Top rated handheld mixers in 2019


In any kitchen a good handheld mixer is more than useful. A responsible cook needs to use a reliable mixer, designed to easily blend different ingredients. Since in the segment of kitchen appliances handheld mixers are very popular, finding the most efficient product can take time. This is why we decided to test over 30 top products for 80 hours. Out of them five performed very well in mixing different types of ingredients. When our quality tests were over, we managed to draft with attention the best handheld mixer reviews. Any cook can use one of the following mixers presented below in order to easily prepare dishes!


Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer


Best handheld mixer reviewsIn the kitchen appliance department, Cuisinart always managed to release high quality products. This is also the case with Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus handheld mixer. Cooks can use the appliance to prepare cookie dough or even cold butter. This special appliance incorporates 220-watt motor which can deliver enhanced power for precise mixing of different ingredients. The unit features a user-friendly interface, with simple on and off buttons. Furthermore it has special one-touch speed control and 9 speed settings for precise mixing management. Designed with chrome-plated layers, the handheld mixer is built to resist prolonged use. It also has 3 year warranty!

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Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer


The current best handheld mixer reviews emphasize on the great functionality of the HM-70 Power Advantage from Cuisinart. This powerful hand mixer is very easy to manoeuvre. It is powered by 220 watt motor which delivers an impressive mixing force, enough to handle even the hardest of ingredients. The mixer has 7 unique speed options and measures around 8 by 3-3/4 by 5-3/4 inches. It can help any cook to prepare delicious dishes, from dense cookie dough for veggie delights. This handheld mixer has 3 low mixing speeds while folding or even mixing dry ingredients. Furthermore it has a useful LED speed display which shows the speed settings.

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KitchenAid 5 Speed Hand Mixer


Finding the best handheld mixer in 2019 is very important to responsible cooks. Recent statistics show that a growing number of cooks have in their home the KHM512ER from KitchenAid. This powerful 5-speed electric mixer is more than capable of mixing various ingredients. It can be used in order to mix cookie dough, precisely knead bread dough or even blend a tasty smoothie. It uses a lightweight motor which delivers a quiet but powerful mixing operation. The mixer includes a comfortable handle that is very easy to hold during long mixing operations. Furthermore the mixer has stainless steel turbo beaters which can handle even the most challenging of culinary tasks.

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Sunbeam FPSBHS030 250-watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer


Every kitchen should have a top rated handheld mixer in 2019, capable of mixing different ingredients. We recommend the FPSBHS030 from Sunbeam, a very popular hand mixer which can deliver impressive results. This stand and hand mixer can smoothly blend various ingredients. It is powered by a sturdy 250 watt motor that offers precise mixing force for any culinary task. People can use the mixer in order to prepare dough for homemade pizza, garlic bread sticks or even French bread. It has 3 quart stainless steel bowl with chrome beaters and unique dough hooks which can handle even the most demanding of tasks.

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Oster FPSTHM2578 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer


Professional cooks know the value of Oster kitchen appliances. As a result it is not surprising to see so many people consider the FPSTHM2578 Hand Mixer as the best handheld mixer in 2019. This 6-speed mixer is perfect for any preparing different culinary delights. It can be used in order to make strawberry cheesecake, sugar cookies and many more. The mixer incorporates a powerful 250 watt motor which allows cooks to perform a wide range of blending tasks. Users can choose from 6 variable speed settings at a simple push of a button. It uses low and turbo burst for more delicate cooking tasks.

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