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ABorn in 1962, Havaianas takes the breezy culture of Hawaii and blends in just the right amount of cleanliness in design that Japanese Zori has been recognized for. The flat, thonged Japanese sandals may have evolved from being simple rice straw footwear to their modern plastic siblings, but Havaianas has successfully stuck to its secret 100% rubber formula, which has made Havaianas the footwear of choice for Brazilians as well as millions of people all over the world. Made for hiking, biking, all day walking or simply scrambling up somewhere, Havaianas and the best havaianas reviews have captured the hearts of people who want a carefree way of enjoying the outdoors.

There is no single answer to the question “What is the best Havaianas that you can get in the market?” The company has come out with so many designs, styles and patterns that it can be very difficult to give a perfect answer to that question. However, being able to know your own personality is a great way to start. This means you will be able to choose the perfect style you would go for, which color suits your skin tone or summer wear, and what purpose you will have for the flip flops. The market has been flooded with cheap products, which are nothing but flimsy imitations that have nothing of the premium quality, materials and craftsmanship that genuine flip flops from Havaianas are sure to carry.

The top ten Havaianas are regularly open flip flops that enable easy on and off. They are lightweight and airy, giving the feet that comfortable feeling whether on the hiking or biking trail or just on the beach for some all-day water fun. The fit should be snug, with the flip flops held securely to the feet but still enabling easy removal when needed. Since you will basically be using your flip flops for serious cheery walking, check for a pair that has a super comfortable footbed. The footbed should be non-slippery, textured for easy gripping with the soles of your feet. Although it can be tempting to get overly squishy imitations when you want a more affordable product, remember that succumbing to the temptation would only leave you with a worthless piece of rubber after a few weeks or maybe even just a few days.

The straps of the most popular Havaianas hug the instep or top of the foot and are not overly tight. Thin as they are, the straps on this brand of flip flops are normally made without use of webbing but only pure special rubber. Although many people love webbing straps or bibby straps, the Havaianas brand has always been for thin but comfortable straps that are rounded and cushiony in structure. This helps prevent formation of blisters on the instep and between the big toe and the second, index or long toe. Some people who have dermatitis problems may find the rubber strap not to their liking, but those who have no problems with such conditions love how the best rated products in the Havaianas line offer ample support and protection to the feet. The treads on the outsoles offer a non-slip grip on any surface.


Things to consider:

  • Design that suits your taste and a color that goes with your favorite summer get-up
  • Non-slippery footbed that gives just the right amount of arch support
  • Straps that are springy and offer a snug fit


Top rated Havaianas in 2018


When shopping for the best havaianas 2018, remember that no one pair will ever be the best for everyone on the planet. Consider your personality, how unique you are, and make your choice based on what you think will work best for you. Besides, with the range of Havaianas footwear available in the market, you will surely find a product that suits you.


Havaianas Slim Season Women’s Sandal


When it’s too warm to be in sneakers, the Havaianas Slim Season Women’s Sandal offers a great way to hang around while sightseeing or just enjoying the invigorating sea air. This sandal has been a heavy beach favorite and has landed in many best havaianas reviews thanks to its special stylish pitanga flower print adorning the textured footbed. The flip flops are made of Havaianas’ secret rubber formula. The outsole is also rubber, with a special tread that offers grip where and when you need it. The metallic strap is sleek, with a tonal Havaianas logo that completes the authentic look. The flip flops offer the right amount of protection for the feet. The width is perfect for wearers who have slim feet.

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Havaianas Brasil Men’s Flip Flop


The Havaianas Brasil Men’s Flip Flop is pretty hard to top. It has a rubber sole and is made of 100% PVC. The heel measures approximately one inch while the platform is around ½ inch thick. That’s enough protection for the feet without being heavy. This pair has a sharp-looking profile while enabling the wearer to still appear relaxed and unbothered by worldly conventions. The exclusive Brasil logo is comprised of a flag embellishment and matching contrast logo for a stylish matte strap look. Chill surfside or lounge around town in a great pair of flip flops that offer that go-to look for every summer day. This style is available in a variety of colors that can match any outfit.

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Havaianas Slim Women’s Flip Flop


Featuring a sleek metallic strap that gives the flip flop a fresh and trendy look, the Havaianas Slim Women’s Flip Flop is the perfect footwear for all-day hassle-free walking. Its slim style is ideal for ladies whose feet are elegantly slim, embracing the feet with thinner and delicate straps that give that unequalled casually chic look. The signature textured footbed offers comfort and style with its tonal Havaianas logo. This flip flop carries a simple, classic summer look with its molded thin rubber upper embossed with the Havaianas logo, an assurance of high quality and craftsmanship. The shock-absorbing midsole, cushioned insole and durable rubber outsole combine to give premium footing to the wearer.

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Havaianas High Fashion Women’s Flip Flop


This High Fashion Wedge from Havaianas spells high-end styling. It’s a platform wedge built with a metallic strap that completes that special chic look. The textured footbed provides the necessary factor of comfort in a women’s flip flop. The 2.5-inch heel provides just the right amount of elevated style that you can appreciate. The thong style blends casual chic and high-end fashion effortlessly. The textured rice pattern on the cushioned footbed offers comfort without being overly sophisticated or cluttered. The sole is made of strong EVA and secret 100% pure rubber. The flattering height you get from this pair remains unparalleled in such type of footwear.

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Havaianas Top Flip Flop


Made of the finest, softest rubber, the Havaianas Top Flip Flop is a bestseller for those who want cheap havaianas 2018 styles. It’s a super-comfortable flip flop that you can practically live in during the summer. It is available in an entire palette of lovely colors to match your favorite summer outfit. It comes in thong style, which offers a clean profile. The cushioned footbed carries a textured rice pattern and rubber sole, the ultimate in strength and comfort. The tonal Havaianas logo on the matte strap ensures you of original craftsmanship and quality. This is the ultimate choice when you prefer to be light on your feet during warmer days.

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