Expert Buying Advice on Hair Dryers for Thick Hair


Picking out the best hair dryer can be as challenging as choosing the right hairstyle for you. However, with the right hair dryer in your hands, styling your hair on a quotidian basis will be more enjoyable and a lot easier. With the myriads of terms to know about and the variety of brands and models on the market, the hair dryer has surely evolved into a league of its own. Every time you visit a different hairstylist, there seems to be another type of hair dryer being used on your hair so how can you tell the real difference?

A.Best hair dryer for thick hair


You use hair dryer to get your locks dry, right? So what indicator gives you a good idea of the dryer’s performance in those terms? Nothing else but the wattage. Fortunately, wattage rating is directly proportional to the amount of power and heat level the tool can provide. Thus, the higher the watt numbers are, the greater the power and heat. If you are particularly looking for the best hair dryer for thick hair, you should not make compromises on the wattage.

Although there really is no specific wattage rating for every type of hair, for people who would rather have their hair air dried more often than grabbing a hair dryer, a low wattage unit may prove to be sufficient. Higher wattage can mean a compromise on noise generation, while low wattage units can run quieter.


Drying Technology

Although hair dryer technology has definitely evolved, they all are suitable for all hair types, which is a good thing.

Ceramic technology infuses shine to the hair. Ceramic hair dryers do this while protecting your tresses from damage and frizz. Hair is dried on the inside and outside using very mild heat to prevent cuticle damage.

Ionic hair dryers generate negative ions that lock in moisture and smooth hair without needing too much time to dry the hair. They break down water molecules, which enables faster drying. The negative ions created help balance out the positive ions in the hair, providing conditioning and restoring shine.

Tourmaline dryers are built with a special gemstone coating infused with minerals that naturally generate negative ions to make hair shinier. A tourmaline hair dryer bolsters the effects of ionic technology to provide even faster drying times and adding more shine.


Dryer Features

The cool shot button works to set the look and ensure a long-lasting hold while infusing shine.

If you want the best hair dryer for thick hair, check out units with high air flow, which reduces drying time for thicker hair.

The diffuser is perfect for curly hair, as it slows down the drying process to effectively prevent frizz. People with straight hair can have loose curls using a diffuser.

Multiple heat settings enable use of low heat for styling and high settings for powerful drying performance. Multiple heat plus speed settings are helpful for preventing damage to fine or thin hair when the lowest settings are used.

Concentrator nozzles focus heat to the desired area for controlling the style of your hair.


What Are the Best Rated Hair Dryers for Thick Hair in 2021?


The hair dryer may be a simple hair styling device but its evolution through the years has proven how vital a tool it is in the modern world. With a variety of models and brands on the market, making a choice can be as complicated as choosing a life partner. Here are three products worthy to take home.


Rusk Speed Freak Professional


1.Rusk Speed FreakBuilt with a robust AC motor, the Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer is especially effective for drying thick, coarse hair that proves to be very difficult to blow dry because of its demanding texture. The Rusk Speed Freak Hair Dryer is infused with ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic technology puts shine into your hair. The hair dryer does this while shielding your locks from frizz and damage. Because hair is dried on the inside as well as the outside using mild heat, cuticle damage is effectively prevented. Thanks to tourmaline technology, this hair dryer provides faster drying time while naturally generating negative ions that help infuse even more shine to hair.

The hair dryer has 7 heat and speed settings that prove to be helpful in preventing damage to fine or thin hair on the lowest settings. The dryer is shock proof as well, making it perfect for heavy use in the professional hair salon. This professional hair dryer is outfitted with 2000 watts of power, ensuring tough performance on any texture, style or length of hair. The hair dryer offers fantastic drying performance that is perfect for women on the go who want faster drying times while keeping their hair free from damage.

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Elchim Professional 2001


2. Elchim ProfessionalThis light high pressure dryer offers exceptional drying performance for the modern woman. It can produce high flow of air without overheating, which effectively prevents hair damage. Use any of the seven switch combinations to enjoy seven ranges of speed and temperature, so you can dry hair using optimal temperature at the right speed. The dryer is geared with a premium quality heating element made of Swedish Kanthal wire, which delivers fast heating in optimal temperature to keep the hair cuticle free from damage due to styling. This product is made in Italy, which ensures premium quality and craftsmanship.

The Elchim Professional 2001 Classic Hair Dryer boasts 2000 watts of power, ensuring that it can heat up quickly and dry the hair in the least possible time. The housing is made of shock and flame resistant polycarbonate plastic, enabling heavy use in a professional hair salon. It is impact resistant to protect it from the high-profile demands of everyday professional use. The hair dryer is outfitted with high quality components that ensure reliable durability. The double-balanced motor is crafted to deliver long life, so the dryer can be used for years. The Elchim Professional 2001 Classic Hair Dryer works on long, thick hair in no time.

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Revlon RV544PKF


3.Revlon RV544PKF 1875WEngineered with 1875 watts of power, the Revlon RV544PKF dryer incorporates all three modern hair drying technologies in a single package. It boasts ceramic technology that infuses shine into hair. Ceramic technology protects your beautiful locks from frizz and damage by drying inside and out using only mild heat to avoid damaging the hair cuticle. The ionic technology creates negative ions that ensure superior absorption of moisture into the hair while keeping it smooth. Ionic technology also ensures faster drying times by breaking down the water molecules. The negative ions neutralize the hair’s positive ions to provide exceptional conditioning to the hair while restoring shine.

Tourmaline technology uses a special gemstone coating infused with minerals that create negative ions naturally. This gives greater shine while ensuring quicker drying performance. Even heat distribution is made possible with the triple baked ceramic on the hair dryer. With two heat/speed settings, the Revlon RV544PKF hair dryer delivers complete drying and styling flexibility. It comes with a cold shot button that releases cool air to set the style and give it long-lasting hold while adding more shine. The concentrator attachment focuses heat to the target areas to control the hair and style. For curly hair, the diffuser attachment slows down the drying process to keep frizz at bay.

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