Top rated HD Security Cameras in 2019


A HD security camera can give you additional security and peace of mind. With the ability to capture crystal clear images, you will always be able to keep an eye on your valuables. While there are several models to choose from, here are a few of the top rated HD security cameras in 2019.




Funlux HD Night Vision Surveillance Camera Kit


According to the best HD security camera reviews this model is able to continuously record for 25 days. This gives you the freedom to leave your property knowing that all activity is being recorded. The images are even clearer with 720p, and show the finer details in the recordings. For added convenience and peace of mind, you can also access your security camera from your smart phone.

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Zmodo 4CH HD Security Camera System


As stated in the best HD security camera reviews it is ideal for use indoors or outside. This model features a durable weatherproof casing, and it even includes a function that will save certain images. The 720p HD video clearly displays all of the finer details, and you can also access the security system remotely from the web or iphone. With the video and power feed combined into one cable it is convenient and easy to use.

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TriVision HD IP Security Camera


Considered one of the best HD security cameras in 2019 it is durable and reliable. Since it is weatherproof it can be used for monitoring indoors and out, and also features infrared capabilities for recording at night. The wireless design makes it easier to hide the camera, and it also includes a motion sensor. What makes it truly stand out is the ability to recognize faces and license plates, and send email alerts. This gives you an extra layer of protection for yourself and your belongings.

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Hikvision Outdoor HD Bullet Security Camera


This small security camera is ideal for recording walkways and driveways. It is easy to install, and will record crystal clear images in the day or night. The bullet shaped high resolution camera is capable of 1080p, which will give you a clear view of the area you are recording. In infrared mode you can record up to 30 meters, and the camera also includes a motion sensor. With a lightweight and durable design, it is easy to see why this is a popular HD security camera among home owners.

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Fujikam FI-361 HD Security Camera


Many consumers consider this the best HD security camera in 2019, and one of the reasons is because of its streaming abilities. This model includes night vision and audio, along with being able to record images in crystal clear HD. With remote streaming you can watch everything in real time from your tablet or smart phone, with two way audio you can also converse with anyone near the camera. Download the recordings to an SD card, and also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your security camera is also motion sensitive.

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