If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best grease guns money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best grease guns on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Lincoln 1162 is the best model for sale because it is able to give you continuous grease flow thanks to its automatic design. Since it is air powered you can use it almost anywhere, and it has an impressive pressure range of 40 to 150 pounds per square inch. You will also appreciate its variable speed trigger that allows you complete control over the grease flow rate. If the Lincoln 1162 is not available you could consider the Lincoln Lubrication 1134 as it is the second best option.



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It is a fact that buying a new grease gun can prove to be challenging because of the variety of the alternatives that are available. More often than not, some people end up making a decision based on price alone. To help you out, the rest of this article will provide you with insights on some of the choices that have been recommended in the best grease guns reviews.


Grease guns – What to look for

In the present there are thousands of engineers, auto repairmen and handymen that want to find professional grease guns. These devices are used to provide proper lubrication in different machines and gears. After a while, bikes, cars, swings and other mechanical devices need proper lubrication in order to run without smoothly. This is why the growing interest for professional grease guns and grease fittings comes as no surprise. The market’s offer reflects people desire for efficient models. Month after month new products are released by top manufacturers. If you are currently looking for a professional grease gun, this buying guide will ease up the selection process. There are certain particularities that make a product efficient and easy to use.


Uses of a grease gun

First released in 1900s, grease guns evolved a lot, reuniting new features that make lubrication a quick task to perform. Taking into consideration the multitude of options out there, we managed to go through the best grease gun reviews and also user testimonials for a comprehensive view on the subject. Even though grease guns are pretty common, the tools reunite different technologies for smooth lubrication where needed. Still, you have to know how to manage the tool in order to safely grease different parts of a machine. Applying grease needs to be done with attention, not to over lubricate. Fortunately grease guns are pretty affordable and easy to manage. Today’s top manufacturers compete for people’s attention with the release of high quality grease guns. As a result, you can choose a model that can be used to safely grease without problems machines or sporting gear.


Types of grease guns

With the best grease gun in 2022 things around the garage register a major boost in their durability. You will be able to choose from pistol-grip guns, hand-grip guns or lever type guns. Each one of the mentioned grease guns incorporates different features for precise lubrication results. Now, you should know that there are guns powered by air and others by battery. It is important to choose the type of grease gun that matches your needs. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of people use lever style grease guns, which indicate maximum pressure attained and also strokes-per-ounce. When it comes to strokes-per-ounce, levels vary from product to product. So, you have to properly assess the amount of grease each gun can deliver in order to avoid over-lubrication.


Functionality in terms of pressure

In determining the best grease gun in 2022 you have to take into account the model’s pressure force. We recommend that you choose a gun with high-pressure, reaching 10.000 PSI for proper greasing performance. Still, for day to day applications it is best not to opt for very powerful guns. You can invest in grease guns equipped with bearing lip seals that withstand 500 PSI and more. This pressure level is optimal for quick greasing tasks on bikes, washing machines, treadmills and many others. Furthermore you must choose a professional grease gun with a comfortable handle, easy to grip during tasks.



Top rated grease guns in 2022


Now that you know what you should look for in a reliable grease gun, you should take a look at the models we have reviewed below. Each one has gathered high praise from satisfied users, so picking one should guarantee you end up with one of the best models available in 2022.



Lincoln 1162


Best Grease Guns ReviewsIn the top rated grease guns reviews, there were many who have expressed their satisfaction with the variable speed trigger that is integrated in the design of the product. With such, users will be able to have a high level of freedom in controlling the grease gun. This will allow you to choose the speed that is most preferred depending on the task that you need to complete. The manufacturer offers one year of warranty on the product, which will prove their commitment towards high quality. Lastly, many were also happy that the flow performance of the product is exceptional.



As one of the best grease gun for the money from Lincoln, the 1162 Air operated model is a fully pneumatic device with variable speed trigger for smooth grease flow to the right areas

Features a high quality pump ratio of 150 pounds per square inch and an impressive grease pressure of 6.000 pounds per square inch, making every task easier

This professional grease gun incorporates an air pressure range from 40 to 150 pounds per square inch, adding precision during every application

The grease gun is fitted with 30 inches high-pressure hose, attachment clip and coupler, designed for superior flow performance



Benefits from only 1 year of warranty on material

Some minor assembly is needed


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Lincoln Lubrication 1134


This is one product that will be worth taking a look at if you are still on your search for the best grease guns in 2022. In the reviews that have been shared by many of its users, one thing that is often given emphasis is the fact that it has rugged construction, which is basically the one that is responsible for making it exceptional when it comes to strength. In terms of ease of cleaning, this will also prove to be excellent. There is no more need for disassembly before it can be cleaned. The excellent engineering of this product is also highly evident, which proves its functionality and durability.



Searching for an affordable grease gun might be hard but for fast results we recommend the 1134 heavy duty pistol from Lincoln Lubrication, a model designed to deliver the right amount of grease to match different needs

It comes equipped with a jam-proof toggle mechanism which significantly prevents accidental bending of the plunger during work

The grease gun incorporates an extra-heavy follower spring which maintains smooth pumping action, need to enjoy clear results

This powerful grease gun features a check valve that ensure proper cleaning without having to disassembly the gun in any way



The instruction manual does not contain a lot of information on coupler management

After a while a new cartridge will be needed


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Milton S-3101


1.Milton S-3101 Pistol Grease Gun

If you need a grease gun for chainsaws and other types of equipment the S-3101 by Milton might be just what you are looking for. It comes with a pistol style trigger that is easy and familiar to use so you can quickly lubricate moving parts and get back to your work. The handle can also be adjusted so you can choose between high pressure or volume. Since it is made in the U.S.A. you can rest assured that this grease gun comes with a durable construction, and for added confidence in your purchase it is backed by a limited warranty.




It comes with a lightweight construction, even when filled so you can easily operate it with one hand.

With the ability to adjust the stroke simply be moving the handle’s position you can control pressure or the rate of grease flow.

Since it can hold 14 oz grease cartridges you can easily lubricate chainsaws without having to stop and refill.



The reviews for this grease gun are mainly positive, and the only negative comment concerns the lack of a manufacturer’s marking on the product. While this does not affect its overall performance it might cause problems if you need to use the warranty.


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Lincoln 1142


2.Lincoln 1142 Grease Gun

Whether you need a grease gun for riding mowers or to just keep the chain moving freely on a bicycle the 1142 by Lincoln might be just what you are looking for. It comes with a durable construction that will last for years, including the metal pump head that is designed to withstand the heavy pressure needed to lubricate larger pieces of equipment. You will appreciate its “jam proof” design that ensures the grease is always flowing at a consistent rate so you can easily take care of your equipment and get right back to work. It also comes with a handy “check valve” that allows you to clean the grease gun without having to spend time taking it apart and reassembling it again.



The 1142 by Lincoln comes with a durable construction that includes a sturdy metal pump head.

It comes with a heavy spring that ensures the grease is always flowing at a consistent rate so you can finish lubricating moving parts faster.

You have the option of loading this gun with 14 oz grease cartridges or you can choose to use a bulk can.



The only complaint consumers have made in their reviews concerns the operating instructions that are included with your purchase. Some have noted that it can be difficult to read, but you can find clearer directions for use listed on the manufacturer’s website.


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Plews 30-720


3.Plews 30-720

Fittings in tight places can be difficult to lubricate properly without making a mess, unless you have the right grease gun. The 30-720 by Plews is not only compact and lightweight, it also has a long extension that is perfect for use in cramped spaces. For added ease of use the hose is also flexible so you can reach smaller parts that might be partially blocked. What really makes this grease gun stand out is its clear cylinder. Not only does this make it easy to keep an eye on the level, it can also prevent you from using the wrong type of grease on your equipment.



It comes with a durable construction that is backed by a three year limited warranty.

The clear canister is constructed from a durable polycarbonate material that is resistant to shattering.

With the 5 inch steel extension and 12 inch hose you can easily lubricate small parts in hard to reach places.



While there are not any complaints about the overall performance of this grease gun, one consumer did note that the barrel was cracked on delivery. This usually is not a serious problem since it is covered under the product warranty.


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Performance Tool Mini


This is considered by many to be the best selling within the product category. It is very easy to understand why such is that the case. Simply read the reviews that have been shared by other people and you will surely have a grasp of its popularity. The pistol grip is one of the exceptional things about its design. The latter is the one that is responsible for making it possible to use the product even with the use of just one hand. The ergonomic design of the grease gun makes it able to provide the highest level of comfort to the people who are using such.



Present among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products the Performance Tool mini grease gun represents a great addition to anyone that needs to add a bit of grease on different components

Very easy to use the mini grease gun allows users to safely apply grease in hard to reach spots

Due to the user-friendly pistol grip style this mini grease gun fits very well in a person’s hand, remaining in its place during each project

Incorporates a wide range of features which significantly eliminates air lock, for proper performance



In the basic package there is only 1 grease cartridge


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Wilmar W524204 Performance Tool Pistol Grip


The working pressure of this unit is 7,000 PSI, which is reflective of the powerful performance that it will be able to deliver in different applications. Like many of the products that have been mentioned above, it also comes with a pistol grip that is easy to hold, making it possible for you to be as comfortable as possible, even if you are expecting frequent and long-term use of the product. The lifetime warranty that is being offered by the manufacturer should be also given emphasis, which is reflective of the commitment of the company towards high quality.



As one of the best rated product from Wilmar, the W524204 Performance tool pistol grease fun has a heavy duty construction with unique chrome plated finish which ensure people can use it for a long period of time

Due to the pistol grip profile, this device is fairly easy to hold and use during various grease applications in tight spots

This professional pistol grease gun comes equipped with a die cast head cap made to resist well to complex tasks

The grease gun for Christmas features a special handle which ensures comfort every time people need to use it



The grease gun does not include a carrying pouch when going from one jobsite to another

Might leak if the gun is not properly closed


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Craftsman 9-19959 Professional Continuous Flow


If you read the best grease guns reviews that tackle this specific product, you will surely notice that there are many people who like this product because of its exclusive piston design, which is also the main factor that separates it from many of the other choices that are currently available in the market. It is fully-automatic, making its operation a snap to accomplish. If you look at how the product is built, both in terms of its design and the materials that were used, it is easy for you to tell that this is one option that can provide the best value for your money.



As the most popular product from Craftsman, the 9-19959 continuous flow grease gun is designed with an ergonomic cushioned grip which makes it easy to use when needed

This professional grease gun is great for maintaining the durability of RVs, automobiles, boats, trailers and mowers

The grease gun incorporates a special button style trigger which allows users to monitor and safely control the grease flow

This handy tool uses an advance self-priming system that delivers a smooth lubrication on various spots, for proper results and minimal efforts during work



Does not come with a solid travelling case (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Things to consider:

–         A high pressure power (over 500 PSI), so that you can apply grease in the right spots without problems

–         A sturdy handle, for tight grip during each lubrication process

–         Air-powered system which gives you fast access to the guns greasing power

–         Sturdy handle, so that you can manage the grease fun without worrying about slippage