If you want to find the trendiest handbag available right now, this guide will help you achieve that in as little time as possible. We selected only models that are eye-catching and that are bound to last you for a very long time. We’ve based our selections on the hottest trends and on popular opinions from past customers. Additionally, we went through expert reviews to see which products are worth it and which are not. To cut to the chase, one model that stood out is the Nine West Reana. This bag looks fashionable with its universal colors that can match any outfit. Moreover, it is made from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time and, more importantly, it comes from a brand that is famous all around the world. If you need an alternative, the Baggallini Everyday Bagg can make you equally happy.



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What to consider when buying a top  handbag


It’s pretty difficult to find a handbag you like and want to buy online since the market’s overflowing with many options. Some of the things you need to consider are the color, the material you want it to be made of, as well as whether or not you want it to have been manufactured by top designers. A unit produced by a top brand will always cost more than one released by a company that hasn’t been in the industry for just as much time. If you are feeling a little puzzled as to which type of handbag you should choose, have a look at the guide we’ve put together for your consideration.1.Anne Klein Perfect Medium Tote

Material and shape

Handbags can be made of different kinds of materials. The fact of the matter is that not all types of fabrics go with all sorts of occasions. Leather bags might be more suited for stylish events such as cocktails, where you would not normally wear a bag made of straw, plastic, or nylon. Artificial materials are sometimes more convenient because they weigh less. However, as previously mentioned, they might not be fit for the occasion.

The shape of the product should also be a detail to consider. Believe it or not, not all bags are created the same, just like not all individuals have the same body type. A model destined for women who are tall and thin might be appropriate if it’s somewhat short and slouchy. Shoulder options that come with short straps might not be an option for this kind of body type. The smaller the body, the smaller the handbag, and that’s a golden rule when prospecting the market for a new model. The safest way to make the right decision, in this case, would be to measure the bag you already own and love and think fit for your physical features. Then, start browsing the options you have available, and be sure to compare their dimensions with the ones of the purse you already own.


Convenience and functionality

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you intend to buy the product for a certain event that you have to attend, or you plan to use it on a daily basis. Functional alternatives can range from duffle bags and tote bags to messenger bags and even diaper bags. Just how many things do you plan on taking with you? Consider the fact that a clutch might not be the best choice in terms of storing various items, and some models might not even fit your wallet. The smaller the unit, the less likely it is for you to use it every day. Sometimes, it’s worth investing in a more expensive clutch or baguette just to know you have it in the house and can use it when the occasion arrises.



The color of your newly purchased bag actually matters a great deal when it comes to choosing the right product. While black might not look like an alternative for some people, the bottom line is that black will never go out of style. For one, it’s easy to coordinate with virtually any type of look and has a high chance of raising up to par, no matter the type of event you have to attend. Sure, you might feel less tempted to use a black handbag while going to a wedding, but it’s a safe bet in most circumstances.

If you have been tossing and turning about which stylish model to pick, we’ll put your mind at ease by saying that, the fewer the colors in your handbag, the less likely it is to draw attention. If that’s what you are looking for, you can choose a print that you like and go for a rather simple dress or skirt. Simplicity is key to looking classy, even though you shouldn’t overdo it because your outfit might risk looking bland.2.HALEY Classic Gold

Price and recommendations

A handbag can last for many years to come if it is well-made and you take proper care of it. If you love designer models but don’t need to purchase one right away, you can wait for a while and get the product you’re eyeing when it is on sale. Some Louis Vuitton models can cost as much as several thousands of dollars, so be sure to read some reviews and find out whether you risk paying for an authentic product or not. Just remember, a timeless model can be less affordable than one you might find in any store around you for a couple of hundred dollars.

Some of the best handbags we’ve come across are showcased below.



Top rated handbags reviews



Nine West Reana


Nina West Rean represents a good, quality purse that will make the buyer very happy. It is classy and different and is made of one hundred percent polyvinyl chloride. The piece is imported and with a zipper closure on top that makes it waterproof and secure.

The fact that it has a medium size makes it ideal for all kinds of tasks, and its strap makes it very comfortable to wear for longer periods. The purse won’t fall when placed on a straight surface since its design is both ergonomic and appealing. Also, note that it can be cleaned with a wet cloth.


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Baggallini Everyday Bagg


The bag is not a product that you should ignore since it is super cool and high-quality. This comfortable piece is made of lightweight and water-resistant polyester for durability. Moreover, the bag’s shoulder strap is adjustable, and it rocks a front exterior pocket that can be secured with the help of a sturdy zipper.

It will help you keep your everyday essentials together and also stay well-organized so you won’t misplace your stuff. The main compartment is zippered too, and it is large enough that it can keep plenty of things inside like checkbooks, cosmetics, eyewear, and even a compact magazine.


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FRYE Melissa Tote


Besides having a classy style, this bag is also durable since it is made from leather using the signature burnish and polish hand technique. The model’s reinforced corners can withstand wear and tear, and you’ll also love the stability of this bag on any type of surface, smooth or bumpy.

It’s the perfect companion for busy days when you have to carry many things with you due to the fact that its spacious interior fits everything. It feels luxurious, and it can match any outfit, a thing that makes it truly versatile. The beautiful antiqued hardware adds an extra layer of style to the bag.


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Vera Bradley Iconic


Beauty and ingenuity are crafted into all the Vera Bradley bags, and this one is no exception. The fun patterns on the piece add brightness and fun, and the improved design offers functionality wherever you go since it is spacious and well-organized.

The product is made of lightweight quilted cotton and it features a secure zipper closure. Specs wise, it is 6.5 inches wide and 8 inches high, and it will give you a slim silhouette. It is light, and the colors are persistent, even after years of using and washing it. Moreover, it comes with plenty of pockets where you can keep your money and credit cards.


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FRYE Melissa Shoulder


Leather handbags will never go out of style, especially when they sport a classic design like this piece does. The imported unit comes in many color options, and it is as versatile as bags can get, meaning you can transform any outfit with its help.

It features the brand’s unique buttons, and its shoulder bag style makes it perfect for a hectic day or weekend. It only gets even better with age, as leather is a sturdy material that is resistant to wear. The closure is magnetic, and on the inside, it features two slip pockets which come in very handy.


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FRYE Melissa Satchel


Another option from the same brand is this modern piece. It is the latest addition to the manufacturer’s coveted bag collection, and it is immaculately crafted from smooth full-grain Italian leather. Moreover, the piece is inspired by messenger styles.

But this doesn’t mean it is outdated, as it features modern metallic touches, which will impress all buyers. The piece has two sleek top handles so you can carry it as a tote, and an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap that can also be detached if needed. The interior is spacious, and the bag will not acquire bad smells with use.


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Vera Bradley Glenna


Young, modern, and quirky – these could be the words used to describe this bag. The design is enhanced, and it is a contemporary reiteration of the brand’s classic silhouettes. It offers enhanced functionality since it features a spacious main compartment, and an exterior front and a back pocket, where you could store things like your phone.

The interior features three slips and a zip pocket, and its drawstring allows you to adjust the size of the bag. The zipper closure makes sure your belongings are secured, and the unit can also be machine washed in cold water. The dimensions are balanced and the colors persistent.


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Nine West Levona


The faux leather makes you seem stylish and eco-friendly at the same time. It is imported and durable, and its design is compact so it won’t take too much space. The style is minimal, which shows it has class and that it can be worn even at official events like book launches and weddings.

The three-compartment design will allow you to be organized and to find everything fast. The strap is adjustable, and the colors available make sure you can match your precious bag to any top or dress. Considering its price, it offers plenty of features and durability so you won’t regret buying it.


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The Sak Riviera


Make sure your summer holidays will be stylish with the help of this model. The Sak Riviera is a chunky piece that incorporates elements from the hobo design. A simple and elegant exterior pocket keeps the focus on the palpable crochet, and the patterns it comes in make sure the unit is not going to go unnoticed.

Thoughtfully crafted from a durable material to provide functionality, the chic beauty will be by your side for many years to come. It can be cleaned with a wet piece of cloth, and it is organized, so you won’t get lost inside it when looking for something.


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Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano – Not available


1.Michael Kors Jet

This Michael Kors model is among the most stylish ones we’ve come across. It’s roomy enough to fit all your personal belongings without becoming overly heavy. It’s made of the best leather and can be bought in a broad range of colors. Inside, there’s a center zip compartment and the bag also has three open pockets. Judging by the appreciation it has gathered from American buyers, it’s safe to say that this product is a real investment, especially since it can safely and comfortably accommodate the needs of business women. This handbag is so roomy that it can even fit a MacBook.



Anne Klein Perfect Medium Tote – Not available


Best handbags 2022Carry your most important stuff like wallets, keys, and cell phones in the Anne Klein Perfect Medium Tote. This is an elegant and stylish tote bag that is made of synthetic material. The fabric lining is exquisitely made and the magnetic snap closure is added for your convenience. It is huge enough to store all your needed stuff but not too huge to look awkward as you wear it. Because of its sturdy and smooth construction, it is one of the best handbags 2022.



HALEY Classic Gold Studded – Not available


Get the elegant HALEY Classic Gold Studded Tote Handbag for the most affordable price. It is one of the most stylish handbags that are designed for fashion-oriented working girls. The exquisite fabric lining and the classic bowler structure of the bag truly displays sophistication. The straps and top handles are made of leatherette material. The gold-tone decorations prove to be glamorous additions to the bag’s overall exterior.



MG Collection MARISSA – Not available


You don’t have to pay thousands of bucks to get a sophisticated handbag that looks like expensive designer bags. The MG collection MARISSA Top Double Handle Doctor Style Handbag is one of the most affordable handbags that have a very elegant look and construction. It has sturdy handles which you can adjust. It is designed for maximum storage space and there are pockets that you can use to organize your stuff inside.



Tommy Hilfiger Heritage Flag Tag Saffiano – Not Available


Nothing is more classy and elegant-looking than the Tommy Hilfiger Heritage Flag Tag Saffiano Bowler Top Handle Bag. As one of the top handbags 2022 on the market, it is made of the 100% high quality leather. The shoulder strap can be removed and it can be easily adjusted. There are multiple pockets in the bag’s interior, allowing you to organize the stuff to avoid luggage mishap. The metal accents give it a rather sophisticated look.