Best hair dryers under $20


Cheap hair dryers prices


Finding the right hair dryer can be difficult.  Finding the best hair dryers under $20 is even more difficult.  Luckily these dryers not only cut down your drying time with powerful high heat settings. But the designs make it nice and light making it perfect for on the go use.


Revlon RV544PKF Dryer


This is one of the best hair dryers under $20 on the market and it will give you the shine and volume that you’re looking for when styling your hair.  With the 2heat/2 speed settings, cold shot button, ion indicator light, heat and speed rocker switches, finger diffuser attachments, anti-skid bumpers, and hinged end cap provides you with everything you need to get your hair done in half the time while keeping it healthy.  It’s also 25% lighter than the average dryer helping prevent your hands from becoming tired and making sure that styling your hair doesn’t become an exhausting task.

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“For getting my hair dry after I take a shower or a bath I have the Revlon RV544PKF dryer which proves to be very reliable. It also looks after my hairs health so I can’t really say anything negative about it. If I add that it is also extremely cheap than you get the picture of how good it is.“ Laura Stevens


Revlon RV408 Dryer


It has everything you’ll need to do your hair right and to make sure that it stays healthy.  You’ll get everything that a more expensive dryer would provide with its cold shot button, removable airflow concentrator, 3 heat/speed settings and removable end cap that helps keep maintenance easy. This has the added bonus of being so lightweight that it’s easy to carry around for travel making it even more convenient and worth every penny you spend.

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“The Revlon RV408 dryer does its job properly and I am relly happy I bought it because it had a very advantageous price. Also the 3 speed settings are really helpful in order to dry my hair in a proper way. My advice is to get it because it is that good.” Natasha Morrison


Andis RC-2 Ionic Dryer


Another one of the best hair dryers under $20 on the market you’ll get features that will help you maintain non frizzy and natural looks.  With its 3 heat/air speeds it can help you style your hair just as well as the most expensive dryers on the market.  As a bonus it also features a retractable cord and folding handle that not only makes storage convenient but also makes it ideal for travel. Now is the time to stop your search for a great dryer at a great price.

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“I found this hair dryer to be a really cheap and solid solution to get my hair dry after I have taken a bath or a shower. I take it everywhere with me, because it has the retractable handle which makes it occupy very little space in my luggage.” Vicky Thomson


Conair Turbo Styler Dryer


When buying a hair dryer, most are looking to dry their hair and improve health while preventing damage that comes with using heat.  You get 2 heat/speed setting and a cool-shot button that works wonders on keeping your hair in place and each follicle protected from potential burns.  The motor is quiet making it easy to listen to music or watch TV at a reasonable volume but the best feature is optional ion disperser, which coats your hair in negative ions and reduces frizziness.

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“I am very pleased with the performances of the Conair Turbo hair dryer and based on that I recommend it as a quality device. I also like the fact that it doesn’t make too much noise and I am able to listen to music or watch tv while I’m drying my hair.” Mary Wilshere


Vidal Sassoon VS505 Dryer


With this dryer you’ll have 3 heat and 2 speed settings allowing you to customize your experience towards what is better for your hair, allowing you to control how much heat you use giving you the chance to prevent heat damage. For comfort this dryer gives you a rubberized handle and a nozzle for comfortable holding.  You’ll also get a cold shot button, finger diffuser attachment, and airflow concentrator to help your drying.  All this proving that you don’t need to spend a lot to get a great hair drying experience.

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“I didn’t think I could find out so much quaity for such a reasonable price, but the Vidal Sassoon VS505 dryer really is something. Everything about it is of high quality even its rubber handle which lets me hold it firmly in my hand.” Andrea Watson