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Every time I think of a GPS, I keep remembering that girl in Germany who wondered for two days on the roads just because she followed through the instructions. We can’t have machines tell us what to do but we can have real time maps in front of us while driving to the destination. To keep from getting into the same problem, I have been comparing a lot of models from more than 50 reviews to find the best GPS 2021 that provides accurate guidance, chooses the best possible route and has you avoid twisted and insecure routes.


How to buy the best GPS this year


In the present there are thousands of Americans that want to equip their vehicles and boats with a professional GPS. With each passing month new products are being released. Manufacturers have invested a lot of money in developing technologies that can enhance geocaching. Drivers feel a lot safer knowing that their vehicle comes equipped with a high quality GPS device. As a result any driver can pick a reliable unit, worth using on different routes. This driving tool will help people reach their destinations faster and without stressing about traffic jams or delays. If you are looking for a brand new GPS the market’s offer is more than appropriate to match your needs. It is important to be informed while browsing for the most reliable GPS. There are a couple of things to take into account which can make your job easier.

We understand that not everyone has the time to go through professional reviews on the current top 10 GPS models. This is why we decided to do the research and discover what makes each model great. The data we collected shows that a good GPS unit needs to be accessible, easy to use and resistant. Even though there are some people that use smartphones as a GPS, the results differ. GPS units are specialized in provided fast and accurate data on different areas whereas smartphones take longer to load and sometimes present bugs. This is probably why real drivers don’t mix things up. Which product is the best? Well, we can help you identify the components and traits that make a GPS efficient and reliable on the road. It is important to choose a model that comes with pre-loaded maps of the United States of America, Canada or Europe. Basically it needs to include maps of the area where you usually drive.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display Size Price Battery Life Memory Card Slot Our Rating Where to buy

Garmin nüvi 2557LMT

5 inch $$ 2 hours Flash A+ AMAZON

Garmin nüvi 54

5 inch $$ 2 hours SSD B+ AMAZON

Garmin nüvi 3597LMTHD

5 inch $$$$ 2 hours microSD/SD B AMAZON

Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM

7 inch $$$ 2 hours Flash B AMAZON


5 inch $$ 3 hours Flash B AMAZON


Price is also an important when it comes to such new additions to your car. Some people wait for the Black Friday deals on GPS which are pretty amazing. In one single day you can stock up for years to come. Your future GPS unit should include precise driving directions which make every driving experience better. Fortunately most of the best models out there include common driving indications, tips and POI (points of interest). Even if you opt for a cheap product it will probably have the basic indications format. Another important to take into account is channels. Most of the current GPS units have 12 channels which accurately pick up on signals send by satellites. You should stay away from single-channel receivers which are slow and not as accurate as others.

This product for Christmas can be a great gift for seasoned drivers. They will definitely appreciate the unit. Make sure that the GPS is easy to command. On this note we recommend models that incorporate touchscreen interfaces.


Things to consider:

–          Reliable power source, which should support external power like a car cigarette lighter

–          Touchscreen interface, so you will be able to set destinations faster and with no fuss

–          High memory that stores maps, waypoints and POI

–          USB port, which comes in handy when you need to upgrade the software or load new maps



Garmin nüvi 2557LMT Portable Vehicle GPS


More than just an interactive map that takes you from one country to another, the best GPS 2021 gained its fans by having it all in one small sized touch screen: restaurants, hotels or gas stations. It pays half than other GPS systems but offers just as much. Turning your car around the streets will never feel easier, because this navigator knows what exactly where you are and will re-enhance your confidence once you see how well it can distinguish among the surrounding buildings.



As one of the best GPS under $500, the nuvi 2557LMT model from Garmin comes fitted with a bright 5.0” display, offering users access to dual orientation functions (vertically and horizontally)

Comes equipped with detailed maps of the United States of America, benefiting also from free map updates and helping users safely drive faster and easier

The GPS incorporates the exclusive Garmin Traffic system which shows traffic alerts when the driver is off the map routes

Features the advanced Active Lane Guidance with voice that allows drivers to control easier the driving experience



Includes only 1 USB cable (additional one sold separately)

The Quick Start manual requires a bit of polishing


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Garmin nüvi 54 Portable Vehicle GPS


American and Canadian residents got the chance to know their country better. What better way to sharpen your knowledge but by systematically getting know all streets and roads. If used on a long track in vacation, it will surely raise your interest upon the touristic attractions you might get by and didn’t know about it in the first place. Very affordable and catchy, this is one of the best GPS 2016 that has convinced people with its limited but perfect term of usage and will most definitely continue to impress Americans and Canadians with its accuracy and precision.



Most of the best GPS ratings best to worst underline the efficiency of the nuvi 54 portable device from Garmin, a model equipped with a 5 inch WQVGA color display screen which provides high details on the route conditions

The GPS is fitted with Canada and U.S. maps, which allows drivers to safely assess the road traffic, points of interests and other useful information

It incorporates the exclusive Lane Assist system that helps people reach their destination faster and with minimal chances of going through traffic jams

Features also the advanced Route Avoidance, Junction View and Where Am I settings that are known for their capacity to safely pinpoint the driver’s location and enhance his driving comfort



Does not come with European maps (available for download)

Does not show forest service roads


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Garmin nüvi 3597LMTHD Vehicle GPS


Best GPS 2021Rely on the accurate pronunciation of a friendly voice for having the shortest route possible. Fancy design and great looking graphics enhance your observation spirit and keeps you on the right track. If you can’t take your hands off the wheel just speak and the GPS will respond in an instant. Precision of details, availability, friendly tone and voice response, all these features are highly recommended in GPS reviews 2021Have no surprises of any kind: this GPS will let you know if there are any delays or traffic jams.



What are the best GPS models on the market? Well, most of the reviews that we consulted underlined the interactive design of the nuvi 3597LMTHD from Garmin, a model which significantly improves the quality of each driving experience

This GPS unit incorporates a 5.0” high resolution display with useful “pinch and zoom” feature, which makes pointing to specific locations easier

It comes preloaded with North America maps (lifetime updates) and provides HD digital traffic situations, optimal for safer routing

Offers drivers the opportunity to see different buildings and terrain in 3D which makes the localisation process more interactive



Does not contain maps for South America (available for download)

On a single charge the battery lasts only 2 hours


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Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM GPS Navigator


Extra large touch screen, easy to pre-set according to preferences, this GPS comes with free lifetime updates of the maps. Highways are tricky. Keep your calm because Magellan will let you know which way to go long before you reach the entrance and will have you slide along the road with no stress. There is more, this GPS will have you customize your route according to your vehicle’s features, saving you time and gas and giving you an extremely comfortable ride.



Who makes the best product? Most of the user testimonials that we consulted, point to Magellan products known for their quick and accurate data streaming. As a result we recommend drivers to choose the RV9145-LM GPS which makes driving easy

This GPS unit features a large 7” touchscreen display which permits drivers to comfortably access the OneTouch Favorites Menu, an easy way to personalize the driving experience

It features a durable and quite flexible Heavy Duty Extension mount which makes installation a breeze

As the best rated GPS on the market it comes equipped with U.S. and Canada maps, offering drivers access to the Trailer Life Directory



Some minor installation is needed, in accordance with the vehicle’s characteristics


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TomTom START 55TM GPS Navigator


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Why not go for this small and simple GPS that will save you some money, will give you tips on where to find the cheapest gas station and will assist you in case of roadside emergency. It knows all roads in America and Canada and has accurate directions for urban crowded areas as well as for complicate high-way entrances.  TomTom maps will keep you updated and prevent you from wasting your time in traffic jams.



Even though one of the affordable products available for purchase, the START 55TM Navigator from TomTom represents a great driving companion, worth installing in cars that frequently go the long way

Considered by skilled drivers as one of the best product for the money this GPS unit incorporates a 5 inch touchscreen display which helps users to set a route with ease

It features lifetime map and traffic guidance (Canada and U.S.) which come in handy during trips cross-country

This advanced GPS unit features the intuitive TomTom Roadside Assistance dispatch which drivers can call upon when they get into trouble on the road



This GPS device does not offer maps for Europe


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