overwhelmed by all the options available. We have compiled some of the features to help you choose the perfect headset.

There are several different forms of headphones available on the market today. While most smartphones and MP3 players come with cheap headphones that rest inside your ear, called earbuds, they should not be overlooked as quality headphones. In fact, you can find earbuds that offer excellent sound quality. Earbuds are lightweight and portable, which is excellent for those who want to listen to music while they are working out or they are on the go.

Before the advent of the MP3 players and the earbud, people used to use ear pad headphones. These headphones use a band to hold the padded speakers on your ear and they are considered quite comfortable to wear. Ear pads are portable and offer good sound quality; however, they do not offer a lot of noise cancellation, so you will hear some outside noise.

Full size headphones encase your entire ear with a soft pad that can cancel out background noise. Because these headphones are so large, they are not the best choice for portable use, but they are excellent for computer gaming and other home applications.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Style Price Colors Noise Isolation Feature Our Rating Where to buy

AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones

Over Ear $$ Black, Lime and more YES A AMAZON

Sennheiser HD 598

Over Ear $$ Burl Wood Accents No A AMAZON

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Over Ear $$ Black, White and more No B+ AMAZON

Beats Studio

Over Ear $$$ Red, Orange and more YES B+ AMAZON

Bluedio R+ Legend

On Ear $$ Legend Titanium and more No B+ AMAZON


Now that you have chosen, which form you would like your head set to take, let us look at the most popular features. These features will rely heavily on the intended use of the headphones. If you are going to be using the headphones in noisy situations, like on public transportation, you may want to look for a headset that features noise cancellation. This feature will cancel out the noise around you and they are predominately available in ear pad or full sized headsets that will require the use of batteries. Noise isolation is similar to noise cancellation, except they do not require batteries. These products form a seal around your ear, which blocks out background noise.

Another feature that you will want to take into consideration is if the head set is wired or if it uses Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth headsets are among the top ten headphones because they offer the user freedom to roam around the house and still enjoy high quality sound.

Of course, the very most important feature, sound. When you are searching through the Black Friday deals for the perfect headset, you will want to take into consideration the sound it will produce. There is a term called sweetening, and it comes in two modes: free field and defined field. Free field mimics an open environment like an open field, whereas a defined field is a more concentrated sound like in a room. If you are using the headset for producing music, you do not want any sweetening, but rather flat frequency. This allows you to compare levels and set them accordingly.


Things to consider:

  • What form do you want your headphones to be; earbud, ear pad, or full size?
  • Am I going to be making music with these headphones?
  • Does it matter to me if the headset is wired or not?
  • Do I want to block out background noise?



AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones


Best Headphones 2018The brand name is certainly important, not only for bragging rights but also for the quality that it implies. These Quincy Jones Signature head phones may be a bit pricy, but you won’t find anything cheaper on the market with the exact same features. Light and portable, the headphones ensure good quality sound and are recommended for professional purposes. Just as important, they are compatible with most devices and the 3D form ear pads are very comfortable.



There are many music producers trying to find a reliable answer to the question “what are the best headphones for studio”. For them we recommend the exclusive Q 701 Quincy Jones headphones from AKG, a product known for its amazing acoustics and sound clarity

Features the newly developed flat-wire voice-coil technology which provides clear sounds and smooth transient response, without the presence of interference or vibration

To the delight of musicians, these headphones incorporate the exclusive AKG Varimotion high precision 2-layer diaphragm which maintains the sound clear and natural

The headphones come with a large ear-enveloping design, completed by ear pads which ensure a comfortable audio experience



Not recommended for jogging sessions

Replacing the headphone cables at some time is pretty hard given that they are proprietary to AKG


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Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones


If music is what you need to go through the day and you enjoy listening to your favorite songs 24 / 7, the 7 Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones should be your best option. Ranked among the best headphones 2016, this set is suitable for school breaks, large working offices or the cozy comfort of your sofa. The velour ear pads won’t suffocate your ears and the sophisticated burl wood accents will surely cause some envious looks. This model is popular for its neat design as well as for the excellent audio quality.



Considered by music technicians as the best headphones under $500, the HD 598 model from Sennheiser delivers impressive sound quality without compromising ear comfort

Features the exclusive E.A.R (Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement) sound technology that directs audio signals through the channels directly in the ears, for a clear and thriving audio experience

The headphones are designed with Duofol diaphragms which maintain minimal distortion during each sound played, optimal for music producers that have to control the creative process

This new product features an advanced surround reflector which sets a spatial sound field with smooth dynamics



The headphones do not come with a protective case (this is an optional accessory, sold separately)

Doesn’t include a microphone


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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Headphones


The black elegant design, compact shape, excellent connectivity and perfect sound are the core elements that are sure to please even the pickiest music fan. The harmonic sound is a perfect match between exceptional clarity and accurate bass response.  These headphones have won their spot among the top headphones 2018. They are easy to wear in all circumstances, ensure good isolation in even the loudest of environments and provide perfect clear sounds that enhance any musical experience.



Which product is the best from the many headphones available for purchase? Most of the reviews that we consulted underline the sublime design of the ATH-M50x professional headphones from Audio-Technica, which can render accurate sounds

Due to the earcups seal the headphones limit the negative effects of external noise on private listening music sessions

The headphones include proprietary 45mm large aperture drivers with carefully selected rare earth and durable copper-clad aluminium wire, responsible with audio reproduction

The 90 degree swiveling earcups permit users to set the most comfortable position for enhanced comfort and durability



Does not come with a sturdy headphone case (this accessory is sold separately)

The headphone cables are proprietary (hard to replace) but the box comes with 3 of them


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Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones


Simplicity is bliss but it is pricy. The top headphones 2018 are nothing but the sheer perfection of design and ideal sound quality. Designed to ensure high standards of comfort and flexibility, these headphones will make you feel as if the artists and their music flow naturally from your device. Mobility is a must and the USB Charging cable is what you need to always have your headphones fully charged and ready to use. Black is an elegant option, but they come in several other colors and designs to ensure a perfect match for each style.



There are many people that want to know who makes the best product from the headphones already present on the market. According to our data, it seems that the Studio Over-Ear headphones from Beats are strong and quite comfortable to wear

Features the exclusive Beats Acoustic Engine which permits users to enjoy a truly intimate audio experience with no outside interference

The headphones are fitted with a powerful battery which offers 20 hours of free music listening

Besides the sport look with sexy curves and lines, the headphones include a flexible fit which matches various head shapes for a comfortable listening experience



Does not offer the possibility to turn off the active noise cancelling option


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Bluedio R+ Legend Version Bluetooth Headphones


Some hard core fans will go wild for these wireless headphones. Very mobile and comfortable to wear, this model is perfect for those who enjoy their music all day long and don’t wish to stumble on the cable every time they go to another room.  Buyers appreciate how easy they can connect the headphones to different devices without much effort.  Despite their robust appearance, they are light and comfortable and ensure good quality of sound at an extremely affordable price.



As the highest rated headphones from Bluedio, the R+ Legend comes equipped with 8 built-in neodymium dynamic drive units which maintain optimal air circulation and proper space for powerful bass effects

The headphones are compatible with NFC (Near-Field communication) devices which allows users to be mobile and still listen all their favourite songs

Features built-in Micro-SD card music that givers music lovers to play music in the following formats MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC and APE

Due to the PPS8 sound system these headphones ensure optimal acoustic clarity during rock, country, hip-hop or pop songs



Doesn’t come with a carrying case (this accessory is sold separately)


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