Expert buying tips on hand warmers:


During the colder months, sometimes we need that little something extra to help keep our hands warm. This is where the best rated hand warmers come in handy (pun intended). They can be used anywhere, whether you are out on the lake fishing, standing in line on Black Friday, or even if you at home and you just cannot get warm. There are many hand warmers on the market though, and each one has a little something special to offer. We created this guide to help you make the decision which of the best hand warmers of 2022 would be beneficial for you and your needs.


Single Use Chemical Hand Warmers

These hand warmers can be good in a pinch and they begin working almost instantly. All you have to do is open the package and shake the pouch inside. This will cause the pouch to heat up and your hands will love the warmth that lasts for more than five hours. There is a down side to these particular hand warmers though. They do not have a very long shelf life, so if you come across a good sale and buy a bunch, you want to make sure that you will be using them relatively quickly. Before you use them, make sure you check the “Use by date” because if they are older than that date, chances are they will not work as well—if at all.


Re-usable Chemical Hand Warmers

Some of the most popular hand warmers are the re-usable ones. These uses a gel that is contained inside a flexible plastic shell. Inside the gel there is a small metal clicker that when pressed, it creates a chemical reaction that causes the gel to solidify and heat up. In order to reuse them, simply throw the packet in a pot of boiling water until the gel returns to its liquid state. These particular hand warmers are quite affordable, easy to use and they do not have a limited shelf life. The down side is that they do not get very hot nor does the heat last very long.


Zippo Hand Warmer

The name “Zippo” is pretty well known for their line of lighters, but they also have created a unique hand warmer that can be found among the top ten hand warmers. These neat little devices can get pretty hot and they can give off heat for up to twelve hours. Of course, they are reusable and they are very durable, as they are made out of metal. You do not have to worry about being burned because although the Zippo hand warmer requires lighter fluid to work, it does not actually create a flame. The only down side to choosing this over other highest rated warmers is that the process to refilling the fuel, it can be tricky. It definitely requires a steady hand.


Having cold hands that will not warm up is one of the most uncomfortable things in the world. You can hide your hands under several blankets and they could still be cold. However, by using a hand warmer, you have the best chance of having toasty fingers.


Things to consider:

  • Is the hand warmer reusable?
  • How long will the heat last and how intense is it?
  • Are there any other features the warmer can provide?


Top rated Hand Warmers in 2022


Whether you are outdoors watching a sports game or hiking through the woods, having cold hands is never a pleasant experience. With the help of some of the best hand warmer reviews, here is a list of some very popular items that can help make those fingers nice and toasty.


HotHands HH2-AMZ Hand Warmers


HotHands Hand Warmers can only be used once. These air-activated heating packs give you warmth that is ideal for keeping your hands and even parts of your body warm during the colder months. The packets provide you with safe and natural heat that fit inside your gloves or pocket. In order to activate the long-lasting heat, just take the packet out of the package and shake to activate it.

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Defrost Labs Portable Rechargable Hand Warmer


In terms of versatility and function, this hand warmer has you covered, as it is a hand warmer, battery charger as well as an LED flashlight. Because of this, this product is excellent to have with you while you are on a camping trip or hiking. The hand warmer will heat up to 110 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and uses a pulsating heat technology that works to prevent overheating and burning your skin while in use. The heat function last approximately 4 to 7 hours on a single charge. The device uses a rechargeable battery that can be recharged anywhere, thanks to the 5600mAH high capacity portable charger.

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EnergyFlux Rechargeable Double-Sided Hand Warmer


With the hand warmer offered by EnergyFlux, you can keep your hands nice and toast at all times—all while recharging your phone! The wrap-around aluminum casing allows heat to circulate around the whole device. This allows you to cup the unit in between both of your hands and it will keep both your palms and your fingers warm simultaneously. During the warmer months, you do not have to stop using the hand charger, as it can then be used as a backup battery so that your electronic devices never run out of power.

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EnergyFlux Slim Rechargeable Double-Sided Hand Warmer


The EnergyFlux Slim provides you with all the great features that you have grown to love about the original EnergyFlux but in a thinner form. You can still keep your hands nice and toasty and still recharge your mobile devices. The difference with the Slim design is it offers a more comfortable grip for those with longer palms because the body is slightly longer. The EnergyFlux Slim now features one less charging cord. In order to charge your digital devices, simply plug in the USB charger cable directly into your device. It is that simple!

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Zippo A-Frame Hand Warmer


The Zippo hand warmer mimics the design of the lighters with the same name, except it does not produce a flame. The device provides you with 12 hours of warmth off a single fueling. The unit is made of a durable metal, which can get very hot over time. The reusable heater is stunning to look at as well as being incredibly effective. The hand warmer comes with a warmer bag and a filling cup.

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