Expert Buying Guide on Hair Removal Systems


Investing in a personal hair removal system can save you hundreds of dollars in salon or dermatologist costs. These systems conveniently remove unwanted body hair from areas such as the arms, legs, back, chest and underarms without the use of razors or steroid hair-removal creams which can have negative side effects. However, since these systems typically cost hundreds of dollars, it is important that you do your homework before you decide which one to buy. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

Best Hair Removal System

How long do the results last?

While most systems claim permanent results, others say that hair removal lasts only a few months, although more lasting results are possible with regular maintenance treatments. Choose the one that best meets your requirements, i.e. whether you want unwanted hair to be removed permanently or on a temporary basis.


What method is used for hair removal?

Generally, most systems currently sold use pulsed light to target hair follicles and prevent hair from re-growing in the targeted area. However, Tria at present sells a home laser system comparable to those used in professional salons and by dermatologists. This is the only one that has been approved by the FDA.


How long does it take to get results?

Keep in mind that laser hair removal is not instantaneous and you will need to repeat treatments over a certain period in order to get the desired results. In addition, depending on your particular body type, you might not enjoy total hair removal on the targeted area.


Is it appropriate for your hair or skin type?

Keep in mind that hair removal systems are not appropriate for everybody and work best for those with lighter complexions. In fact, laser hair removal does not work for people with darker skin, and the best systems have skin tone sensors that analyze the skin tone of the user and shuts down the device if it finds the complexion too dark.


Does it work for both women and men?

Although hair removal systems have traditionally been used by women, these days, men also use them to remove unwanted hair.


Top Rated Hair Removal Systems in 2018


Now that you know what features to look for when buying a home hair removal system, you can start to go shopping for one with confidence. However, if you still need more assistance in choosing the one that best meets your needs, please feel free to look over our recommendations.


Veet Infini’Silk Pro


1.Veet Infini’SilkThe Infini’Silk Pro by Veet has garnered some of the best hair removal system reviews on Amazon for providing outstanding results. The system uses the same advanced technology that is actually used in professional settings such as salons and dermatologist clinics to painlessly and easily remove unwanted hair, anywhere on your body. It provides a painless alternative to waxing while ensuring that the skin remains silky-smooth. You can use it on your legs, underarm, bikini line, arms, chest and even the back. Permanent results can be seen with as little as four to five treatments, and it can be used by both women and men.

The Infini’Silk Pro uses Veet’s intense pulsed light technology to painlessly and permanently remove unwanted hair by stopping growth at the root. The hand-held device allows you to apply the pulsed light to the area where you want results. It also has skin color and skin contact sensors to ensure safe use and to avoid discoloration, as well as five light energy levels so you can get the exact results you want. It has also been cleared by the FDA for home use, so you’re assured that it is safe while giving you professional-level results.

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Remington iLight Pro Plus


2.Remington iLightThe Remington iLight has earned some of the best hair removal system 2018 reviews from Amazon users for providing superior results at an affordable price. It uses light pulses that have been scientifically designed to safely and painlessly remove body hair by targeting melanin to disable the mechanism that is responsible for hair growth. While the results are not permanent, unlike other systems, hair removal lasts six months before you need another treatment. Subsequent maintenance treatments may provide longer results. The hair at the treated area also grows back finer and lighter than before. The iLight is appropriate for use in the arms, under arms, legs, groin/bikini area, stomach and chest.

The iLight not only provides you with professional-level results; treatments also take less time since the device requires no downtime to recharge while having the fastest flash rate. In addition, it has features such as five energy levels that allow you to apply the exact light levels to get the best results as well as a skin tone sensor that scans your skin tone and adjusts the pulsed light to the right setting. The iLight comes with a disposable cartridge that is good for some 1,500 flashes or around two to three full-body treatments.

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Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X


3.Tria 4x Beauty Hair Removal LaserThe Tria 4x is one of the top rated hair removal systems 2018 since it is actually a hair-removal laser similar to that used by dermatologists rather than the pulsed light offered by other home systems. It is the first and, so far, only laser that has been cleared by the FDA for home use. The 4x uses diode laser technology to permanently disable the hair follicle to ensure that unwanted hair won’t grow back. Using it as directed will give you results similar to those you would get from professional salons at a fraction of the price.

Amazon reviewers have testified to how effective it is at removing unwanted hair. It is also effective for those who did not get the desired results from pulsed light systems, as well as being a good alternative to products such as Nair. However, it should be noted that, unlike pulsed light systems, the Tria 4x laser treatment is not painless and you may need to apply ice on the treated area afterward or use a numbing cream.  Thus, it should not be surprising that it is currently earning some of the best best hair removal system reviews on Amazon and other retail sites.

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