What to Consider When Buying a Reliable GPS for Geocaching


Turning your GPS unit into a real fun device, geocaching is a new and on the rise recreational activity practiced by more and more adults and kids alike. As with other popular pastimes, geocaching requires a specific kind of equipment for optimal results. Unfortunately, with so many GPS models on the market, it can often be very hard to choose the one that is best for geocaching expeditions. By reading this article, you will find out what to search for when buying a new GPS for geocaching.

A. GPS for Geocaching


Regardless of where the geocaching activity takes place, either in an urban environment or out in the woods, a good durable GPS will fare better than a sensitive and easy to break one. All the best GPS for geocaching reviews rate highest the most durable and resistant models. Capable of withstanding any kind of weather effect, wear or even handling accidents, a good geocaching GPS will keep going and point the right direction all the time. Remember to look for durability first when getting a new GPS for geocaching and you will be sure to make the right decision and get the best product for your money.


Maps and map updates

The best GPS for geocaching reviews give particular praise for models that come with a good variety of internal maps. Required for a good geocaching adventure, maps are extremely important when going outdoors on a treasure hunt. Another aspect to keep in mind is its capacity to update and download new maps. As newer maps get released, a good GPS can replace old maps with more detailed ones, or even upload new maps to cover new terrain.



You will find that the best GPS for geocaching reviews point out that portability is one of the most important aspects to look for. Having a compact size model, capable of fitting inside a pocket with ease, will greatly increase the wearer’s comfort and the GPS efficiency while off road. Simple and compact models can be easily kept inside a pocket, ready to be used any time needed. While bulkier models can be used occasionally, a proper geocaching GPS will always be compact and lightweight.


Top Rated GPS for Geocaching in 2018

Geocaching is a fun pastime and having the perfect GPS for it is quite important. Wanting to come to the help of geocaching enthusiasts, we set out to find the best models available on the market right now. By reading all the best GPS for geocaching reviews, we got three of the best models available at the moment.


Garmin GPSMAP 62stc


1. Garmin GPSMAP 62stcFeaturing one of the most complete map selection covering the entire US and Puerto Rico, together with an accurate base map for the rest of the world, the Garmin GPSMAP Handheld Navigator is seen by many as the best GPS for geocaching 2018. Simple to use and packed with extra functions, this model is a must buy for any geocaching enthusiast.

Featuring perfect accuracy and a rugged construction, this is one of the most desired geocaching GPS models out there. Having a durable body frame, completely waterproof and capable of resisting a lot of abuse, the Garmin GPSMAP will guide you all over the world on any kind of wild adventure.

Simple to use and equipped with an incorporated electronic compass and barometric indicator, this GPS can show you with great accuracy your current facing direction and altitude for an even better field orientation. Using its 4.3Gb internal memory, the Garmin GPSMAP Handheld Navigator can download additional maps, extending his range almost indefinitely.

Having a 5 megapixel photo camera capable of geotagging is a great addition for any geocaching adventure. Compact, lightweight and durable, this GPS is the perfect choice for any kind of urban or outdoor adventure.

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Garmin eTrex 30 Worldwide


2. Garmin eTrex 30 WorldwideGetting the most accurate GPS readings, featuring a dual navigation system by using GPS and GLONASS, this GPS is another of the top rated GPS for geocaching 2018. When pinpoint accuracy matters, the Garmin eTrex 30 Worldwide is the best tool for the job. Capable of covering the entire world with its internal maps, this model is perfect for any kind of geocaching trips.

Durable and resistant to damage and water, this GPS is the ideal companion on the road. Easy to use and sporting a compact and lightweight frame, the Garmin eTrex 30 is extremely portable. Having one of the best designed shapes around, this GPS can be used when wearing winter gloves without any problems.

Getting the most out of its maps, it can use both GPS and GLONASS systems for perfect accuracy. Coming with a great worldwide relief map and capable of using and downloading any type of road, maritime or geographic maps, this model is a very good choice for geocaching or any other outdoor activity.

Helpful with navigation, an excellent waypoint system can keep track of your progress. Additionally, the incorporated altimeter and its electronic compass help create the best possible geocaching experience.

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Magellan eXplorist GC


3. Magellan eXplorist GCWhen you are searching for a dedicated geocaching GPS model, you should take a good look at the Magellan eXplorist. Designed and created for geocaching adventures, this GPS comes packed with a lot of features that greatly help those involved in this outdoor pastime.

Helping the traveler regardless of weather conditions, this GPS can handle any kind of rough environmental conditions. Waterproofed, with durable casing and having a resistant and compact design, the Magellan eXplorist is a great outdoor orientation tool.

With over 15 hours of trip autonomy, powered by only two simple AA batteries that can be changed on the road with ease, this model is seen by many to be the best GPS for geocaching 2018. Capable of holding thousands of geocaches, connecting with ease on large geocaching websites and marking them when complete, this GPS is one of the most popular geocaching equipment you can find.

Simple and easy to use, compact and durable, packed with geocaching features and capable of assisting anyone even during the worst kind of weather, the Magellan eXplorist GC is, without a doubt, another great choice when it comes to good GPS models for geocaching.

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