Expert Buying Guide on Hammer Drills


Commonly found at construction sites, the power tools described in the best hammer drill reviews simplify hole drilling into brick walls, blocks, stone and concrete foundations. Combining the strengths of a hammer and a drill, the hammer drill utilizes chuck vibration and bit spin to deliver short, rapid thrusts that help pulverize and chip away material just like a jackhammer. Aside from taking note of the brands and models on the market, you also need to know what essential elements make a good quality roto hammer or rotary hammer drill.

Best Hammer Drill

Mode Switch

Some of the top rated hammer drills 2022 are equipped with a mode switch that enables you to choose between different drilling modes.

Dual mode units are small yet have more than enough capability to accomplish repetitive masonry chores easily. They function both as a rotary drill and a rotary hammer drill. They are the perfect size for many wood and metal tasks, as well when used with a keyed chuck adaptor.

At the flick of a switch, a three-mode rotary hammer drill can do regular rotary drilling, rotary hammer drilling and chiseling. Typically larger than two-mode models, a three-mode rotary hammer drill comes with two more symbols on its mode switch. The chiseling mode enables the tool to work like an electric chisel, which hammers without rotation, while the rotation mode enables straightening of the chisel bit prior to engagement of the chisel mode.


Robust Chuck

The element that grips the drilling accessories is called the chuck. The chuck is the end of the drive shaft where power is transmitted. All the products in the best hammer drill reviews are equipped with Special Drilling System (SDS) chucks made of quality plastic.

The SDS locks in place accessories with an SDS shank. SDS chucks are available in a range of styles and sizes. SDS-Max and SDS-Plus are the most common, which come with their own matching drill bits. Make sure the bit doesn’t fall out while still being able to slip back and forth.


Impact Energy and Drilling Performance

The best hammer drill 2022, whether two- or three-mode, generates more than enough impact energy and beats per minute to do its job efficiently. To assess the level of hammering action, you should compare the beats-per-minute (BPM) and impact-per-minute (IPM) of your prospect tool.

Two-mode rotary hammer drills offer an impact energy range of 1.3 to 2.5 joules, while being able to operate up to 5,000 BPM. The maximum drilling capacity in masonry is about 20mm. In wood, it is approximately 30mm and generally 13mm in metal.

Three-mode tools offer an impact energy between 2.5 and 6.5 joules and up to 4,500 BPM. In masonry, they can drill up to 28mm using a drill bit and up to 90mm used with a core cutter, up to 32mm in wood and 13mm in metal.


Solid Features

Most rotary drills are built with a jampot housing into which the components are inserted and with a lid screwed down to seal everything in. This element needs to be durable to ensure effective alignment of the internal components plus a structurally sound tool.

A pistol-grip handle on small units and a D-handle on heavier-duty machines are ergonomic styles. A Side Handle with shock-absorbing capabilities provides stability and stops rotation.

A depth stop ensures precise drilling and is especially useful when you have to drill holes on material that the tool can’t go through.


Top Rated Hammer Drills in 2022


Buying a rotary hammer drill entails some form of reading and research to ensure a genuinely good buy. Those extra minutes spent on gathering information can spell the difference between a really great purchase and a waste of money. To help you with this objective, we suggest getting one of these three products that are each good investments.


Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme


1.Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG XtremeThe Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme is a completely re-engineered power tool that outperforms other machines in its class in both performance and speed. This model is a three-mode machine that functions as a rotary hammer, hammer only and rotation only to do its drilling tasks most effectively. You can rotate and lock the chisel into three dozen various positions using the Vario-Lock Positioning feature to optimize the working angle. Providing equal power both in forward and reverse, the Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme is equipped with a patented rotating brush plate.

The cord is made more durable for lasting use thanks to the 35-degree pivot that adds flexibility to the cord turret.The SDS-plus bit system facilitates tool-free bit changes with its automatic bit locking feature. This component also provides dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate. The variable-speed reversing trigger ensures accurate bit starting while efficiently removing fasteners or bound bits. Torque reaction is minimized thanks to the integral clutch.

The ergonomic D-handle grip design ensures optimum control especially when you have to perform overhead or downward drilling.The powerful 7.5 amp motor ensures that the rotary hammer drill is able to handle any masonry drilling task. The depth gauge ensures easy use.

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DeWalt DWE5010


2.DEWALT DWE5010Outfitted with a strong 7.0 amp motor, the DeWalt DWE5010 is engineered to deliver high performance while ensuring operator safety thanks to the built-in overload protection. This is a dual-mode machine that enables use as a hammer drill and a drill for wood, steel and masonry. The lightweight design of the 4.3-pound DeWalt DWE5010 enables you to use it for extended drilling sessions without causing too much operator fatigue. The 360-degree side handle supplements the depth rod to ensure good control, amazing drilling versatility and dependable depth accuracy.

The variable speed enables you to perform precise hole placements on the work surface. The DeWalt DWE5010 has a compact design that assures you of easy access to confined or tough spaces. The two-finger rubber trigger ensures user comfort. The lock-on trigger allows you to have the drill running continuously when you have to tackle repetitive applications. Use the DeWalt DWE5010 to install and remove Tapper/Tapcon fasteners, to accomplish heavy-duty drilling applications in concrete from 3/16 inch to 3/8 inch thick, steel tasks for up to ½ inch material, small Spike/ Red-Drive and nail-in anchor systems in masonry including soft concrete, brick and block.

The tool ships with a chuck key with holder, a depth rod and the 360° side handle so it is all ready to go right out of the package.

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Bostitch BTE140K


3.BOSTITCH BTE140KEquipped with Drill and Hammer drill modes, the Bostitch BTE140K delivers optimal performance for use with a variety of materials. Outfitted with a powerful 7 amp motor, the Bostitch BTE140K rotary hammer drill has a dual speed transmission of 0 to 1100 and 0 to 3000 for enough speed and torque to handle tough applications in both low and high settings. The metal gear housing ensures that all the components inside are aligned and the rotary hammer drill is structurally sound for dependable durability. Heat is dissipated away from the components thanks to this tough-as-nails housing design.

Expect nothing less than exceptional control even in demanding applications thanks to the side handle with depth rod. The depth rod ensures accuracy in hole drilling, as well. The ½-inch keyed metal chuck ensures secure bit retention so the bit doesn’t fall off while still being able to slip in and out during the drilling process. The ergonomic handle is designed with over mold to reduce operator fatigue and enhance comfort. The Bostitch BTE140K hammer drill has a ½ inch capacity in steel, ½ inch capacity in cement and 1 ¼ inch capacity in wood.

The kit box provides easy storage while facilitating problem-free transport from location to location.

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