Top Hair straightener reviews


The best hair straightener in 2018 will tame frizz and unruly curls making it easy to achieve a sleek stylish look, without expensive visits to the salon. According to the best hair straightener reviews there are several models to choose from, and it is important to make an informed decision for the health of your hair. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you will be able to find the best hair straighteners of 2018 to get the sleek and glossy style you’ve always wanted.

A. Hair straightener 2018


The top rated hair straightener reviews state that the material used in the plates can affect its performance. The most common type of plate is constructed from durable ceramic, which also heats up quickly to a constant temperature. Ceramic coated models are less expensive, but are not able to retain heat as well as other hair straighteners. Titanium is the strongest and most expensive material used, while tourmaline will give your hair a luxurious shine.


Plate Width

The width of the plate will depend on the length and type of hair, and there are several to choose from. Wider plates are ideal for thick, luxurious manes, while slim straighteners work best on thin or fine hair. Mid size plates can be used on shoulder length or short hair to keep your style sleek and shiny.


Heat Settings

The amount of heat produce by the straightener is important for the style, and health of your hair. Temperatures that are too high can damage the hair follicle, while models that cannot retain heat will not be effective at straightening stubborn curls. Hair straighteners that include multiple heat settings are not only better for your hair, but will also give you more styling options. You also want to consider the type of heat and the best hair straightener reviews suggest using infrared technology or models with negative ions to protect and improve the health of your hair.


What Are the Best Hiar Straighteners in 2018?


The type and length of your hair and your budget will help determine which straightener is best for you. While we can’t choose the product for you, we can show you the best hair straighteners of 2018. Each of these products is designed to help you tame and safely straighten your hair, and at a price that is significantly lower than a visit to the salon.


HSI Professional AJ-0CM6-QU8D


1.HIS ProfessionalThere are several reasons why this is considered the best hair straightener in 2018 that include its affordable price. It is designed to safely tame thin fly away hair, and smooth out tight curls. Safe for all hair types, you will love being able to finally pull off all of the sleek new styles.

You have the advantage of the ceramic and tourmaline plates which will quickly heat up to the selected temperature. The one inch wide plates are ideal for thin or thick hair at any length. Flip up the ends on shoulder length hair or add a healthy shine to longer locks. The plates can even safely curl shorter bangs without burning leaving embarrassing burn marks on your forehead.

The hair straightener also uses iconic technology which safely dries and smoothes your hair, while also locking in moisture. You can use this styling tool every day, and the included Argan oil helps to protect your hair from damage. A convenient storage bag makes it easy to take the straightener with you when you travel, and with dual voltage capabilities you can use it almost anywhere. Keep your hair sleek and beautiful quickly and easily with this affordable hair straightener.

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BaByliss Pro BABNT3072


2.BaByliss Pro BABNT3072With titanium plates to maintain a constant temperature and its slim design, this straightening iron is perfect for keeping thin hair sleek and shiny without damage. The strong titanium plates prevent heat from escaping, and will safely straighten or curl your hair. The plates also help to seal moisture in, to prevent dryness or additional damage.

The lightweight construction is also comfortable and easy to handle, and you’ll love how smoothly it glides through your hair. Using negative ion technology and infrared heat, you can add luster and healthy shine to your hair while taming frizz and unruly curls. The negative ions are able to quickly dry your hair, without removing any moisture. This helps your hair stay shiny and health anyway it is styled.

You have the advantage of the adjustable settings, which is ideal for all types of hair. Thicker hair can be quickly straightened when the iron is heated to 450 degrees, while lower settings work best for thinner styles. You will appreciate the longer plates when you are in a hurry, along with the lightweight construction that helps to prevent wrist or hand pain.

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Bio Ionic Onepass FGTST-OP-1.0


A. Hair straightener 2018This top hair straightener includes several features to help smooth fizzy hair, and improve its health. The beauty aid is easy to use, and it  glides smoothly  through your hair without pulling. Adding to its innovative features are the two strips the helped to bring out more of your hair’s natural shine, while also shortening your straightening time. Finish more sections of hair faster with this straightening iron, and you also have the advantage of the included 5 second heaters that ensure that there is always  plenty of heat.

The one inch ceramic plates are capable of staying at a constant temperature, and you also have the advantage of the infrared and ionic technology. This helps to ensure that you hair is shiny and healthy, and also easy to style into place. With heaters that warm up in under 5 seconds, your hair will also be easy to style.

The adjustable temperature settings ensure that it is safe for thin hair, and the ability to stay at a warm 400 degree setting makes it easy to straighten thick or curly hair. With an extended power cord included, it is easy to see why this hair straightener is still one of the most popular models.

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