Grills – What to look for:


When you smell the unmistakable scent of barbecued meat in the air, you know it’s time to bag great deals on the best grills for the money.  The choice however, does not get easy even when you’ve been grilling your whole life. Here are elements worth checking into so you can narrow down the choices to the top 10 grills on the market.



Deciding which fuel type you’d like your grill to use can be a huge dilemma.  Charcoal-fired grills are still the most popular products in the market despite the fact that the fuel takes a longer time to enkindle and even longer to clean up. The smoky taste, the authentic barbecue scent and appetizing dark crust win brownie points. Gas grills get going fast and more conveniently than their charcoal-fed counterparts. Little cleanup is also a big come-on. They can give comparatively similar results for vegetables, fish and chicken, though their performance on steak is up in the air. Electric units fail in ability to use flavor-adding combustion gases to impart genuine smoky flavor. Heat generation is also an issue since the interior can get insufficiently cooked despite a dark brown outer surface. An emerging trend is wood pellet grills, which integrate digital thermostat controls. The delicate smoke flavor they give is not of the same level obtainable from charcoal-fueled smokers, but they can be a great second grill.

Temperature control

The secret to successfully barbecued food is temperature control.  At least two major heat levels should be at your disposal when in the market for the best rated grills. For charcoal grills, the presence of dampers or tight-closing lids on the unit helps control heat while cooking. Models that lower and raise the coals should do well. Gas models should have at least a pair of burners, but more is better. This allows you to employ low, medium and hot cooking zones as you prefer. Lids should also be tight. Pellet grills mobilize advanced grilling technology due to their digital thermostat controls. These types are the ones you set and leave alone. Some models of this type even have a port for integration with a meat thermometer.


Size is nice

Price and size are related when it comes to buying the highest rated grills. Explore the options available on the size of the main cooking surface in square inches. Note if the total cooking area stated by the manufacturer includes the warming rack located above the main cooking surface.  It is possible to use the warming area for cooking but food may not cook quickly because of the distance from the kindling. A detachable warming tray is great but that should not be taken along with the primary cooking grate when calculating grilling surface size. The size of the grill also lets you know if you’re getting the right product for the purpose you plan for it. If you’re planning a barbecue party, a grill that’s built too small won’t be sufficient for your needs.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Fuel Type  Price Cooking Area Material Our Rating Where to buy

Lodge Logic L410

Charcoal $$$ 155 sq in Cast Iron A+ AMAZON

Weber 741001

Charcoal $$$ 364 sq in Steel A+ AMAZON

Marsh Allen 30052

Charcoal $$ 157 sq in Cast Iron B+ AMAZON

Weber Smokey Joe

Charcoal $$ 210 sq in Porcelain B+ AMAZON

Kingsford OGD2001901-KF

Charcoal $$$ 354 sq in Steel B AMAZON


What are the best grills in the market? There are actually a lot of choices you can select from. But ultimately, grilling performance is still the deciding factor. Unless you derive genuine pleasure at enjoying the barbecued food you prepare using the grill, then the search for the best product should continue.


How to buy a solid & cheap grill – Expert buying tips


At first glance, the sheer number of grills available on the market can be overwhelming. People that are looking for their first grill will find it difficult to stop on a single product without proper guidance. A good grill will help cooks discover their true culinary potential, by creating delicious dishes. Burgers, stakes, chicken, veal, fish and lamb become delicious treats, worth sharing with friends and family members. There are a lot of grills, designed for picnics, beach and camping trips! So, discovering the ideal product can take some time. Starting from price, grilling functions and utility, grills vary in shapes and sizes. This is why professional information needs to be consulted during the selection process! So, seeing so many cooks invest precious time in discovering more about top rated grills is absolutely normal.

We decided to help people discover easily the best grill by testing 20 of the best models available on the market. After 80 hours of attentive tests we were able to determine the characteristics that make a grill amazing! Well, picking out one of the best grills under 100 becomes easier once you know exactly what to look for. This professional cooking tool is a great addition to any cook that loves ribs, stakes, fish and vegetables with a delicious smoked flavour. There are a lot of things to take into account before investing in a professional grill, capable of preparing delicious food! Having in the backyard a high quality grill ensures that everyone is happy with what they eat. Barbecue season becomes more inviting than ever! Modern cooks need a professional grill whenever they need to prepare a smoked delight.


Best Weber grill under 100


Weber 741001 Silver One-Touch Kettle-Grill


A marriage of innovation and tradition in one product, the Weber 741001 Silver One-Touch 22.5-Inch Kettle Grill is made of steel and coated with porcelain enamel, ensuring product durability and long-term use. The lid and bowl go perfectly tight together to ensure even cooking with proper heat circulation. The porcelain-coated enamel ensures that the grill can withstand high heat from plenty of barbecues, while being resistant to rust and burn-through. This is the best Weber grill under 100 thanks to its ample and durable cooking grate built not to warp or suffer from burn-through. You can even adjust or add coals easily thanks to the hinged grates.

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Discovering one of the best grills 2019 will be easier once you take into account the following factors: size, price, head space, fuel, temperature control, burner, ignition system, durability, smoking function and high heat capabilities. The size of the grill is very important, since most of the time this feature affects the price. You need to start with the size of the primary cooking surface. The main cooking grate needs to accommodate stakes, burgers and many more with ease. You should also know that some models come with secondary cooking areas, known as warming areas. It might go a long way to identify a grill with removable warming rack, which personalizes the overall cooking experience. Usually the cooking surface size is measured in square inches.


Best Cuisinart grill under 100


Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable/Tabletop Gas-Grill


Built with a compact size and real value, the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill is the best Cuisinart grill under 100. It has a 145-square-inch grilling area that accommodates eight steaks, eight burgers, from six to ten chicken breasts, or up to four pounds of fish. Thanks to the 5500 BTU stainless steel burner, the grill offers exceptional heating performance. The unit’s compact size ensures efficient use of propane fuel. You can clean the grate easily after use. For exceptional portability and convenience you can count on, the grill comes with a handy foldaway leg system built into its base. The tubular aluminum legs and stabilizing feet can be folded up at the grill bottom when you’re on the move.

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Going through the best grills under 100 will definitely ensure high cooking performance. When it comes to professional grills, price is more than important. Everyone has a specific budget and as a result some features may or may not be present in the grill. Fortunately there are many budget grills with great cooking functions. The trick is to pay attention to details and determine how much grilled food will you cook!


Best Char-Broil grill under 100


Char-Broil 2-Burner Gas Grill


Maximize the Char-Broil 280-Square-Inch 2-Burner Gas Grill’s 26,500 BTUs of cooking heat and you’re sure to become a grilling superstar. With its great price and awesome features, this is the best Char-Broil grill under 100. It’s an affordable product that makes a wonderful addition to small spaces. The Char-Broil 280-Square-Inch 2-Burner Gas Grill is powered by liquid propane gas. It offers 280 square inches of primary cooking surface to help you prepare large meals. Extra work space is available through the side shelves, which you can use to place uncooked food on or to carry grilling utensils and supplies. The unit has 6-inch wheels that allow you to move the grill easily. Get on with cooking quickly with the simple push of the Piezo push button ignition on the grill.

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Thing to consider:

  • Size of the grill and cooking features are important
  • Check if the grill offers control over the cooking process through settings, burners and knobs
  • Ignition system, electric or manual


Best grills for the money


Barbeques are one of the most popular all-season methods of cooking.  Whether it is for pleasant evenings with family, Sunday brunch spent with friends or simply camping under the stars, barbeque grills are always a sure shot way to make your lunch, brunch or dinner an entertaining and delicious affair. Check out our list of the best grills under $100 that will not only elevate your barbeque session to a fine art but also raise the fun quotient of your dining experience up a few notches.



Lodge Logic L410 grill


Best grills under $100

This hibachi- style charcoal grill is ideal for picnics or an outdoor grill in the garden. Armed with two adjustable heights, this simple yet neat feature allows you to control the heat as well as cooking time. The draft door at the side ensures that you don’t have to put in too much effort in lighting and managing the coals. Made of cast iron, this grill is strong and durable. A flip door to access the charcoal, washable components and a seasoned cooking grate makes certain that you barbeque is ready in a jiffy.



Present among the current top 5 grills under $100, the L410 charcoal grill represents a great addition to Americans that love grilled food, from fish, burgers, chicken legs and wings to many others

Backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty and measuring around 19 by 10-1/4 by 8-1/4 inch this impressive grill is very easy to use and adds a special grilling flavour to meat and vegetables

The grill has a high quality hibachi-style, especially made out of durable cast iron which resists very well to hours and hours of delicious cooking

Great for campers and outdoor individuals this grill features a special draft door which significantly regulates heat



The grill doesn’t come with a special cover for proper dust protection (this is an accessory sold separately)


“ My family loves picnic and dinner dates so I prefer having the Lodge Logic L410 grill at home. I always use this product every time we decided to have family days. I can make perfect barbecue with this grill because it has adjustable panels that can control the temperature and heat.”  Tonia Dale


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Weber 741001 grill


Stylish and sleek, this kettle grill certainly does pack some punch to go along with its looks. The steel porcelain- enameled bowl and lid helps the heat flow around so that the food is evenly cooked and tastier while preserving the unmistakable smoky flavor. The steel cooking grate is resistant to high heat and is also easy to clean. The nifty one- touch cleaning system and ash catcher makes certain that you can clean the grill simply without dirtying your hands, your clothes or your barbeque setting. Its rust resistant components, design and durability easily make it one of the best grills under $100.



Placed among the top 5 grills under $100 in 2019, the 741001 Silver model from Weber offers an impressive 363 square inches as a reliable cooking surface, capable of accommodating stakes, burgers, chicken and fish

This unique kettle grill incorporates 22-1/2-inch diameter cooking grate and useful rust-resistant vents which provide proper cooking performance

It incorporates a useful auminum ash catcher which allows users easily clean the grill after each use

Features the exclusive aluminized-steel One-Touch cleaning system which allows users to safely keep better track of the grilling process



The basic package does not include a useful grill cover (this is an optional accessory usually sold separately)


“ The design and durability are two things I like the most about the Weber 741001 grill. The style is very contemporary so I can display it anywhere especially when there are occasions. The durability is outstanding because it is very compact yet lightweight that allows me to transfer it anywhere.”  Queen Karnezi


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Marsh Allen 30052 grill


This compact grill is designed especially for charcoal grilling. Made of Hibachi cast iron, it is portable as well as sturdy.  It has wood handles so that there is no problem in handling the grill when it’s hot. Two adjustable air vents and three variable height slots for the cooking grid means that you can effortlessly manage the temperature as well as time taken to grill your food. Being lightweight makes it ideal for camping and on-the-spot barbeque plans.



Designed with a special portable design this charcoal grill is great for outdoor individuals that love to eat grilled food during camping trips, special occasions and family reunions

Made of highly resistant cast iron and with an impressive cooking surface of 157 square inches, more than enough to accommodate stakes, burgers, chicken and lamb

Due to its customizable cooking force, the hibachi-style grill offers 3 position adjustable cooking grips for proper cooking performance

Incorporating 2 fully adjustable air vents this high quality grill is easy to control, from temperature to burn rate



This particular grill from Marsh Allen is designed only for charcoal use


“ I am happy owning the Marsh Allen 30052 grill because it is compact and sturdy. Compared to other grilling products, this one is what  prefer the most because of the wood handle it has that makes my grilling very convenient to do without exerting too much effort and consuming more time.”  Arthur Castillo


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Weber Smokey Joe grill


This is the perfect barbeque companion for a weekend camping plan or tailgate party. Easy to set up and even easier to carry around, this grill has a rust resistant porcelain enameled bowl and lid. This not only cooks the food evenly but also uses a lesser amount of coal than other grills of the same size. The nickel- plated cooking grate is durable and the entire set up is easy to clean. An additional advantage of this grill is that it is ideal for use in an indoor area like an apartment. Whether at the beach, camping outdoors or simply at home, this grill is sure to thrill!



Backed by a solid 10-year manufacturer warranty this professional charcoal grill is perfect for camping, cookouts and also parties because it offers people the chance to prepare delicious treats on the spot

With a special portable design the grill incorporates reinforced glass nylon handles which come in handy when moving from one camping site to the next

This high quality charcoal grill features a solid cooking grate (14-1/2-inch diameter), more than enough to cover the food needs of a medium or big sized outdoor event

Featuring a unique porcelain enamelled coating which significantly diminishes the appearance of rust, corrosion or finish fading



Does not include a cleaning cloth (this is an accessory available for purchase)


“ I always bring the Weber Smokey Joe grill when we have outings and beach expedition. Aside from being portable and lightweight, the product is also easy to handle and to install so I never experience any hardship with this grill. I am very impressed with this product than the other grills.”  Shelia Barber


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Weber 1520 grill


As the name suggests, this is an efficient, portable gas grill. A push button ignition system helps to fire up the grill hassle free. The flavorizer bars not only help the food turn out delicious but also keep your burner safe. The porcelain enameled coating of the body and flavorizer bars ensures that it is rust resistant, fade- proof and easy to clean. The legs double up as a pivoting locking mechanism to secure the lid in place so that you can carry it around without difficulty. Lightweight, portable and hassle free ignition make this gas grill one of the best grills under $100.



Including an easy to use ignition system this powerful grill is fairly easy to manage even during outdoor parties and prolonged hours of use

This portable gas grill features high quality porcelain-enamelled flavorizer bars which add a delicious flavour to meats (lamb, veal, chicken, pork and stake) and even fish

Due to its unique design the grill offers on impressive 160 square inches of cooking area, safely set on triple nickel-plated cooking grate which easily accommodates food without problems

The grill features a special porcelain enamelled coating which significantly reduces the appearance of rust and corrosion



The gas grill does not include 14.1 OZ propane cylinder (this is an optional accessory)


“ I have with me the Weber 1520 grill for almost 5 years and it doesn’t get damaged even I sue it many times for grilling. All over the years, this grilling is what I am using and it performs well the way it performs when it is new. The product is very functional and sturdy so I am satisfied with it. “ Guy Joey Downs


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