How to Choose the Best Grow Lights


Your window sill will not be able to do as good a job of propagating your favorite indoor plants as the products featured in the best grow lights reviews. With the proper lighting rig, you can easily get the most out of any indoor garden. To ensure that, take note of the following elements to look for in this type of equipment.

Best grow lights


Most plants exhibit positive phototropism, which denotes their tendency to respond to light by moving towards it, following its direction. This is opposed to negative phototropism, which refers to the inclination of other plants, or other organisms for that matter, to move away from the light.

When positively phototropic plants grow elongated or tall stems, it means there is not enough light. The stretching of the plant is due to it finding additional energy instead of producing leaves to harness that energy.

Indoor plants do not have that option, which makes the products in the best grow lights reviews an essential element in any indoor gardening setting. This doesn’t mean, however, that one can just plop a 1000-watt lamp over indoor plants and it’s all done. A sensible balance needs to be achieved between the volume of light produced and the generated waste heat. Too much heat dries up specially sensitive plants, especially in the sprout or seedling stage.



Most of the top rated grow lights 2022 are fluorescent types. A popular mainstay of any modern nursery, fluorescent light bulbs provide low heat production, making them perfect for nurturing sprouts, seedlings or baby plants. Herbs, spinach and leaf lettuce grow nicely under fluorescent tubes. Although the most common style of fluorescent is the T12, many best selling grow lights carry the T5 style. T12 has been around for such a time that it may easily be eased out by T5, which offers better light quality, burns fewer watts, has higher color temperature options and has lower maintenance costs due to its better bulb life.

A newcomer is LED, but it could very well become the future of indoor horticulture. Working like any other LED light, this type has a cluster of low-watt LEDs configured on a circuit board and producing light. Unlike high intensity discharge (HID) rigs, LEDs are exceptionally energy efficient. They are capable of generating the precise wavelength of light stated in their specs and no greater. In addition, some LED lighting rigs can generate light at two distinct/dual band spectrum points with minimal heat production and minus the bleeding into other unusable wavelengths.

The spectrum of light is an essential factor in horticulture since each spectrum induces a different response from various types of plants. This will have something to do with the type of lighting rig to go for, as some types are oriented toward certain parts of the spectrum while others are able to span multiple wavelengths.



Contrary to the claims of plenty of amateur closet gardeners, plants do not need 24-hours of sunlight. Without occasional darkness or shade, plants can’t make buds. A fair amount of vegetative growth takes place in the dark hours, therefore, changes in the day’s duration can have a direct effect on fruit and flowering capabilities. Between plant species, the preferred balance can be distinct between dark and light. Some experts forward that plants need 20 hours light exposure alternated with 4 hours off in the vegetative growth stage for that popular closet crop.


Top Rated Grow Lights in 2022


There are any number of the best grow lights 2022 available on the market. Since many of these rigs are typically sold rather discretely, the indoor gardener will have to do their own reading and research to ensure getting a fantastic product. To eliminate the hassle of tedious comparison and evaluation, we recommend getting any one of these top sellers.


DuroLux T5 DL844s


1.DuroLux T5 DL844sBoasting a light output of 20,000 lumens, the DuroLux T5 DL844s grow light provides a powerful growth system that is perfect for greenhouses, indoor gardens and nearly anywhere. Multiple units enable easy connecting with daisy chaining. Placing the fixture as close as possible to the plant ensures maximum yield. The fluorescent fixture will not get hot enough to scorch the plants with heat, which is perfect for baby plants. The grow lamps are 6,500 kelvin blue-white by default, which closely resembles natural sunlight. The supplied eight-foot power cable makes good daisy chaining. The grow light can hang two different ways via the supplied mounting chain and hooks.

The DuroLux T5 DL844s grow light uses 95 percent reflective German hammertone reflectors to deliver up to 30 percent more light compared to other lighting rigs. The fixture has an outlet that allows powering of up to five fixtures via a single wall outlet, for more convenience and less clutter. The two switches on the body enable independent turning on and off of the inner two bulbs and the two outer ones. Despite its 30 percent less weight compared to other brands, the grow light is able to provide twice the light output while being extra bright. Some gardeners find the grow light bright enough to run a little warm and eliminate the need to put a heating mat under the seed beds.

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TaoTronics E27


2. TaoTronics E27Boasting less heat and high efficiency to promote more growth, the TaoTronics E27 grow light is suitable for any stage of vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting phases. The relatively compact size is ideal for use as a cloning and seedling light because of how the unit allows placement in confined spaces while eliminating worries on heat increase. The device utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum complemented by the innovative heatsink design, all coming together to optimize the area of heat distribution while maintaining a cool temperature even when used continuously for a whole day. The high-efficiency LEDs have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours while needing far less energy to run.

Giving much less heat compared to fluorescent lamps, the TaoTronics E27 grow light works on a standard light socket, eliminating the need to make a separate purchase for a special fixture. With low power consumption, the hydroponic LED grow light provides high luminous efficiency plus long service life, using 12 LEDs that plants need for that extra boost of light. Even when kept switched on for 17 hours per day, the grow light doesn’t emit damaging heat. Generating the exact wavelength that can be fully absorbed by plants for photosynthesis, the LED grow light does not waste energy unlike fluorescent lights.

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Hydrofarm Jump Start JSV4


3.Hydrofarm Jump Start JSV4Easy to put together and use, the Hydrofarm Jump Start JSV4 grow light system is perfect for flowers, cuttings and seedlings as well as house plants. The greater quantity of lumens enables seedlings to grow faster. The unit offers from 15 to 20 percent more lumens compared to standard shop lights. This Hydrofarm product maximizes success for vegetative growth and is equipped with a high-output T5 full daylight spectrum bulb that promotes better nurturing of plants. The grow light runs cool, allowing placement as close to the plants as possible to encourage healthy and hardy growth. The simple toggle clamp enables effortless adjustment of the lamp height.

Saving indoor gardeners time and money, this exceptionally efficient T5 bulb has an extra-reflective internal finish that offers greater amount of light emitted for plants while being less stressful on the pocket. The small bulb designed with long life ensures more cost savings while being friendlier to the environment. This is a CE certified product, which ensures safety to the buyer. Compatible with FLP, FLV and FLT tubes from Hydrofarm, the grow light is geared with a fixture height that is easy to adjust. With just a pull of the cord up or down, then a slide of the locking system, the unit can be easily customized to the desired level so it can be kept close to the plants for optimal nurturing.

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